From 8k to 200k+ views. How to boost Pinterest traffic

My views are not at 200k yet, but I’m rounding up! I am still new to blogging and driving Pinterest traffic directly to my blog by so I touch on that subject here.

I will talk about my views and follower increase and how I made that happen in weeks!


I started using Pinterest earlier this year because I was bored at work and needed something to keep me from dozing off. I realized quickly that most posts lead to a website once you click on them. For bloggers or any kind of creators, this is a huge help in promoting content.

Here’s how to boost pinterest traffic asap:

Step one. Post more (be active).

At least 5 posts a day make you look active on the site and that’s what potential followers are looking for. I only looked for active people and if they haven’t updated any boards in a month, I will usually unfollow.

Within weeks of posting daily, I noticed my views go from 8k to 9k and now about a month later, I have triple the number of views.

Step two. Organize your boards

Some people like to organize their boards by putting a cover photo and tidying up to make sure everything stays consistent. I noticed some people still have more than 1,000 followers if they don’t have a cover photo on their boards, but most of the popular users do have one.

Screenshot (17).png
Step three. Be interactive.

You will get notified of people interacting with one of your pins, commenting on one of your tries or follows one of your boards. These people like what you post, so what I like to do is check out some of these users accounts.

Sometimes I’ll get a follow back but if I don’t thats okay because I will then have more things I like that I can repin now that I followed people I like. 

Step four. Leave links to your pinterest.

I always try to leave a link to my Pinterest on my social media accounts. For instance, I have one on my tumblr, old wordpress blog, carrd and others. The goal is to attract others who may be Pinners to your Pinterest!

This way people don’t have to wonder if you have an account, they can just quickly follow you since you’ve linked them!

Step five. Make it fun for yourself.
When I started on Pinterest, I did it because WeHeartIt seemed kind of dead. WHI didn’t have many popular boards that included DIY’s or furniture as much as Pinterest did, so I joined and I was addicted to it right away.

If you don’t make pinterest fun for yourself, then it will just be another boring task for you.

pinterest traffic

It’s been 7 months and I’m now blessed with 600k views and more than 300 followers. I did a lot more to grow my following, but that’s after going self-hosted.

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