Cats & Christmas.

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It’s Christmas 9th and it’s gonna be New years before we know it so let’s make the most of this month before 2018!
I was inspired to make this post by my friend Megan. She sent me a video of her cat playing in a box in front of the Christmas tree. She eventually got stuck in it and cried to get her out lol. This post is just about my love for cats and christmas time …

Cats and Christmas time, the best duo

Cats and Christmas time season always make me happy. This Christmas I wont see any snow since I’m in Mexico, but I’m not too sad because it’ll be even better next year since I’ll miss it so much. (Update, I couldn’t see snow again because I went to California lol)

Anyway, I remember visiting my husband in California, our cats were so happy to see presents being opened and they walked all around the wrappers.

At this time Gati was still alive too, ahh it’s such a great memory. I will never forget that day.

cats and christmas time | Take Note


I would do this in my room but my cats would bite the wires and pull them off.

from teathattast

cats and christmas time by Take Note pic unknown
Whose cat is this? Seriously I got it off Pinterest and there was no source lol


christmas cats by | Take Note

image from pinterest

cats and christmas time by | Take Note

image from

I thought this only existed in moves. I promise I will have like 6 cats and I hope they all can love each other

cats christmas




Thanks for reading my cats and christmas time aesthetic post

Take care of the stray cats in your area this Winter. They are trying hard to live. Maybe they have kittens too, try to leave a plastic box out so they can hide in it, obviously with holes and some blankets or something. The least we can do is help each other since they’re so helpless. Have a great day ya’ll!

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