A guide to pleasant, happy mornings

I woke up this past Sunday really in love with myself, my cat and the fact that I’m still alive today. I did a few things that morning that I believe contributed to my positive mood for the rest of the day.  I wanna share some of my ideas for what to do if you want to feel good waking up and get out of bed with a smile on your face, and to get ready for the day that lies ahead without any hassles.

To start off, if you’re waking up and dreading going to where you need to, like, work or school, then that’s a problem we should try to fix. You have to find something that makes you excited and happy to go to where you need to. You might think it is impossible but there are ways to help yourself in this struggle.
I would like you to think of things that make you happy on days when you don’t work or have school. Those days, you usually sleep in, watch your favorite Netflix show, hang out with your mom or do other fun things with your free time. Make yourself breakfast, meet up with a good friend, watch your favorite T.V show before heading out, or something else, the possibilities are endless! I remember I used to watch Garfield before when I was in grade school. Then, on my way to high school, I would always get nervous and never eat breakfast because I felt like if I ate I would end up throwing up. Finally, in my junior and senior year of high-school, I always woke up earlier to meet up with friends at breakfast. We would all eat together, trade snacks and talk before class, so it was a great way to get rid of my nervousness. Once I was in college, I had less friends to meet up with. My mornings would always be pretty bad, from when I started to my last day there. Some days I did meet up with a friend to eat and wait for my next class. For work, I would just wake up extra early to make sure I get there earlier than anyone else so that I can settle in and be comfortable. For some reason, walking into a room full of people made me nervous, so I tried to always be first to class and work.
Also, make your bed! If you have cute blankets then, making your bed just displays the cute bed covers and pillows and makes you feel happier.
Fast forward to today. I finished school, thank goodness, and I have my blog and other platforms to help me work from home. I can honestly say I wake up with less haste, a more positive mindset and basically good vibes all morning long.
My cat usually is the first to wake me up around 8:30. I love her waking me up because she is so cute when she does it. It’s crazy thinking such a sweet creature exists in this world, and you can be friends with them lol. After she wakes me up, I open the door for her to play, yeahh shes like a dog. I chill in bed on my phone for a few minutes and then do my business in the bathroom. My first tip, though, is to get a cat. They usually  want you to wake up when they do. When I’m on my phone I make sure to look at things I like, no news. I might listen to really calming music, maybe some jazz or anything simple and smooth, or even something that is exciting enough to make me want to dance. A song I recommend is When We First Met by Hellogoodbye. Sorry if they’re annoying to you, but it just sounds like a really positive song that gets me excited.
Having your curtains open at night is a good idea because once the sun comes up, you will be blinded by the light so you know it’s a good time to start waking up lol. I stretch in bed and let the sun shine in my room, I have a glass of water once I’m out of bed and I start to slowly stretch to wake my bones up, crack my back and neck if needed just so I don’t feel stiff. Next thing I sometimes do is work out and then shower. I recommend doing this at night instead because you sleep clean and wake up really refreshed. Still, you can do some simple stretches and work outs in the morning.  Make your way to the bathroom and do your business. Now you can brush your teeth and then do you skincare routine! This is my favorite part because once you splash water on your face you instantly feel like you’re fully awake. My skincare routine is a basic cleanser, toner and moisturizer / sunblock method. I will make a separate post that just lists my routine later on. Next thing you do is get ready for work, school or just a day in bed. Whatever you do, make sure to do it with a positive mind. If you try to only think positive things, you will attract more positive feelings into your day.
If you have any tips that work for you, please let me know!

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