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This turned into a list of more than 5 because I was too lazy to fix the header image oops. I’ve been using pocket camp ever since it was available in the U.S and I fell in love with it since I’ve always enjoyed games where you can do some kind of decorating or designing in it even if it’s cars like in Need for Speed. The only reason why I don’t play AC is because I never had a DS until last Christmas. I plan on playing it once I can buy it used off someone, but for now i can settle with pocket camp.
Lately, I’ve been putting the pocket game off since I’m too lazy to collect fish and fruits and I’m not motivated enough by the goals and missions. Since I played so much up until now, I wanted to share some tricks that helped me get more bells (money), fruit, and other things without much work.

My friend told me about this one. You can shake all the empty trees or trees that had bugs on them. I think you can only shake those and the ones that don’t grow any fruit. Try it out and you might get a bag of bells!

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This is probably natural for everyone playing but in case you’re in a rush to get fish, I think this could help you out.  I learned this quickly since all these dang animals want fish THAT YOU DON’T HAVE. So I kept having to fish and started to notice the size of the shadow in the water is different depending on each fish. The pale chub is the tiniest, the thicc shorty is squid, the huge one is Tuna, the big one from the beach is olive flounder, I know that one because I always think it’s a rare fish but it just ends up being the flounder. The fish I still can’t predict to get is the red flapper because it looks pretty small but when you reel it in, it looks pretty big. Any way, just pay attention on the size to get what u need asap.


I like to shake trees with fruit and leave the fruit on the ground as long as I don’t need them right away. The fruit regrows in 3 hours and sometimes you might not have fertilizer so this is a useful tip for those situations. When you need any fruit, you will have  a set of 6 ready always.


I began to collect a bunch of fruits and bugs one time and then I ran out of room. A new window came up on the game and I either had to list to sell or sell right away. The sell button doesn’t give you as much as when you sell to another user, but that option takes a long time and if you accidentally sold something for a big amount, there’s a chance people won’t buy it. If I have nothing better to do, I like to collect until I run out of space for items and then I click “Sell”

Click on any fruit that you want to sell and you will get bells right away.


Try to open the app once in the morning afternoon night and even late night/ early morning. I guess this is easier to say when you’re on vacation and don’t have many responsibilities throughout the day oops but if you have time you should try it. I figured there’s something going on in the game at all hours. So maybe opening the app at different times in the day can get you items you’ve never seen before. I found a blue butterfly late one night around 1am and I got one of the rare fish one afternoon and I think that’s it lol maybe it’s just me though.

Another reason why you should do this step is to enjoy the pretty colors. The game goes in night time mode and evening mode and the sun sets and the water color changes so it looks so pretty and calming.

Pocket camp

This is mostly for beginners. If you don’t have enough friends who play the game, try adding the strangers who give you kudos or buy from you or the ones you randomly see at campsites. I realized many of the users who pop up on campsites are from other countries. I especially see Japanese gamers and I end up going to their campsite to see how they decorate their room. Since the game was released in Japan first, most of these players had an amazing campsite and items I haven’t even unlocked yet. I like adding people who have cool rooms and who already decorated their camper because that’s how I know they play a lot. The more players you have, the faster they can help you to go to the quarry. The quarry is a short mission area where you go and break rocks to win lots of prizes. It’s beneficial to you to have many friends for this, and having lots of friends can give you more bells when they give you kudos and more people going to your item box to buy from you.


The red spots show areas where the butterflies don’t fly in. This is helpful when you’re waiting minutes to find the butterfly you need without running into it. I’ve noticed walking around the edges is like a safe zone if you desperately need one.


There’s many reasons why you should connect to your nintendo account but my favorite one is that you can get a bunch of free stuff after completing missions.


Once you connect to your account, you can complete these missions and redeem them for items you need to build furniture and even get leaf tickets.

Well that’s all I can really think of right now. If you want to add me just message me on tumblr or look at my listography for the code! Thanks for reading!

Love Kiko


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