A shout out to girls.

Ever since becoming a blogger gal, I’ve been doing following sprees whenever I feel down in the dumps. I try to find other (girl) bloggers who are just like me. Those who are going for what it is they want to do to make themselves happy, like becoming a blogger or an artist. I want to support them all. It’s so cool seeing girls be so independent, but no one really knows their stories and they don’t always talk about the bad sides, but I know a lot of us have gone through tough times. Usually I feel down because I doubt myself and my blog, insecurities and whatnot. That’s why I search for other people like me, who try to share their passions with the world, I guess.

So, shout out to the girls…

to the girls who love looking up at the sky and
the girls who plan out their future

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the ones who don’t look for tomorrow

the ones who dream of summer nights, summer break and night rides

girls who love cuddling
girls who hate cuddling
girls who don’t know if they like to cuddle because they haven’t tried it yet

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girls who had a crush on someone, but never knew how to tell them
and those who don’t believe in crushes

girls who scream into their pillows
girls who don’t know how to open up

girls who dance with their cat
girls who dance alone

girls with chipped nail polish
girls who are experts in contouring

those waiting for a text
and those taking days to respond

to the girls who fall asleep on skype
and the ones who talk to no one

girls who love their teachers
and those who skip class

girls with kids
girls who hate kids
girls who are scared of them
and girls who are planning to have them

girls who keep secrets even from their closest friends

girls who love to stuff their face with their moms homemade dishes
girls who know they’re not alive just to make sandwiches

girls who smile at strangers on the train
girls who dress “too girly” but listen to rock

to the girls who hug their friends tight and the girls who hold their own hands at night

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the ones that hate seeing couples in public and get nervous passing by them

to those who almost failed
but who love to prove others wrong

to the girls who count stars, name them, and see them every night

girls who love to be alone
and girls who are tired of it.

shout out to you.


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Thank you for reading this random poem thingy! Also, I wasn’t active online this week because I’m having a garage sale until sunday, so I’m busy helping my mom out. If you’re interested, you can check out what I still have up for sale on my depop, username: 6irl9 Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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