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Hello. I wanted to share a simple post today for you guys. A 7 Day Vegan Challenge with help from my old posts. Wow, very creative!


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Day 1: Recipe | Vegan Chorizo Stir-Fry with Jackfruit

This recipe is super simple and easy, the only problem is you gotta shop for jackfruit and chorizo which can sometimes be hard to find if you’re vegan. For me, it’s hard to find soy chorizo, it just miraculously is sold now at some stores in my town.

Day 2: Recipe | Baked Vegan Spinach Lasagna

Honestly this was the best lasagna I have ever had and I’m so happy I was able to learn how to make it. Shout out to my husband of course lol

Day 3: Recipe | Kimchi Fried Rice

This one is also vegan if you purchase the right products! It’s a simple recipe for you college kids and anyone who is just too lazy to cook anything.

Day 4: another Recipe | tofu, kimchi breakfast scramble

A super simple breakfast recipe for everyone! Personally, I have stopped craving this scramble, I do not even care about eggs anymore or making myself food that reminds me of eggs, like egg scramble. Ahh I’m getting closer to being a raw vegan gal 🙂

Day 5: Vegan Replacement Guide

In this post I shared some vegan replacement ideas. I hope you try some out!

Day 6: Start reading labels!!!

Okay, I ran out of old posts, but here’s an idea: start reading labels! Read the labels on the back of food packaging and also your beauty products! It’s fun to see which products care for you  and animals and the cute earth 🙂

Day 7: Drink more water and less sodas and sweet drinks!

So some soda’s and sweet drinks are not vegan! Lucky for me, I hate sweet drinks. Water, teas, and bitter coffee are my THING. I want you guys to try it out, sooner or later you will not crave sweet drinks, and that’s one less problem for your health!


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