SOYVIRGO’S Bucket List

25 things to do before I turn 25 bucket list

  1. live with Alexander
  2. have 10,000 to my name
  3. kiss A. in the rain
  4. travel with A.
  5. see a kpop group live see nu’est live see lovelyz live
  6. meet joy or just see red velvet
  7. commission artist to make something for me?
  8. move out and live freely on my own with my cat (s).
  9. Adopt 5 cats.
  10. roadtrip with people i love
  11. see a band live with A.
  12. become a minimalist
  13. sell everything I dont need
  14. live in a big enough place to house all the cats
  15. grow lovely cat lovers community to 200
  16. go to the kawasaki warehouse (seen from marzia’s post!)
  17. visit an old friend or have them visit me
  18. reach my goal weight of 128 or less. Be healthy and less cracky lol
  19. meet an online friend
  20. make 5 more friends lol
  21. reach 2,000 followers or more on all soyvirgo networks
  22. go to a karoke with the people i love
  23. do something fun like a bday party for my cats?
  24. go vegan
  25. become a waste free babe


28 things to do before 28

  1. open up a cat sanctuary for those 5 cats 5 foster babies and many others
  2. make 5 new friends
  3. make delicious vegan foods for my new pals
  4. write a book
  5. learn other languages
  6. make an app
  7. get my own private plane like jackie chan
  8. help at an orpanage or help kids somehow
  9. create a radio station
  10. learn ASL
  11. get a tattoo?
  12. host a cute party
  13. read and get inspired by 100 or 500 books (use goodreads)
  14. take a pottery class and make something
  15. donate something i dont need like my kidney for someone!!
  16. ride in a hot air balloon with A.
  17. adopt a child or have one?
  18. have 20,000 or more in my name
  19. be a rich gal so i can support babes like me