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Hello all.  These have been mentioned on my site for some time now, but they’re really worth giving a try! 

Here are my 10 addicting shows to watch on Netflix.


10 addicting Shows to Watch On Netflix Now



I know you’re expecting annoying girls in heavy makeup crying about their nails or something, but just wait…

CHEER NETFLIX cheerleading gif, vogue, black cheerleaders, ladarius marshall gif - shows on netflix to watch right now |

Cheer is that show that I would re-watch because it was so beautifully made. I mean, I never cared about cheer-leading until now. Cheer has a ton of motivating, inspirational moments and moments that will leave you completely speechless. I really fell in love with some of the people on this show because they didn’t mind baring it all, because they had really no other option. They couldn’t fake a story, they just told their truth. That to me is inspirational because these days everyone hides everything, even myself. I really liked and respected the sport more since i’m a sporty girl, i would love to have been a cheerleader now, but im not sure if i could make it with all the beautiful girls, i might end up too self conchas lol

I’m actually going to make my husband watch this show from start to finish.. well I will try. Let’s see what he says. Will update later. …

He said in the middle of watching it that he loves the show because it actually shows how Cheerleaders are athletes. The stories def got to him because he joked about crying. When he jokes about crying, I think it means “I’m gonna joke about crying but it’s because I actually want to cry” LOL Also we finished the show in two nights. So basically like 4 hours or so? or maybe 14 hours, I can’t do math.

Bonus Show

If you guys like this show, I recommend watching Marching Orders. It really wasn’t as good as Cheer and you didn’t really connect with many of the people, but it’s still interesting to watch marching band and dancers work together and make an amazing performance.


My friend told me about this show. Her name is Alondra by the way. She’s like one of my only 2 friends which I still went out with lol She mentioned this show when I just finished watching another show mentioned in this list. I didn’t think anything of it, but wow was I shocked to find out one of my old favorite actors was the lead role. ATYPICAL netflix shows to watch -

Never Have I Ever

I was afraid this show would be just like To all The Boys I loved before… I absolutely could not finish that show it was so boring. This one is exactly what I wanted. It’s funny and it can be sad too, perfect for an emo girl like me.


If you want to see people going on blind dates who are in their 30’s, this is the show for you. I know sometimes I get tired of watching teen dramas and shows. Love is blind is perfect for people who want to laugh at being single, or laugh and be married. I’m not sure, but my husband and I definitely had a fun time making fun of Jessica.

Love is Blind on Netflix, gifs memes, what to watch on netflix |


This show is so hilarious, but also very sweet too. When I say sweet, I mean Lauren and Cameron. When they cried, I cried. I actually had to pause so I could cry. Their moments are super sweet and I’m really happy to see them on social media.  


I wanted to watch trinkets because, it was really relatable… if you know what I mean LOL

Trinkets (@trinkets) • netflix shows to watch - | trinkets memes

I honestly didn’t expect much from this show but I liked that the main characters were not your usual teen show cast. 

Sometimes I really didn’t get what was going on. It’s too teen-drama for me, but I finished the first season and am waiting for the next, if it ever comes out.



married at first sight

I was just watching this because I missed a show like Love is Blind. So I looked at something similar and this is what I found! It was pretty dang weird to be completely honest with you. The members were kind of awkward and the directing as well. I think the experts were doing their best, and really did their best with helping out the couples. 



Like, some parts made us physically sick… Especially watching whats his name, the one with Beth. We absolutely hated him. We believe she deserves better than him. She just a fun person and needs to be with someone as awesome as her.

This show kind of showed me what’s good and bad in a relationship, and made me view my own as well. Is it okay for my husband to do this or that, is it okay for me to be loud and rude when I’m mad? ETC. These kind of shows just sort of help remind me to check myself and my marriage.


chilling adventures of sabrina

I used to love watching Sabrina as a kid but the main actress was a bit too old. I didn’t mind, back in those days we would always be watching shows that were maybe a bit too old for us. Now I’m over here watching teen shows, which I don’t hate, but I wish there were more college shows to watch, not just teen ones.

 shows to watch on netflix right now - | sabrina

Anyways, I think chilling adventures of sabrina is a good show to watch on netflix because it’s like, vampires, ghosts, whatever else and it’s not ENTIRELY scary!

I thought the first part was great, but the third season just didn’t make sense to me. I love the actors especially the warloc/witches couples. I think they are so interesting and make me obsess over alternative fashion way too much.


Okay this show was so great. After watching gossip girl, I almost didn’t watch this because, I don’t really care for this actor. I’m so glad I did watch it though. The memes are almost my favorite part.

shows to watch on NetFlix You' Season 2 Memes -

I def wouldn’t justify killing someone, but I swear PEACH wanted to kill somebody so he was just defending himself lol

YOU shows to watch on netflix | you netflix memes

I don’t necessarily agree with him or Love, but it is super interesting to see how everything played out. I never seen a show quite like this, so that’s why I had to include it here even if some of you may be sick of hearing about it.

terrace house

I absolutely love this show, I def don’t love it TOO much to the point where I will make a podcast like others do, but I LOVE it.

If you don’t know about this member, well he’s just a kind of adult you will want to be like. He inspires you to be better, no matter how much of a jerk you are.

We all aspire to be Hansan. Terrace House memes - shows to watch on netflix |


So they just announced new episodes even though we are all under quarantine. I think it’s great for people who really love the show, but kind of shows how weird we are as people since we can’t deal with not having TV. Reminds me, I should do something else for once lol

read more terrace house posts: terrace house fav girls! 

Living Undocumented 

This one really hurt my heart so bad. It would be great to be able to help these families. It’s really bad how people are treated just because they were not born with money or a safe place, or a chance to help their families live a better life. I’m not undocumented myself, but I know of people who are and I guess it’s nice to have their stories shared, like in this documentary.

Quit blaming people more disadvantaged than you- living undocumented, shows to watch on netflix right now |

It’s a very sad ending basically, because when you see these people, you just think of how many others are going through similar stories. Like, there’s literally little kids in cages, how messed up is that? I guess this is not a good show to watch, because you just watch it and there’s pretty much no way to help the families, because they will probably just be deported anyways, or unhappy in some way. But I guess it’s good just to hear their story.

I just don’t get how people can be brainwashed into hating others, like, were the Nazi’s not enough for you? 

Couldn’t be me.


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Yes I wrote marriage at first sight, just ignore it.



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  • I recently watched the first season of You, and plan on starting the second season soon. I couldn’t stop giving Joe the side eye. His reasoning behind things is so crazy. Sabrina has been on my watch list for a while. I’ll have to start it after I finish Tiger King. Thanks for sharing this list.

  • Yess this is such a great post. I loved never have I ever and atypical. You should check out brookyln nine nine, the office, one day at a time and spinning out.
    -XOXO chana (

  • Hello Kiki! Blog hop! 😀
    I just recently subscribe on Netflix because of my mom XD
    My mom is watching the most around there but where same, we aren’t fond of series XD Well me, i’m more on Asian and anime series and more like on movies! XD But i’ll tell my mom to check these out maybe she will try 😀 Thanks!

    • omg it’s been a long time! hope you’re well. lol well lmk what you are watching. i seriously am not into much of the anime or dramas on netflix because they put the more lame stuff on there. but i loved Love Alarm, Hello My Twenties and a lot more. actually you inspired me to write a note on this LOL i’ll tag you on it!

      • Hahaha so far none for me but my mom does 🙂 She’s more into movies. Recently she shared and invited me to watch Extraction (American/Indian film) and Pihu (Indian Film) both are really good! If you’re going to try, let me know your thoughts!

  • Oo I came across terrace house and it looked interesting hahaha. Living undocumented sounds interesting as well, I can’t imagine all the hardships it must show there, I know friends of my friends who are and it’s kinda rough for them. If I ever get another trial of Netflix, I’ll look into these shows! 😁👌🏼

  • You is such a good show and it seriously messes me up because sometimes I end up agreeing with Joe’s choices lol… I don’t know if you’ve seen Unorthodox but it’s such a great show and if you’re ever looking for a new show to watch I would highly recommend it. And it’s a miniseries so it’s just like 4 episodes.

  • Terrace House and Atypical are great shows to watch and I also recommend the umbrella academy and meteor garden!! ❤

  • Oooh! I heard someone else sharing about Cheer! I like that this is not about the stereotypical cheer lifestyle. It is really about overcoming barriers and being a team. OMG I watched Love is Blind and it is crazy!! Not a fan of some of the results but I am so happy for Lauren and Cameron. You is another crazy show too!! So many Joe memes haha. Living Undocumented sounds like something I would watch. I have some friends who are undocumented and it is hard, especially when they work hard but have to live in fear. Thanks for sharing these picks!

    Nancy ♥

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