How one word and a girl turned me vegetarian

going vegetarian as a teenager and how to go vegetarian

Hello herbivores, omnivores, carnivores and whatever else you label yourself as. I wanted to share my story with you about becoming a vegetarian as a teen.

Let’s start with the word, “murderer”.

P.s this post will be accompanied by many tasty looking vegan and vegetarian pics so you guys can get hungry 🙂

Vegan snack: European cheetos you can find in cali

becoming Vegetarian as a teen

I actually became a vegetarian because my brother called me a murderer lol

It hurt me so much because it was kind of true. I also wanted to be just like his friend Gaby, who was vegan. To be like her, I had to at least stop eating meat.
I was young and you do those things when you’re a kid. She was pretty much my idol lol

Burgers from this weekend, they were really good ! We shared an Indian and a Mexican burger with fries, coleslaw, lemonade, carrot cake and a cookie ! Vegan junk food at its finest at Hank Burgers

I ate orange chicken the first time I cheated, which was around 6th grade or so.
(I really don’t remember what happened before 2014 so let’s just say it was in 6th grade.)
I began to eat meat again for a few days after my mom came home with that orange chicken.

“You murderer.”
My brother caught me eating some meat in the kitchen all by myself a few days later. He said it jokingly because he’s a meat eater too, but I didn’t like him calling me that.

Magical Green Falafels -

After that, I gave myself a pep talk and decided to really try and be more like his friend Gaby, who I really liked and admired at the time. I started borrowing and watching those peta CDs from my friend who was attempting to go vegetarian too.
Those videos were what I needed to see to stop myself from eating meat.

It really hits you hard when you see videos and images of animals suffering. You wonder, is that really what we have been eating this whole time?

Finally Going Vegan almost 6 years later

I stopped eating meat completely in junior high school.

It was pretty fun and completely easy because school meat is DISGUSTING. Did I mention I used to puke once every year in school after lunch time?
Yeah, that’s definitely a red flag.

Anyway, I realized cheese and dairy products still took a toll on my mind and body.
That’s why I finally became vegan this year along with my mans Alexander.

Read all about that here!

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I know it may be hard to go vegan, but it can be very easy with some motivation, inspiration and someone to look up to. I know I needed Gaby, my brother’s friend, to make me finally stop eating meat and those videos.

If you need that extra push and motivation, keep reading for a list of what you can do to easily turn vegetarian

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What to do to go Vegetarian:

  • find and follow vegetarians or vegans and become inspired by them
    • Read: Vegans of Color you need to Follow (coming soon)
  • watch movies and videos that share the truth about the meat industry
  • Look up tasty recipes of vegetarian or vegan dishes
  • try substitutes
  • research more!

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Are any of ya’ll vegan or vegetarian? What’s stopping you from trying it out?

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a pic of vegan cheetos i can get here in the U.S, no biggie
from zoeatery on tumblr
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  • Thanks for sharing! I was actually brought up vegetarian and so never made the decision to stop eating meat – because I never started! I spent most of my time during my teens with people questioning me, telling me that I might “like meat” because I’d never tried it. Recently I went on a Netflix binge and watched all of those documentaries you linked to, and I’m slowly making the transition to become vegan now… It was such an interesting journey.
    Love the fact that as a teenager you were dealing with such difficult and mature decisions! ❤

    Katie |

    • That’s awesome! I’m glad to hear people are actually taught young to not eat meat. It seems like it’s harmless, but these days it’s just proven that meat and dairy industries are causing harm not only to our health but the earth as well.
      I hope your journey can get easy and you can become vegan as soon as you feel you can do it.
      Thanks for you comment <3

  • It is interesting to read about how people turned vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, or go through any other lifestyles. Wow, words can go a long way. It’s great that you’ve gone vegan six years after going vegetarian! Thanks for sharing your story. LOVE this post!

    Nancy ♥

  • uhh this is such a lovely post! i’m vegetarian myself, and have been it for almost a year now. it’s so amazing to see Denmark (my country) has got so many vegetarian alternatives now. just about two years ago, there were absolutely none. great post lovely! <33 xx

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m not vegan nor vegetarian but I do try to eat less meat. Most of all, I try to be careful of how the meat I eat is produced. I’m slowly trying to add to my meals vegan sources of protein to eventually completely stop meat! 🙂

    • Oh that’s great to hear!
      I know it can take a while and can be scary too, which is why I had to go vegetarian first. I was just confused about not eating meat. Like, shouldn’t I be healthier if I stop eating meat? But really I was just eating way too much cheese and eggs lol!

      Also, I really recommend peas and edamame. Apparently it has a lot of good nutrients that docs say meat has. Lately I’ve been drinking peas milk and just peas and edamame whenever I can. (I know peas milk sounds so gross, but its just a cute green vege lol)

      I’m with you on this journey! You can always DM me if you need help 🙂

  • This is so interesting! Going veggie as a young person is so hard, I could have never imagined it, I feel like every teen is such a picky eater as it is. You were definitely very influenced by your brother and I wonder if you would have still gone down the veggie path if he hadn’t called you a murderer, or you had never met Gaby. So many thoughts! My dad is a vegan and he really inspired me to go veggie a year ago, but I just couldn’t go along with it. I definitely admire vegans and vegetarians so much though!

    • Thanks for commenting!
      I do think I would have gone vegan one day even if this didn’t happen.
      I remember reading your post about your dad! That’s really cool and I’m glad you can admire vegans and vegetarians cause sometimes it’s hard to understand veganism tbh, I mean that’s what I was like when I was still into cheeses and meats 🙂

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