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  • Join the lovely cat lovers community. Cheesy, but I consider myself a cat lover and lovely. Also, I’m a big fan of kpop group LOVELYZ. (lol)

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FAQ | frequently asked questions…



soy virgo means “I’m a virgo” in Spanish. It’s a name that represents me, but also a name that I believe sounds cute and memorable. you can also say its related to my love for tofu (which is made by soy beans), my vegan lifestyle and basically my astrology sign!

What blogging platform and hosting is SOYVIRGO.COM under?

SOYVIRGO is a self-hosted site under (here’s a referral link and here is a post about using siteground!). This blog runs on WordPress!  

Can I share your work?

You can share this site’s posts; just link back to the site for credit please. The content on this site is protected under strict copyright law so seek permission if you plan to use any of it for other purposes. Sharing is caring! i will usually watermark my own images so any pictures used without the watermarks are usually from pinterest!

Do you know other bloggers i can follow?

I made a list of my favorite sites to check regularly. Here’s the page or just click “Loves” in the Collabs tab in the navigation!  

Can I advertise on this site?

Yes! For business inquiries go here. For anything else, click the Collab tab.

How can I be a writer on this site?

To be a regular contributor to this site, please leave fill out the form in the collab tab. If you want to ask something, send me an email at soyvirgos @! NO SPAM PLS


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If you read, leave comments and like what I put out, that’s really all I need. 


awards | this blog has been awarded…

The Mystery Blogger Award – Aug 14, 2018 Mystery Blogger – Feb 18, 2019

Resources | blog resources I use…

Do you want your readers to donate to you? Join Ko-Fi gold and get 10% off using my link here!

My pc –  (link here)

My Laptop –  (new one soon?)

Siteground Website Hosting–

I chose Siteground because it had a really easy and simple install instruction compared to other hosting sites. This video helped me with installing and transferring my work from my old blog.

I recommend buying your domain right away and choosing to go self-hosted as soon as you can because it is much easier to transfer all your past images and files onto your new blog if you have fewer content already posted. Siteground cost me a total of $95 to host and have my own domain. Give it a try, I only recommend this if you’re trying to make money for your blog!

  If you don’t want to use siteground, try :


I don’t have bluehost, but I usually hear good things about it. Read how to start a wordpress blog with Bluehost here.


Here’s my post explaining what I use this for Join Now (also, I use Tailwind just to blog in general, it helps me come up with ideas when my big juicy brain is all juiced out.) and

I use these two sites the most to make graphics. They are completely free but do have Pro versions where you can pay. All the graphics on my blogs are made by me using these sites. Check them out and start making graphics like a pro!  Find more amazing themes under $10 HERE! Read: 100+ cute themes

Mary Kate Theme – Shop Angie Makes WordPress Themes! Free WordPress Theme on her site!

Need to make a self-hosted site? Read here to find out how.  

Mila Theme ( My current theme ) By Khalil on Creative Market

Now only $29! Mila | Blog & Shop Theme with Forum by khalilthemes on @creativemarket  

Leave a comment below with what other blog resources you would like to see. Let me know what you need to see more of so I can be your favorite blog resource gal!

resources | more resources i use to keep the site cute

credits! | stuff i currently use for the site…

  • Pixels and graphics from
  • Mia Theme by KHALILTHEMES. Bought on Creative Market
  • Blog Hosting by Domain name purchased March 2018 (Siteground) Powered by

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