Add a bloglovin follow button on your blog + buttons made by moi

buttons by soyvirgo
Read how to claim your blog / connect it to the lovin’ site.

Step one:

First things first guys, get to the widgets page.

If you’re signed in, your widget should be ready to copy and paste. If not, you will have to manually input your blog url after hitting “get this widget”.

bloglovin button

I chose the one that let’s you see the follower number, as you can see in the sidebar. You can choose a cuter image if you don’t like any of the buttons available. (Buttons located at the end of this post)

If you’re going to use one of the sites buttons, just copy the text. (as pictured below)add the bloglovin button

Step two:

You can either use your blog dashboard or the editor. I like the wordpress site because it’s easier for me. If you like using your dashboard editor, check out this post by Clementine for help!

Once you’re on the site, locate the customize tab on the left under “Personalize”. You should be taken to the editor page. (pictured below)

bloglovin button

What’s pictured above is my editor. It might look different for you since I bought my theme and I’m on I have a self hosted site (?)

BTW, if you’re interested in my theme, buy it here! (costs less than $5!)

Now you have to locate your sidebar, it’s usually going to be in the widgets tab. Add a widget to your sidebar. I added the text widget and added the code there. (You have to click ‘text’ to paste it, and once you click ‘visual’ your button should show up.)

Some blogs come with an html code widget. I just did it this way because I wanted the buttons after my bio.

The box that comes up is where you can paste the code you copied in step 1. Your button should now show up on your blog.

bloglovin follow button users

If you scroll up to the second image in step 1, you can see the highlighted words “ is not supported”.

The solution is to :

  • Use a text link
    • <a href=” [your url] “>Follow me</a>

Which will look like this : Follow me

  • Use an image link
    • <a href=” [your url] “><img src=” [image url] ” alt=”follow me”></a>

Will look like this once you put your own url image:    soyvirgo bloglovin




Get your own button (made by me)!

Just copy the text inside the box and add it anywhere on your blog that allows code! If you need help, you can always reach out to me.

button by soyvirgo

if your blog has a background other than white you might want to make this image transparent, leave a comment and I can do that for ya!

soyvirgo bloglovin

Hope ya like these buttons. I will come up with more soon.

Read : how to add a Pinterest button to any image in your blog post.



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    • Thanks so much!
      Yeah, I really get tired having to use sites other than wordpress, but there’s bloggers who only use bloglovin and some who only use google+. Ahh, the struggle of being a blogger.
      Same tho, I never go on bloglovin unless I really need to follow someone lol

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