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hello my friendss 

I had these 25 things to do before turning 25 list saved in my drafts and now, I finally made it public. Actually, I have a page for this but maybe you haven’t found it yet in the menu navigation? Oh well, decided it would be nice to share as a blog post.

(actually turns out i never posted it but here it is lol)

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25 things to do before turning 25


  1. ✔ Live with bae (Read about it)
    • I’ve lived with my husbo many times usually I will stay with him for 3-6 months and then go back home. We did live together when we first got married but it went sour right away, so we just had to work on ourselves first before staying in the same place when money was tight. (read more moving to cali in 2020)
  2. ☐ Move out, live alone, and when ready, REALLY live with my partner
  3. ☐ Visit Disneyland or six flags!
  4. ✔ Kiss bae in the rain
    • we kissed in the rain in Cali around January 🙂
  5. ◐ travel with A:
    1. ✔ by car (with mom and nana) – Read about it
    2. by plane
    3. alone by car
  6. ☐ Go to a haunted house with bae or friends!
  7. ✔ commission artist to make something for us.
    • i paid one of my fav artists (milkyema) to draw us! I did that for his bday lol
  8. ☐ watch the sunrise and sunset with bae
  9. ☐ be financially stable
    • i actually am getting there. i think i will actually accomplish this before 2020 ends!
  10. ✔ learn to love veggies and fruits and be fit for myself and healthy
    • i actually did do this and i lost a ton of weight!
  11. ☐ See a band live with my partner!
  12. ☐ pay for a massage
  13. ☐ go to a spa
  14. ☐ Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
  15. ✔ Grow lovely cat lovers community to 200+
    • i would say i did meet this goal considering i have 200+ follows on wordpress and also instagram so im kinda there almost! also i have some users on our pinterest board hehe
  16. ☐ Visit an old friend or have them visit me
  17. ☐ Go to an amusement park w bae or friends!
  18. ☐ Go to a fair with bae or friends!
  19. ☐ Meet an online friend
    • i did meet someone i follow online! I met her to sell her a camera! i was honestly too shy to create a bond or to say anything like, let’s hang out! why do i do that? well let’s hope i change!
  20. go to beach with bae (June 2018)
    • it was cool, it was my first time wearing a bathing suit in america as an adult!
  21. ◐ reach 10k+ followers or more on all soyvirgo networks
    • i didn’t reach this goal, but let’s just say I will meet that goal on PINTEREST!
  22. ☐ Go to a karaoke with the people i love (maybe for 25th bday)
    • i’ve done karaoke at my besties house but i want to go to a bar and order food, like in the korean movies lol also i couldnt do this because covid!
  23. ✔ go vegan (May 2018)
    1. become vegan including attire
    2. including beauty products

i believe in 2020 i finally became fully vegan. i haven’t bought shoes or clothes that are non vegan. im working more on being sustainable and eco friendly and fair for humans (fair trade) so that will mean i will become fully ethically vegan or at least try to be.

  1. ☐ become a zero waste babe or try!
    • im not really zero waste because it’s something you can only do if you do a lot of research, and if you buy some things. I have bought a few things to transition into zero waste but it’s not going to be achievable until maybe I’m like 30 years old and live in my own place and the world makes it easier on us to be more environmentally friendly.
  2. ☐ bake good things for baes Bday
    • i don’t remember if i did anything for his bday tbh
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25 things to do before turning 25 | accomplishments!

let me just talk about some accomplishments heheh

bucket list #2: moving out

so, an accomplishment that will be coming up soon is moving out aka living alone! I think it is a perfect time for me to live alone considering i haven’t done well living with others. im 25 now and it’s time for me to take charge of my life. when i lived with my mom it was great. but we lived together with my other brother and my mom’s provider. 

well, it was like i was not living for myself. i was living by others’ rules. i did not like it at all. so, i came to live with my husband and his parents. that was not good either, but i left due to high stress from work at home and other problematic things. 

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moving out at 25?

now that im in cali with my husband, i see that we can’t live here long. i mean we are living for free with his parents now, and that must be a bit of a burden to them. if they needed money then they would ask it from us, right? but i still dont like feeling like im using them anymore.

now that i have a chance to live alone and make a lot of money to support myself, i think it is time to support myself and live for myself with my own rules. be an adult finally. im 25! i know its fine to live with parents, but not if it’s bad for your mental health. i also ate really bad when i lived with my mom. if i live alone, i will be careful with what i eat and not splurge now that i will use my own money.

bucket list #10: learn to love veggies and fruits

wow, can you believe this has to be on my list?

i’m vegan and can’t love veggies or fruits much. i guess i got too into my cheese and chips growing up.

when i came to cali i lost a lot of weight because my husband made me go into this oil free diet. and actually, it did me some good. i lost some weight i didn’t need as a short person. i also was having high cholesterol because i didn’t eat veggies (said my doc)

also, i have a skin condition and it seems to be doing pretty good even though i didn’t use my ointments!

I’ve become fonder of these fruits and veggies:

  • jackfruit
  • grapefruit
  • potatoes
  • greens in general like lettuce spinach kale and all those tasteless things
  • celery
  • carrots
  • mung beans

bucket list #20: going to a beach

i went to a beach and i showed off my skin condition! wow, never thought i could do it. my goal is to get over my skin condition completely.

i want to be able to visit any beach with anyone, including friends! i’ve never gone to the beach in my hometown, even though i have been invited before. i actually lost a lot of friends due to turning down invites.

maybe i will talk more about my skin condition on this blog too. i haven’t really touched on it much yet.


bucket list #23: going fully vegan

so i’ve been vegan for a long time, but i kept buying new shoes that had something of an animal product. it is pretty hard now to find ethically made vegan cruelty free shoes for a good price.

i haven’t bought ANYTHING NEW in 2020 and 2019 i did get a few things.

i don’t even like anything with leather, like leather jackets or belts. i dont SEEK out anything with animal products on it. but it’s hard to shop when items don’t even mention much about their making. shoes and bags can be very vague about what is vegan and cruelty free to them. there are many vegan bags out there, but they still have plastics and are made with slave labor. i want to be an ethical vegan, a true vegan who wants equality for all living beings; animal or human.

this means i will have to keep doing research whenever i want to buy something new!

lately i just join free giveaways. if i get something that is non vegan, i will re-gift it lol


I will make a new post eventually on 28 things to do before turning 28 and will also try to accomplish these things i havent done!



Thanks for reading 25 things to do before turning 25

do you have your own bucket list for things to do when you hit a certain age? I started to write some down just so I remember my goals and when I feel like i’m not striving for anything, my bucket list is there to remind me what my purpose is. 


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    • yes i agree! this pandemic has honestly helped me. i haven’t bought anything really in this new year but i spent $200 yesterday on clothes that should last me like a few years until i will want to buy more lol
      i really don’t see a need in buying new things every month any more. good luck on that! it can be fun to be zero waste tbh.. it’s like living in the OLD OLD days

  • Good luck on the ones you haven’t achieved yet! I’m working on being fully vegan too but it’s really hard. Worth it though but I feel like it takes a while.

    • definitely it does take a bunch of hard work and dedication and for me it takes … whats that word like… self control?
      Yeah, i haven’t had cheese pizza or chips in forever and guess what, im REALLY starting to be disgusted by real cheese now. It can be kinda gross if you truly think about what cheese is. also I just imagine it rotten :/
      goodd luck to you on that too!

  • It is great that you got a lot of items checked off from your 25 before 25 list! You are so close to Disneyland (in comparison to other states or countries lol). Definitely make a trip out when it is safe. It is hard to live by zero waste with how much packaging that comes with the things we buy. It is possible, or at least eliminate where possible! It is great that you transitioned to a full vegan lifestyle!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  • Very attainable goals, but if you can save and live with someone by all means do it. My daughter still lives with me and she’s 29, and in no rush. It’s very expensive to live in the DMV…Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland area, and even more to own a home, so take your time.

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