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9 cute outfits for christmas

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I’ve decided to think about what to wear this Christmas eve since I was invited to my cousin’s house and I might actually be able and willing to go since I decided to quit my job this wednesday! (is that good news or bad?)

I haven’t gone to a party in about 2 years so I might just head out to this one. I was looking on Pinterest again for some inspiration on what to wear, and I decided on a few of these to help me pick out my final look… Here’s 9 cute outfits for Christmas eve~  

p.s, I chose 9 because it’s kind of my lucky number 

9 cute outfits for christmas eve ft image by justmovedtoswitzerland |
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9 cute outfits for christmas eve


Green coat Kacy

Going out to a christmas party like myself?  Don’t forget your coat with hints and shades of green! Kacy will wear something vintage/ thrifted. It’s cute and comfy good for the planet and still stylish and appealing. 


i style looks blog - 9 cute outfits for christmas eve green coat long dress green lipstick cute space bun hair black model fashionista

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green winter jacket $76.99 sale, little black dress $27 sale, white princess dress, green corduroy coat $46


Jolly Holly

My favorite thing to do on the holidays is to dress up to go absolutely nowhere. That’s what Holly likes to do. Well maybe they will just dress up and go out to buy a snack just to be seen really quick or at least take some pics for the blog… yeah, aren’t we all Holly these days?

9 cute outfits for christmas eve girl with berret model blogger fashion
by unknown

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heel boots, cute tights $20 sale, ribbon berret

Fancy Nancy

Nancy, well, she’s fancy. From her hair to her nails to her gloves when she has to drive. She’s just a fancy person, and we don’t hate her for it.

9 cute fits for xmas eve plaid skirt korean fashion 2021

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 fluffy high heel boots $79 sale, $12 earrings, vintage plaid skirt



Denise is just neat. Coffee, tea, or reading. Denise likes it all. We also like Denise because of her cute coat!

9 cute outfits for christmas korean japanese style and fashion where to buy
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Blogger Laura

i actually own this coat and never wore it, so I am selling it on my site! This coat was something I planned to wear, but it’s for the taller type of humans, not my 5’2 self.

brown blogger teddy coat max mara brown mango teddy jacket | 9 cute outfits for xmas
look by:


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9 cute outfits for xmas fashion winter clothes winter teddy bomber
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Litty in the City Jenny

Something simple for those people that enjoy wearing tights. I know I do and it’s definitely gonna make sense when it’s 20 degrees out and windy. Here in chicago, it’s best to wear a long winter coat to cover your whole body! Sometimes you just want to wear something light to show off your whole fit, and that’s okay! “A hoe never gets cold” – Cardi b lol! 

9 cute outfits for christmas

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hollow out tights, metal heel black boots, basic sweater, wool thigh high socks

9 cute outfits for xmas rubi ortiz ig fashion blogger
by rubi ortiz


Plaid Skirt Polly

Polly likes plaid, and boy don’t we all? Plaid kind of somehow goes with everything. Shall we thank the Irish?

I have always wanted to go out with a simple look like this one but I haven’t gotten around to it. It’s possible that, next year will be my year. Why not this year? Well I haven’t gotten around to finding myself a plaid skirt like this one. If you keep reading you will see the final choice in outfits that I have made *wink wink*

plaid skirt fashion blogger lifestlye 9 cute fits for xmas


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preppy skirt $24, gold heart earrings, layered necklace set

kerina mango fashion blogger
look by: Kerina Mango










Teddy bear Claire

Claire is more fun, childish, cute, cuddly and goofy. We like her because she reminds us to be less serious. Claire also likes teddy bears. Who doesn’t like bears? (The fake ones, unless you’re a bear handler)

This outfit is something for the cozy person that just likes to wear one big statement piece. Why not wear a huge teddy coat? Seriously, why not? 

9 cute outfits for christmas | teddy bear print coat bomber jacket

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cute anime scenery |

kiki’s outfit

This is the end of my 9 cute outfits for christmas eve and I have decided on this final look. I think I did pretty okay if we consider how I was kinda busy this week since my last day of work was wednesday. Did I mention I quit? Well, I did, and I also did a few other things. Yes so, we are just going to enjoy this holiday weekend with no job ahh, she is living!

Anyways, back to the fit. i decided on something comfy and cute since this will be a family gathering. I noticed I did in fact put on some weight, but a little weight never hurt anybody. It sure makes family talk, but what do we care, it’s not like they’re any perfect at all.


I actually wanted to try an outfit like this one above. This is my girl (i actually don’t know her name, maybe it’s giwon?) from Loona. I was recently gifted a cute sweater from the family I was working with (the job I quit lol) and so I wanted to wear it! I think I will wear it for xmas eve with the family since well, I want to feel comfortable. 


What I’m wearing is something similar. A basic cardigan and black guess jeans. Yes very basic compared to all the cute outfits you have seen above…

So actually, this isn’t the final fit. Or is it? I’m not sure but editing this post has made me question my final decision. ootd christmas eve lol winter outfit lol

I have decided to post my final decision on my monthly favorites post. I know I haven’t made one since september, but that’s what’s so exciting about it!

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Thanks for reading 9 cute outfits for christmas eve!

Will you be going out for the holidays or enjoying it at home? Which outfit would you choose for this xmas eve? Have a great holiday weekend all of ya!

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