Artist collabs: sharing art and introducing artists who need more love!

Attention all artists who want their art shared by yours truly!

This is for anyone who makes art and wants to collab on each of my posts.

I thought of doing this because I sometimes want to add art in my posts since I don’t take cute enough photos of my own to add on here. Working with artists who give me permission to share their art would be a better idea that would help not only me, but the artists as well if they need some exposure.

Artist Collaborations submissions

artists wanted
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I was reading an article from Rookie Mag recently and was attracted to it because of the artwork used. I looked up the artist name, but couldn’t find anything. Maybe the artist didn’t want to be linked back to but I was really bummed out because I loved the doodle they made so much and wanted to see more!

I thought of doing what Rookie Mag did, except leaving links to the artists sites and even a bio, if possible. Basically collaborating! It will be a cool way to show you guys cute art within my posts while also making use of images so my blog posts aren’t super dull.


If you’re an artist

and want to work with me/collab, contact me! You can leave a message @ OR leave your info in the contact form below!

Make sure to include links and information you want me to include in my posts in the comment section of the form below.

Check out these posts as examples:

We can also do a “Interview with that artsist” kind of post where we introduce you to the readers, your art and bio and do a short 10 – 15 question Q and A.

Just give me your ideas of how you want your art shared and I’ll make it work!

Thanks love ya!

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