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Hi! The purpose of this blog is to fund my cat sanctuary/boutique/hangout spot. Here are some things I will talk about for anyone who’s not sure if I’m a blogger to support:


When you need some advice on where to go next, what to take with you, what places to visit; check out my blog and I’ll try to answer those questions for you!
So far, I went to Mexico and California by plane. I road tripped to Texas with sibling and his partner. My first trip to Mexico (and out of the country) in 2017 was the best so far.
My blog will consist of topics on traveling from time to time. Check out my travel log here (under the Meet Me tab) to see where I’ll be at next!


I’ll be talking about what I love about music, what artists I support and for what reason. I want to share what I listen to and my experiences going to concerts and venues.

My first love was hip hop. I was introduced to rock by my best friend Joe, she got me into Green Day, MCR, and a local Chicago radio station that played so many good artists. Q101 was the station, in case there’s any Chicagoan’s reading.

I stopped listening to what other people liked and found what I was actually into, which was math rock and emo stuff, like American Football, TTNG, Look Mexico, and really unpopular bands that have now broken up. My current favorites are TSOSISW, Covet, Hail The Sun, and maybe Dance Gavin Dance.

In 2016, after my cousin reintroduced me to Kpop, I started to grow more fond of pop (except for American pop). I especially love K-pop and Jpop. I don’t understand it so much yet, but I’m sure I’ll get there.

Here’s my spotify!


What’s the point in being the wealthiest person on earth only to be bedridden?

I’m that girl on the internet who had red fingers from eating hot cheetos con limon. I had bad cravings for the worst things like pizza, cheese-y anything, pasta, and anything fried. But believe it or not, I’m now vegan and I can help you come to the… non-dark side?

As of April 2018, I started to adopt a vegan and waste-free lifestyle, and I did this by incorporating the law of attraction in my life. If you are on a journey to be the best you, this is the blog for ya.

I’ll talk about what helps me cope with stress, my skin condition(vitiligo), my flaws and having someone dear to you deal with a mental illness.

Let’s chat about the difficult journey of life and health! I want to help make it easier for you all by sharing my experience xo

Cats, kittens, and more gatos…

Cats basically saved me. 

Did I mention that time in Mexico when my cat warned me about someone standing at the door, my unlocked bedroom door? No? Well, it was kinda traumatizing so I try to not remember it.

Anyways, that happened and its just amazing how people don’t love cats enough.

I’ll talk a ton about cats… just so ya know

Not being so alone in the world

Being alone isn’t too bad and I’ll help show you why while also kinda sorta being there for you.
I’m a shy introverted person, but that’s just my personality and it can be hard for other people to accept that. It’s ok because there’s many people just like me. I hope you introverts are reading this now!
Even though I have the greatest friend anyone can ask for (my husband Alex) sometimes I want a girls night in/out and I just can’t do that with my boyfriend.
I can and will, but sometimes I miss having girls in my life.
I want to be that friend I always looked for as a high schooler but never found, because I’m too dang shy lol

Let’s grow together and not be so alone!


What it does to us is awful, beautiful, heartbreaking, and/or life changing. Let’s not make it a taboo.

People need to communicate more about what love is and not just the romantic kind of love. If we don’t, we are basically wasting our time on earth. The best feeling is when someone reciprocates those feelings of love. Even if that someone is yourself.

I’ll share my story of love in regards to friendships, family, romance, and the hardest love of all, self love!

Ima share my stories of love with cats and my boyfriend a lot too just so you know!

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Support my endeavors by donating! But if you just read, leave comments and like what I put out, that’s really enough support I need.



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