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Hi fam. Here’s some gifts to get your favorite anime lover + geeky pals. I’m one of them, right?

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Gifts for Anime Lovers


Bulma Cosplay Tee from Adorned by Chi!

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 bulma cosplay | anime lover gifts

Ever Cosplayed before? Me neither, and it’s literally only because I never saw darker skinned people cosplaying. Luckily I’ve been seeing more and more melanin out there. Be like Kiara and Adorned By Chi’s founder, Jacque. Life’s too short to NOT cosplay!


Pretty Girls Like Anime Tops

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This tee comes in short sleeve and long sleeve. There’s an assortment of colors including, pink, blue and white! All are 100% cute.

pretty girls like anime adornedbychi top | anime lovers gift guide

Adorned by Chi’s mascot, Chi Chi!

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I got this cutie around 2 days ago. Yes, I bought her for myself for xmas lol
It was packaged really nicely with a cute card as well and had a cute pink box. Who doesn’t love pink? (JK I know lots of people hate pink, I used to be one of them, tbt my emo phase)

chi chi plushy doll brown dog cute adorned by chi- anime lover gifts

Isn’t she so cute and precious?

anime lover gifts by | chi chi plushy doll adorned by chi

Buy Me Manga sweater

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I was never really a manga reader since I wasn’t about to spend my non-existent paycheck on japanese comics, but now that I’m an adult… I can at least buy clothes about manga lol

buy me manga sweater anime lovers gift guide -

Speaking of Manga,  purchase AdornedByChi Digital Comics!

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adornedbychi comics

Neo Yokio Reference Tee

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Have ya’ll seen Neo Yokio? TBH, I don’t get it but I love the characters and voice actors!
It’s an american animation made by singer, and I know some of ya’ll know him, Ezra Koenig! Any Vampire Weekend fans?

neo yokio shirt adorned by chi | anime lover gift guide

If you want to see what all the hype is about, check it out on Netflix! There’s a Christmas special on called Pink Christmas. You can’t miss out!

Im Hungry – No Face Spirited Away Inspired Croptop

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This cropped top is perfect for anyone who loves food & Spirited Away.

no face shirt adornedbychi | anime lovers gift guide

Usagi Taught Me tee

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What did usagi teach you all? I’ll be honest, she taught me a lot even though I haven’t finished the first Sailor Moon series..bye

 usagi sailor moon shirt adornedbychi | anime lover gift guide

90s Anime Aesthetic Tees

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What are your fav 90’s animes? TBH, I don’t know many since I was born in the mid 90’s but I LOVE Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bepop even though I watched like 1 episode, Neon Genesis and more. Most of the ones I watched were late 80’s and early 2k :/

anime lovers gift guide by ft adornedbychi merch

I plan to get most of the Adorned by Chi Tees because they’re like nothing I’ve seen before. Like this Cocoa Cutie tee below. I just really love the color.

Cocoa Cutie Tee

use code “SOYVIRGO” at checkout 

Check out this cute shirt worn by Tima 🙂 Matching hair and outfit? A must in 2019.

Yes it comes in pink!

Kiki’s Delivery Service Inspired Pillow

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So Kiki isn’t my real name but I love this movie so much hence why it’s my pseudonym lol
If you haven’t watched Kiki’s Delivery Service, I recommend it on a cold winter day!

kiki's delivery service pillow - adorned by chi | anime lover gifts

Goth Club President Tee

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This top is def one of my favorites! Was anyone ever in otaku club at school?
I was for a day until I got annoyed by the guys in there… I think you know the ones.

ANYWAYS I’m not much of a goth gal like Shay, but still I love baseball tees so much including this one!

goth club president baseball tee adorned by chi - anime lover gifts soyvirgo.comgoth club president tee - adorned by chi | anime lover gifts

Lets cry together top

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Who likes crying alone? Admit it, 2 is better than 1 :’)

anime lover gifts adorned by chi lets cry together top

lets cry together yellow top adorned by chi - anime lover gifts


Ice cream compact mirror and comb

I know this one isn’t anime related, but I like anime and I’m sure anime lovers will dig this one lol

icecream compact mirror and comb - anime lover gifts

Umaru-Chan Face Cushion

If you don’t know, Umaru chan is one of those shows you have to watch if you wanna fall for anime. It’s such a cute and funny show.

umaru-chan pillow - anime lover gifts soyvirgo.comumaru chan face pillow

Thanks for reading! Now here’s your free comic 🙂

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