Cats & Christmas.

cat and tree

It’s Christmas 9th and it’s gonna be New years before we know it so let’s make the most of this month before 2018!
I was inspired to make this post by my friend Megan. She sent me a video of her cat playing in a box in front of the christmas tree. She eventually got stuck in it and cried to get her out lol. If you have cute cats and just wanna send me cat vids, we should definitely be friends on snapchat. All I do is annoy friends who don’t care about my cat. It is my personal one so only mutuals can add me hehe
Here’s what makes me happy. Cats, and the Christmas season. I love snow and winter weather, I love jackets, fall and winter fashion, watching How the Grinch stole Christmas, Home Alone, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and drinking warm drinks. I usually love cold drinks but I will make an exception since it’s cold enough already. This Christmas I wont see any snow, but I’m not too sad because it’ll be even better next year since I’ll miss it so much.
Anyway, this post is about Cats… and Christmas time. When I visited my friend in California, our cats were so happy to see presents being opened and they walked all around the wrappers. It was so cute and I will never forget that day. Heres pictures of cats being weird and cute during the Holidays hehe

image by

I would do this in my room but my cats would bite the wires and pull them off.

Whose cat is this? Seriously I got it off Pinterest and there was no source lol

image from pinterest

image from

I thought this only existed in moves. I promise I will have like 6 cats and I hope they all can love each other like this.
I love cats so much please take care of your pets! Take care of the stray cats in your area this Winter. They are trying hard to live. Maybe they have kittens too, try to leave a plastic box out so they can hide in it, obviously with holes and some blankets or something. The least we can do is help each other since they’re so helpless. Have a great day ya’ll!
P.s I made a Christmas playlist if you need one heheheh

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