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Soyvirgo in maryland

Manifesting a free road trip across america : ldr meetup after 8 months apart pt.1

I’m kind of joking with the title, but its true! I manifested this free vacation / road trip to see my boyfriend and we happened to travel back across the country to California. It’s not completely free since I’m going to pay for my plane ticket back home to Chicago, but it feels completely priceless to me. I’ll just start by saying I used a simple method to get…

What to wear to work tomorrow

Check out this list if you work in an office job, or somewhere that allows you to wear office attire. These are some of my favorite styles for an office setting. Ahh good times. A simple blouse and jeans are a go to for work. I love to wear jeans because jeans look good with anything. The color of the jeans pictured above look great with the mustard colored…

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