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Monday, December 31st  So it’s 2019 in a few hours and I wanted to share my best moments of 2018. I’m uploading this on Friday 2019, but writing it on Monday 2018, don’t get confused fam SOYVIRGO.COM | 2018 FAVORITE THINGS, TRAVEL, BLOGGING, RELATIONSHIPS, CATS AND MEXICO There was a lot of downs this year, but definitely a lot less than 2017! I only plan to make 2019 and the rest of my future amazing. I’m not going to let anyone ruin my relationship with happiness anymore, not even those close to me. It’s all about you and taking control of your own happiness to move forward, don’t let anyone get in your way! I believe in all of you xoxo Anyways, back to the post…

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Best moments of 2018

Returning from Mexico

I was in Mexico from August 2017 to February 2018. I miss it so much and plan to go again this year. My grandparents really need me and so does my cat, Chibi hehe In Mexico I decided to start my own business, so I made a blog on wordpress.com!

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I went to mexico

Making soyvirgo.com

I started my own website (where I own all my content and can make $$ off it) in March of this year! November of 2017 was when I started a free blog. I also made an instagram account for my blog, and I finally reached 300 followers! It’s been tough TBH.

Going on a road-trip

I went on a road-trip with my mans Alexander to Maryland for 4 days, and then drove across the states! We stopped in beautiful Colorado and stayed at a motel, took some pics and then headed out for Arizona (ugly, don’t go there if you hate guns and gun lovers lol) for one more stop and then California! I stayed there for about 5 weeks and headed back home. Just for le blog

I went Vegan

I finally went vegan after some attempt in 2017. I’m not 100% vegan or cruelty free. I definitely own products that have maybe some kind of animal or made cruelly (?), but I promise that most were gifts or from giveaways, or I just didn’t know if it was fully cruelty free and vegan. Anyway, you should follow my Instagram to learn how to be vegan and see all the good food I’m eating, thanks!

Reaching work-related + Pinterest goals

I reached so many pinterest goals and I’m very happy about all that. Honestly, I can talk all day about it. I’m not being paid by Pinterest so I don’t need to talk about it lol but anyway, here’s some work goals i reached:

  • 300+ followers on Instagram. It’s really tough to make any progress on there lol
  • Reached almost 200 followers on here. It’s not hard to make followers on here, but it was easier to be found when I was on my free site 😮
  • I made my first $200 with my site. Having a website really does come in handy when you’re trying to make money 🙂
  • My photo was shared onto littlebigblogger’s instagram account. I never had this happen before and the fact it happened so quick after making my IG account made me really excited!

Living in Cali for 6 months

I’m still living in California until I have to go back home for a wisdom tooth removal (lol). I don’t know what will happen after that, but I plan to be a better blogger and communicate more with you guys!



Thanks for reading best moments of 2018

Thanks for sticking with me. I hope in 2019, we can become more connected and maybe meet up to collab! My plan is to make stronger connections especially within the blogging community. I think it would be fun to not do this alone. What were your top fav moments of last year? Let me know down below!

Anyway… keep having an amazing year ily!


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  • It sounds like you’ve had a successful year! I completely understand! Growing your instagram account can be tricky at times but as long as you keep at it, all the hard work will pay off! Wow, you’re so lucky to be staying in California for so long. Hope you have an amazing 2019!

  • well done! i think it’s great that you’re looking to connect more with other bloggers in the community this year — holla at me 😊

  • I’m so proud of the achievements that you made for 2018! If you want to expand your Pinterest goals, I highly recommend checking out tailwind to automate the process to grow your Pinterest. 🙂 I’ve also decided to become 95% Vegan last week actually and it’s been a really new and fulfilling experience for me.


    • Thanks Atsuna 😭 means so much

      I have had tailwind but i used up my free trial. I wanna try boardboosters free trial now cause tailwind really helped me out a ton. I think they are kinda the same site too

      Im so glad to hear you’re vegan. Im sure lots of people are becoming more aware of yheir health and the environment that they cant help but try veganism so im happy to hear that. Thanks for ur comment! 💞😇

  • You made a great job creating this blog! Very pretty !

    I’d love to go on a road trip someday but I couldn’t drive (I do have license but it has been years since I touch the wheels lol) so I need to find someone to accompany me x

    Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Rasya. That means sooo much ❤
      I hope you can go on a roadtrip someday. Its like a dream. I wasnt the one driving on this trip lol but in the future i definitely woupdnt mind driving for a few hours hehe
      Good luck this year and thanks for ur comment 💞💞😊

  • The road trip you took sounds like so much fun! You saw a lot more of the world than I did in 2018, lol!
    Well done on all of your work goals. And best wishes for another fruitful year. 😀

    • Aww thats okay! U can always try this year hehe
      I didnt actually plan for the trips they just come up!!
      Hope u have a great 2019 💗💗💗

  • Wow you’ve done so much this year! What a great 2018! Lovely post, I would love to go to Mexico. I hope 2019 is good for you 🙂 xx

    • Hey Alys! Thanks so much. I hope u can visit one day. Its so much different than the U.S and some places can look like a fairytale 😭
      Good luck in 2019, n thanks for ur comment! ❤❤

  • Glad 2018 treated you well. Pretty cool that you’ve been making money with your blog. Even more that you settled in California! Wow, your blog only started recently and you’re already making good money from it. Congrats on your milestones, by the way!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    • Thanks so much Nancy! 💗 im grateful i got money after a few months of going self hosted. And thanks, i didnt expect to be in cali right now, but as i got older i started deciding things for myself lol its fun to not worry and just DO IT. 😁 thanks so much for commenting on my posts it means a lot 💞💞

  • I think it’s nice to reflect back on the accomplishments, happy moments, sad moments, and lessons we had in a year. And what a year you had in 2018! I’m happy to hear all the accomplishments you had with your blog! Hopefully 2019 will bring a lot more adventures and opportunities, and have a great year ahead!🍃

    Tyas // wepsgallery.wordpress.com

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