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Blogger Collaborations

Hello Lovely reader.

Are you interested in contributing to SOYVIRGO.COM and being a part of a small online community? Looking to inspire people all over the world and share your honest feelings, ideas and notes?

This site accepts articles that relate to what SOYVIRGO.COM is all about. If you love to write, make art, or have too many pictures of your cat, why not share them here?

Main topics to contribute to:

  • Blogging (tips, advice, experiences, your services and more)
  • Diary (poetry, personal stories, thoughts, astrology and more)
  • Law of Attraction (moon stories, rituals, guides, tutorials and more)
  • Relationships (marriage, LDR’s, friendships and more)
  • Cats (adopting, stories, images and more)
  • Media (gaming, movies, music, art, anime and more)
  • Lifestyle (beauty, diy, fashion, veganism, cruelty free beauty, sustainable living, minimalism, and more)

A few basic guidelines and notes:

  • Your post needs to be original work, original photos (or free ones).
  • Please credit the images you use if they’re not yours. Do a quick google search of the image and find the source!
  • Any errors on your post will be edited, nothing else!
  • You have the option to submit a regular post from the topics above, or an introduction about you and your projects. You can be an artist who wants to introduce your art as well! More info here.
  • Posts including profanity or anything similar will be censored/edited.

If you feel you can bring value to this site, I’d love to get a submission from you!

Remember to share your Thoughts, Adoration’s and Notes!

Guest Posting and other collaborations

Collab and Guest post examples: collab with fiona, collab with madison

If you would like to get in touch to do a meet up, blog post, IG post or even something for Youtube, just email me at! Please write in the subject line soyvirgo blog collab inquiry because I have been getting too much spam! If I don’t respond you can leave a comment in my recent blog post too!

Artist Collaboration Content

Attention artists:

I use artwork from people like YOU in my blog posts.

If you’re an artist, read this post to collab with me and get your art shared on my blog!

Become an official Writer/Author!

Submit your request to be an author on and get your own personal author page and sign in information!

Include what content you want to write about and any details you want me to add to your bio in the message section on the form below.

You can also share info about yourself and what you do including your social links.
Let me know if you specifically want to be an Author (publish posts, so you don’t need to wait for admin to publish) or Contributor (only write and edit posts, will have to wait for admin to publish your post).

If you don’t have a website, just link to any active social account of yours if you like. I will respond to you so we can get started.

Can’t wait to work together! ♡  


If you’re a business, check out my Contact or Work With Me page!