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Thank you for reading! The purpose of this blog is to fund my cat sanctuary/boutique/hangout spot. Here are some things I will talk about for anyone who’s not sure if I’m a blogger to support. Updated May 28, 2020


ABOUT Soyvirgo.com, Take Note.

This is an online journal made to interact with friends, wherever and whoever they are.

On this blog, you will see many topics on things I have experienced and have some knowledge about or just things I have opinions about as well.

SOYVIRGO.COM is a safe space for everyone who wants to learn and grow, and not do it alone. I want you all to feel accepted here and try your best!

Share your ideas and thoughts if you have any, because this blog is for you.

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  • Join the lovely cat lovers community. Cheesy, but I consider myself a cat lover and lovely. Also, I’m a big fan of kpop group LOVELYZ. lol!

There’s lonely people all over that need someone to talk and joke around with, and I used to always feel like one of them. I want us all to take note and grow together! Let’s make a big community of lovely souls, okurrt?


Ready to Take Note?

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Support my endeavors by donating! If you read, leave comments and like what I put out, that’s really all I need.



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