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The web hosting I use for this blog is

I chose Siteground because it had a really easy and simple install instruction compared to other hosting sites I’ve heard about. I used this video to help me with installing it and transferring my work from my old blog to this one. I 100% recommend buying your domain right away and choosing to go self-hosted as soon as you can because it is much easier to transfer all your past images and files onto your new blog if you have fewer content already posted. Siteground is really cheap and easy to work with. It cost me a total of $95 to host and have my own domain. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you and if you need some help setting it up!

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Web Hosting

Sites I use to promote my blog: Tailwind

Use my link above to get a free month of Tailwind Plus! Here’s my post explaining what I use this for (coming soon!)

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Sites I use to make and

I use these two sites the most. They are completely free but do have Pro versions where you can pay. All the graphics on my blogs are made by me using these sites. Check them out and start making graphics like a pro!

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I wouldn’t be able to blog without these babies, make sure you have these to make blogging a breeze!

Here’s what I use:

Laptop : Basic Windows computer. .. Editing this page so come back soon!




editing my pictures – vsco , snow,

uploading to ig: planoly and plann app

Brands I’ve worked with:

SOYVIRGO accepts inquiries about paid collaborations, product reviews, paid ads and sponsorship. Contact or fill out the form below.

The following are this blog’s rate for sidebar ads + social media promos.

Package 1: $5 per month

250×250 sidebar banner

FB promotion

Package 2: $10 per month

250×250 sidebar banner + footer link

1 time blog post $5 every other time.

Twitter + FB promotion

Payment method is through Paypal

The following are this blog’s product review info.

I love doing product/service reviews because I believe in sharing the experience(s), informing potential consumers and creating brand awareness through doing reviews.
My reviews include pictures of the product/service, samples, rating possibly unboxing video’s and an honest opinion about the company the service and more. When I write a review, I am not bias in any way possible – I just give 100% honesty.
I review beauty products, services (eg. restaurants, salons, spas), foods, media, apps, art, tech and household products. For all my reviews, click here.
If you are interested in sending me products/services to review, please contact me through whichever platform is best for you. I’m on tumblr, IG, twitter, but you can also email. We can arrange an agreement via skype, DM’s or email.
*All sponsored reviews will be notified by the disclaimer in each post. Reviews will be based on my opinions so be aware of negativity if your product/service does not meet my standards. Reviews will be posted when I feel I have experienced the product(s)/service(s) adequately enough to provide an honest review.