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Mexican Vegetarian

Okay ya’ll so being Mexican and vegetarian is a struggle, I can’t imagine what it’s like for vegan latinx’s. This is all about me and my experiences, how I feel about the way my family has treated me and all that. Please have an open mind and don’t act like I’m coming for you when I’m literally talking about my experience lol.
So, part of me thinks I’m being too harsh towards animals, and also towards people in my life. I’m currently visiting my grandparents for the first time in Mexico and I just sense that I’ll come off as a bich for not accepting their breakfast which is usually eggs and anything with dairy. So, that’s partly why I’m vegetarian still and not Vegan.
Today, my grandpa asked, “so you don’t eat ham? or chicken, how about turkey, that’s healthy!” I don’t get mad at all when people ask. I don’t get mad at my family either, I just think it’s funny. The times I do get annoyed is when a complete stranger wants to shove their beliefs and opinions down peoples throat thinking their preaching will do anything. Someone kept telling me how meat is healthy, how Jesus ate meat and all this other ridiculous stuff. First of all, to that kid, he was in my class and was a complete idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about lol. Usually ignorant people preach about their opinions to someone else, especially when they don’t even know you! Anyway’s he said sorry for preaching and shut himself up so that’s nice.
The reasons I don’t eat meat:

  • I loved eating pigs and cow so much that it made me fat. I used to eat more than my siblings combined. I wasn’t obese only because I had some control over what I ate and made myself feel bad (also friends helped me feel bad) that I made myself eat less and less.
  • I watched videos of animals being treated really awfully and the butchers were doing it for no reason. If you have to eat meat and make it, might as well get animals death over with instead of torturing them for their last few seconds of life.
  • It looks disgusting when it’s not cooked!
  • It smells disgusting when it’s not cooked
  • I saw the movie Okja
  • I was called a murderer by my siblings when I would switch back and forth from eating meat and it made me want to commit to not eating it anymore (lol)
  • Oops I forgot to mention I’m not even a vegetarian because I’ve been eating shrimp and fish! sure you can send me hate mail I really deserve it and I probably need it.

Mexicans really have a bad habit of looking at you with disappointment if they find out you’re a vegetarian. I remember getting these street tacos after work and everyone, even the customers would laugh hearing I only wanted a taco with cilantro and pineapple on it. I got so embarrassed that I started to make my mom order them for me. There’s also many mexicans who claim meat as part of the Mexican culture which is ridiculous because many things that are mexican made are actually vegan. Sometimes you just add some meat and the dish tastes better, but you can do the same with soy meat and it tastes just as good. Exibit A: All the food at this restaurant ( Quesadilla La Reina Del Sur )
To those who say “well, what the heck do you eat then?” :

  • Beans
  • Rice
  • Eggs (I thrive off this even though I know it’s not good for me)
  • Noodles
  • Thai Curry
  • Yogurt
  • Tortas (basically sandwich on big bread)
  • Burritos
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Almond milk (never ever going back to cow milk, please do your own research)
  • Fruits
  • Takis(lol) and other vegan and non vegan snacks
  • Indian Food (which are known for having vegan dishes)
  • Enchiladas (Tortillas in sauce with cheese inside)
  • Chiles Rellenos (Green Peppers fried with egg and filled with cheese)
  • Basically anything that doesn’t have cow meat, pig meat, any meat!

As you can see, if I can, I will eat only vegan foods.

I’m starting to think meat eaters always eat meat with any meals and completely forget about those side dishes they have that help fill them up. I mean, you’re not gonna eat a whole plate of meat so stop asking this, there’s obviously more than meat out there. Some mexicans don’t even realize they are eating vegan food. Once they find out they sometimes get grossed out and don’t want to eat it. I made my sibling vegan burgers once, and they just ate it and enjoyed it. There’s vegetables that taste just like meat, it’s just meat eaters don’t want to admit that it’s actually good.
I’m lucky my dad has enough of an open mind to accept my vegetarian lifestyle. Who knows, he might only accept it because he’s had a stroke once already and was told to lay off of red meat. I never heard of someone being told to lay off of fruits or vegetables.

Here’s some mexican vegan candies:
Pin by jackie vaquera. on food. | Pinterest Mazapan, Pulparindo and the green bottle are my favorites.

And it sucks that I can never find another mexican and talk about not being a meat eater either, there’s probably like one other girl in my town and I found out by looking at google reviews lol I always see mexicans hate on vegans and vegetarians. I tried looking up mexican vegan struggles and all I could find were memes like this:

Anways, going vegan would be perfect for people who live on their own, who have their own money, who want to lose weight, or who need a healthy change in their life. One night, I was a little “weird” and decided to go vegan. I know it can be very cheap to be vegan but I guess I was just doing it the wrong way. I wanted to keep buying vegan cheeses from Whole Foods, vegan meats, yogurts, instant meals etc, but whole foods isn’t the cheapest place to go.
I was Vegan for about a month and I felt the best physically and mentally. I wasn’t as constipated as I usually was and all I eat as a vegetarian is eggs and cheese. Other than not having enough money and having a growling stomach all the time, being vegan was an amazing feeling. I hear growling stomachs is also a sign of it shrinking, but I really missed certain foods and would take the growling as me missing some of those snacks.
I would really miss pizza and Hot Cheetos and eggs when I was vegan. Not just any pizza, but Falcos pizza lol. The cheese and their crust is so amazing, I wish everyone who deserves it could get a taste because it’s so wonderful. I think my plan is to go vegan but eat that pizza… there’s nothing else I would miss other than that and Cheetos lol
I really want to be vegan and I plan on doing so next year once I’m back in my country and live on my own again. There’s a lot of excuses I have for not being vegan and it’s not okay. It’s something I really want and need for my health since being off eggs and cheese really made me feel better and gave me less *warning, tmi* constipation and helped me poop better. Maybe I will just tell my grandma I want to lose weight quicker so I won’t eat dairy products or eggs, she might be okay with that. I shouldn’t stop eating dairy or eggs cold turkey should start slow.
Being vegetarian has been a huge help on my health. I’m about 10 years of being vegetarian and I don’t plan on eating meat ever again, I’ve been tempted many times, but I can’t go back to that unhealthy life. Oh if only I could find and talk to an actual vegan that understands me and talks to me without preaching lol
The reasons I don’t eat meat today:

  • It hurts my stomach if I do (I accidentally ate soup made of meat broth, and I couldn’t walk, I had to crouch walk to the bathroom lol)
  • Meat is mostly man made today, and it’s obviously going to be tampered with in some way (I have trust issues, so might as well eat stuff that can’t be tampered with so easily)
  • Meat is known to cause cancer ( from a youtube video of some white kid saying really genius stuff and now he hasn’t updated his youtube so I feel like the government got him and I literally can’t find his videos anymore)
  • I’m trying to lose weight

Thanks for reading! Have a great day.
Some vegan info to check out : VMF | A really truthful but scary video, makes me want to turn vegan now lol | Souley Vegan I know this is in Cali, but Whole Foods carries their lasagna instant dish thing and another dish, tofu and mac and cheese dish…and … I could live off those.

Love Kiko


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