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I wanna spread some knowledge on what helped me get a prettier face after having dealt with horrible blackheads and a bumpy red for head all through out my teen years. I wouldn’t say I was ugly, but I didn’t take time out of my day to help my skin be the healthiest it could be. Please do yourself a favor and love your skin, you will thank me in the future when you’re 55 and can pass for a 30 year old (maybe). The following is my simple list of products and routines that helped me in high school to now.
As a kid, I dealt with really visible blackheads all over my nose, to a using alcohol to clean my forehead and then getting red pimples all over. The red bumps mostly came out because of stress but also the alcohol and rubbing it in too hard. Sometimes, even if you think your grandma has all the wisdom in the world, you have to do research before you take someones word and try their home-remedies.
My first step was simple. I started to wash my face every night and morning, two times a day total. I used a bar of soap from Dove for this. For some people, a bar of soap will make their skin worse, so please do some research. Luckily, dove helped reduce the redness from my forehead and made my face a bit cleaner all together.
Later on, I started to realize people with good skin have a method that requires you to use more than one product in order to get a nice clean face. I then bought myself a  cleanser. I use this first before I do anything else with my face. If I have makeup on, I take that off with a makeup wipe and olive oil. Remember to be gentle with your eyes. The next product I use is a toner. This usually has a little bit of alcohol in it and it’s used to take out the dirt from your face. You will be surprised at how dirty your face really gets even if you’ve cleansed. I then use a moisturizer within 3 minutes of toning my face. If I plan to go out, I will then put sunscreen on. I don’t think I would need to if I stay home all day, but I’m not entirely sure.
I do this routine every morning and every night. Since I started about a year ago, I’ve been a clear faced baby and I’m happy with what I see. I don’t have the best skin yet but compared to what I used to look like, I’m content. I’m just missing a few great products and once I find them, I’ll be looking very cute and natural lol. Once I figure out what products suit me best, I will try the Korean 10 step routine and make a post about it.
Any tips you do yourself? Please share them in the comments!

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