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Monday, April 27

Hello all, here is my April monthly favorites/recap.

Geez it’s already May? Soon, this quarantine will be fixed, SOON. Mark my words.

Just want to say thanks for reading while you’re in quarantine! Makes me feel, not so alone hehe~ ♡


April Monthly Favorites and Memories 

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Blog Posts from April 2020

The following are my favorite moments from the month.

Moments of April

Earlier in April: Gaming

This month I was playing a TON of games. Well when I say games I pretty much mean Apex Legends. I’m on the lookout for girl gamers tbh. I want to have a squad so that we can play whenever I happen to be on, and during the lockdown, I’m usually playing at least once a day.

Gaming with a Viewer!

So I happened to be streaming on Twitch, when suddenly someone kept commenting on my video. We ended up being friends on PS4 and I played a game with them. I’m not sure why but when you play with a stranger, it can be so hilarious. The tiniest things make me laugh.

Unfortunately I don’t have the video, because I wasn’t aware that Twitch deletes videos after they “expire”? Whatever. Youtube it is lol.

Vegan Food Diary:

This month I ate some good stuff. My favorite being this cauliflower rice food bowl my husband made one night. I absolutely love it and need to make a separate post about it because it’s just that good!




Pictured above is Mac and Cheese my husband did where we added mushrooms, yummy! and basically a vege bowl which was SO GOOD and he makes it for us every once in a while and it’s just a million times better than chipotle which I never thought would be possible.

I decided I will make a seperate blog post about vegan mac n cheese and pastas, because we eat that so much that I’m trying to get the right recipe for the best kind.

So watch out for that, and I will update this post with the link too.

Songs I loved in April:

Let me be honest, this month I wasn’t really into anything other than what I randomly found on soundcloud.com.


Doki Doki no Disco – Nanidato

This song is absolutely amazing! It’s the perfect song to fall in love to. Yes, I don’t know what they’re saying AT ALL, so they could be singing of something very sad or unrelated to love, but I just think it’s great to listen with my husband.

I imagine taking a drive and swaying our arms out the window driving up mountains in California next to the ocean 🙂

Every time this song plays I cannot skip it, even if I heard it more than 5 times in one sitting lol

Planetarium Kei. G Cover/Remix – Eisei

I love the original song which I’ve mentioned on my Monthly Favorites in the past, at least I think I did. But here’s the video if you want to hear it, it’s so cute but sounds like sad if you went through a breakup or missing someone.



Favorite Shows:

Terrace House

yeah, you already know the deal.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I really love this anime series because it is kind of about friendship and I absolutely adore animes or movies and tv in general that involves friendships.

I’ve watching this one before, but I don’t remember what really happens so I’m watching it again with my husband!

He thinks it’s really crazy and says it’s like Neon Genesis Evangelion

We are going to watch the third movie soon!

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Blog Goals:

So I haven’t done blog goals in a while but yeah, I need to give myself some goals again, big time!


I currently have 372 followers. So last month my goal was hitting 500 followers for April. Hey, at least I’m close to 400 again LOL


I gained some followers compared to March, so I’m happy!

Today’s Stats: 228 followers
Goals: 300 followers


My pinterest has grown so much so I’m really happy! It’s the only thing I got going for me right now LOL

I actually reached my goals for once too! What I’m doing is organically pinning. Since I don’t use Tailwind anymore, it’s easier for me to grow my views and followers by just having fun with pinterest.

Today’s Stats: 5k follows, 4 million monthly views
Goals: 6 million monthly views


My views have been growing every month, and I really think it’s thanks to Pinterest. I didn’t realize, but last month I acceded 2,000 monthly blog views! This month I hit 2,000 Visitors which is even more amazing!

My daily views have been over 100 so I reached that goal. As for monthly goals, I reached those and might have to go for higher goals. Can you believe that. Maybe the secret to getting views to your site is actually taking a 4 month break, LOL. (JK, you probably should be active af)

Today’s Stats: 3k monthly views, 2.5k visitors, 229 followers
Goals: 200 daily views, 4k monthly views, 300+ followers.


Thanks for reading my April Monthly Favorites! Hope you enjoyed!

How was your April? Let me know how you’re dealing with the lockdown!

See you next Friday (If I post on time)

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  • Sounds like you had a good April! Really loving these pictures too hehe. I hope you and your hubs are doing ok over there amidst all this chaos!! It’s good to hear you got a viewer on Twitch – I didn’t know that happened and they delete your videos after they expire?!

  • I can’t believe how fast time is flying! It is good that you got back to blogging. OOhooo it is great that you got to game with a viewer from Twitch! I need to get back on it! I’m not a fan of Twitch because you can’t keep your clips on for a while. Oooh your vegan dishes look delish. I haven’t seen those shows before. I’ve been binging lately so might check it out! Hope May will be great for you.

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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