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Here are a few of my favorites


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Do you want your readers to donate to you? Join ko-fi gold and get 10% off using my link here!


Themes for wordpress:

Mary Kate – A FREE WordPress theme! free-wordpress-theme-blogging-babe.jpg (800×676) Blogging Babe theme with wordpress workshop by Sugar and Code live preview here – get it here


My current theme!

($4 currently)

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Other sites:


 wordpress themes 

Boutique Design Studio also has many amazing themes, like the Mystic theme for only $47!

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Need to find more themes? Read this blog post.


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Web Hosting:

I use Siteground.com.

I chose Siteground because it had a really easy and simple install instruction compared to other hosting sites I’ve heard about. I used this video to help me with installing it and transferring my work from my old WordPress.com blog to this one.

I 100% recommend buying your domain right away and choosing to go self-hosted as soon as you can because it is much easier to transfer all your past images and files onto your new blog if you have fewer content already posted. Siteground is really cheap and easy to work with. It cost me a total of $95 to host and have my own domain. Give it a try, I only recommend this if you’re trying to make money for your blog! That’s the only reason why I got it.

(this is an affiliate)

Web Hosting

If you don’t want to use siteground, try :


I don’t have bluehost, but I usually hear good things about it. Read how to start a wordpress blog with wordpress here (coming soon)

Sites I use to promote my blog:


Use my link above to get a free month of Tailwind Plus! Here’s my post explaining what I use this for (coming soon!)

Sites to make graphics:

Canva.com and Fotor.com

I use these two sites the most. They are completely free but do have Pro versions where you can pay. All the graphics on my blogs are made by me using these sites. Check them out and start making graphics like a pro!

Free Stock Photos:

I use Ivory Mix’s resources. Check out their Stock Photo Shop and Free photos! All you need is an email!


pixel blog (will make pixel art sometime, not sure when lol)

my art blog. My art is tagged under /tagged/soyvirgo. (not sure when I’ll make more art either)

Here are the other services I offer:

  • Revising and editing your essay: Up to 2 pages, college level.
  • English and Spanish translating
  • Social Media: I can make accounts for you, set them up, promote you and more!
  • Editing your theme/layout
  • More information can be found here.

Services start at $5!

Will be opening my shop on this site soon where you can buy my services through Stripe and Paypal!

My blog wouldn’t be the same without these sites:

Leave a comment below with what other blog resources you would like to see.

Let me know what you need to see more of so I can be your favorite blog resource gal!

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