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Bedroom Makeover Ideas

There’s tons of decision-making when decorating your room, maybe in the end, you might not liked it.
You have so much time to improve it and make it a room that suits you best, so don’t worry! Everyone’s bedroom is different and no room is better or worse than yours, so just remember that. Be different!

Now let’s see how we can make your room cuter!

Bedroom Inspiration and Ideas - soyvirgo.com

Bedroom Inspiration and ideas


You need plants in your room because it helps fight colds and flus. Plants make the atmosphere increase with humidity and decreases the amount of dust in an area.

I remember having as many plants as I could have in my apartment, but sometimes my cat would bite on some and they would end up dying (the plants, not my cats lol).

Be careful with that by the way because some plants can be toxic to kitties, and vice versa.

Plants help you breathe, clean up the air and most importantly, it looks great in any place of your home.
Bedroom with plants, pinterest


Image of Bedroom with green plants

Shabby Chic
These might be fake plants, but you can mix some in to make the room look cute.



Purchase some plants and plant decor :

Fairy Lights

Lights are just so cute.

When I put them up for Christmas or Halloween, I don’t want to take them down, so I have halloween lights in my room all year round.

I started to get addicted to lights after I was given a plant light from my sibling. I put the light above my succulents and other small plants I had, and they stayed really healthy.

The purple light helped me get really good selfies too. Just a tip for any of you who spend most of your time in your room!





Get some of your own cute fairy lights guys


Blankets and Pillows

I would like to give a word of advice and warn ya’ll about this stuff.

Save up your money! Even if you just got your check, save up and make sure you have enough saved for any emergency that could happen in the future. Once you save enough, then you can “treat yourself” and splurge on the cute blankets and pillows.

I ended up spending about $100 on pillows alone last year, and I don’t regret it, but I’m just warning you! It was so worth it because they were on sale and every time I see them and make my bed, I feel a little happy.

I will take a picture of my own later, but here’s some cute ones I found from pinterest!


Everyone needs silk pillowcases AT THE VERY LEAST. Not just for the aesthetics, but for cute hair and skin too.
I have a korilakkuma in a bunny outfit pillow and it is my favorite thing ever



Get yourself some cozy stuff babes:

A Chair

I think a small chair or small couch in a room can make it a really cute.

I don’t mean a desk chair, of course you’ll need one of those if you have a desk. I’m talking about an extra seat for areas in your room that’s perfect for someone to plop down on!

It will make for the ultimate room to sit with your mom, your man, your girlfriend and most importantly your friends!

Not convinced? Here’s some pics that make me think a few extra seats in a bedroom isn’t much of a bad idea.





My brother is a gamer, so naturally, he has a couch, 2 huge bean bags and a weird “gamer” chair. Sorry, I’m not a g@m3r Gurl.

A Desk or Work area

Many of us study, read, watch movies on laptops, and even eat in our rooms.

Why not use a desk for all those things instead of slouching over on your bed.

I haven’t had a desk but here are some images that make me feel like I really need to get one.





Purchase a desk through amazon :


Memo/Moodboard Wall / Organizer

Why would you need one of these? Well, they are helpful for organizing many of your everyday things.

It can be a good place for simple reminders, due dates, to-do lists, pretty pictures, poloroids, dried flowers, and wishes or dreams for the future.

You can make an organizer to put the things you use the most on a daily basis, like your purse and camera. Here are some of my favorites:

kpop decor - soyvirgo.com




Adding your special touch

Don’t forget to put your own love and care into the place you will be spending most of your time in! We are all different, even twins have their differences, so don’t just copy someone else’s idea head to toe.

Add your favorite blanket your grandma gave you, the shoe rack you desperately need to organize your evident obsession with sneaks, your own art work and gifts given to you my friends and family and all the other stuff that makes you, you!

This is actually me lol


Add a bold neon sign and retro telephone!
Add the most beautiful art works and blankets in your room for that vintage feel.
Kiki's (Soyvirgo.com) Bedroom decor
Now this is actually me and my old room (which was actually a living room)! Ahh the memories …

Some more ideas on my pinterest : 1 | 2

Go on and make your room your own!



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