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stand with palestine babes

hello friends! this post was inspired by zatyrose at zatyrosedepp. I’ve been seeing her posts on my blogger feed and felt compelled to also post about the atrocities happening on the other side of the world on my lil blog (if you haven’t had enough of my ig stories well im here to make it known we do not side with genociders babes!)

anyways i would like to share the  7 brands to ban if you stand with palestine because, yuck, period why would i continue to fund an ethnic cleansing, that is not cute. please continue reading if you want to see the brands that you should completely cut off from your life if you stand with palestine!



recently there has been announcements on how to support palestine by boycotting major companies that funds the genocide happening there and has been happening for years!

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement works to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law. – https://bdsmovement.net/

So after I first saw this news around October on tiktok, I decided there needed to be some changes as to where and who i spend my money on.

7 brands to ban if you stand with palestine | soyvirgo.com cat in keffiyeh
me and this kitty are worried… who do i support that funds a dang genocide?!


The last time i bought from starbucks was in August 2023. I actually wasn’t buying from them for a while because of the news about them not treating their workers right, but after a while i felt as though I wouldn’t even make a difference.., so i started back up in spending my money on them. Tragic. Well after finding out they sent free meals to the zionists army to keep them nourished and fed to continue bombing and attacking innocent civilians, I had to put an end to my splurging.

dunkin donuts

I loved Dunkin. but Baskin Robbins, which owns dunkin is on the list of funders. I do not care, dunkin donuts never tasted THAT good. lately, i have been making matcha at home (oh shoot now i gotta look up the brand i buy from, but don’t panic its def a small company and small companies most likely do not fund or support, the worst they do is just stay neutral.)

bds movement help palestine stand with palestine
these are the brands you should focus on especially consumer targets – dont give them your money!


burger king (vegan impossible whoppers)

i loved bk so much it was pretty much one of the last fast food places i could eat at since i’m vegan but lets be honest even those whoppers are trash. i mean it’s fast food what can you expect. the last time i spent a dime there was quite literally in october.

amazon (and google… kinda!)

Google and Amazon are huge companies right, how is it possible to not support them? well for starters, all the items you buy on amzn come from a store, just buy from that store! search their site and bam.. and there’s so many alternatives guys. Also, i stopped supporting amzn LONG ago i can’t even remember when but it was because i didn’t like how they treat their workers (still dont) so i dont want to support it. (p.s my husband worked there for a bit and he was fired for no reason at all! such a trash company with a billionaire owner so no we are broke he doesn’t deserve my broke girl money) Also recently on tiktok i saw news on how they have their own airline to deport immigrants and also abuse them which is disgusting, also they spy on immigrants which is creepy af. When I say immigrants i mean the non white ones with blue eyes, don’t worry, ya’ll are good. It’s always the brown ones they somehow ‘fear’ as they say. My family literally fall under that category, do i really want to be a brainless weasel and fund that? no!

Google well the least you can do is just not use chrome? i really don’t know its kind of impossible but that’s the meaning behind the theres no ethical consumption under capitalism phrase.


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coca cola

okay so i never drink this brand and also i never buy soda, but my mom does.. so im trying REAAALY hard to make her stop…

also coca cola has been taking natural water from mexico um nope im literally mexican thank goodness i hate soda in general.

sweetgreen (salads)

i was splurging on this restaurant so much recently until i found them on the list too. their owner said some ridiculous nonsense on their linkedin lol yeah, no more sweetgreen for me. oh not to mention he is fatphobic.. he doesn’t deserve this check!

marvel yes …marvel

im not paying money to watch movies or shows that support the idea of isreal occupying the stolen land fo palestinians anymore because it’s just sick… and no i don’t pay for disney thank goodness.

Marvel’s next Captain America film features Sabra/Ruth Bat-Seraph, a “superhero” personifying apartheid Israel. The character’s backstory includes working for the genocidal Israeli government and its occupation forces. By reviving this racist character in any form, Marvel is promoting Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. It is complicit in anti-Palestinian racism, Israeli propaganda, and glorifying settler-colonial violence. – bdsmovement


from sarratunisienne

7 brands to ban if you stand with palestine: because celebs that stay silent instead of using their influence are gross too

celebrities i banned from my life!

so celebrities get our money when we talk about them, watch movies about them, listen to their music, etc. and some celebs i’m going to start ignoring are:

  • jordan peele (signing the thank you letter to joe biden for killing palestinians)
  • the rock (he signed it too im so madd!! i loved him :/)
  • taika waititi (i freaking loved his movies, i wont be paying to support him anymore 😀 )
  • natalie portman (she signed that too and she’s like the last white actress i kinda liked)
  • beyonce (actually dont REALLY care for her or her music and never did i never get the hype with her, tswift, selena gomez or lana del rey but theyre all basically the same, but anyways she still had her movie shown in isnotreal and hasn’t said anything about anything so shes just another person we should not be making MORE rich)
  • rihanna! (im so upset at rihanna but when you’re a billionaire, you basically lose your soul and all you want is money. shame on her! she promotes PUMA and keeps working with them even though they are on the boycott list, she hasn’t said a word about the genocide like bb gorl ur influence tho! oh and have you seen how her brands are ethically WORSE than shein... yes, shein! im baffled. i dont support shein for those reasons obviously since im vegan and prefer ethical brands and sustainability and what not. So basically shes a rich person making cheap things.. aka someone we should not be making richer.)
  • there’s so many more that i found out about thanks to tiktok… now anytime i share things from celebs i will make sure they aren’t ok with genocide because that’s just not cute!


artist – https://www.pinterest.com/emilyzohny/

brands to ban if you stand with palestine

everytime i see stuff about the holocaust i think ok, it probably happened because people were just easily brainwashed and there was no internet, but there were news papers, right? there were signs yall, but in todays date like why is this happening so clearly in our faces and the people in power do not do a thing? don’t bat an eye? i’ve seen so many horrible videos im just a random girl from chicago and i can’t do a thing to stop it so why are heartless people in charge?

i feel bad since i’m in the u.s and people are looking at us like what the hell are we doing in our cars going to work having CHRISTMAS enjoying morning noons and nights falling asleep like a baby, like halt! we need daily global strikes for this to end.

there’s 3 whole genocides happening at once and im sick of people over here acting like it’s business as usual like this is quite literally a holocaust towards palestinians, tigray people, the uyghur (can’t forget about their slave labor happening for a while now), and modern slavery to congolese people for our cars tvs and phones. I just can’t happily go shopping at all, i barely shop and when i do it’s usually thrifted or something on local shopping apps. It’s really difficult to see people not get it, are we really that deprived? Do we really need our starbies, our mcds, our zara clothes? i say no, we are not that deprived because if we were in their place we would be hoping for someone to save us.

brands to ban if you stand with palestine

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p.s after looking at this i need to tell my husband to not buy cerave, tell my mom to stop buying revlon and dove, johnson n johnson. just go get store brands! agh it’s like im yelling at them through this post lol


i really love this girl she’s so young and smart and resilient.. although i don’t believe children should be this way. she should have an amazing childhood like many of us had…



from twitter:

7 brands to ban if you stand with palestine

Want to shop more ethical beauty brands? Check out this post by theblushinggiraffe.com

More brands to ban if you feel so inclined but remember the BDS movement which helps target the big companies!


More sites to educate yourself:

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thanks for reading 7 brands to ban if you stand with palestine!

when i was younger i saw the movie fiddler on the roof, “actually in music class and it made me so sad but it looks exactly like what is happening in gaza as we speak!!!

Spread the message you kind souls.

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  • Good for you for standing up for what your beliefs and I believe we should all do the same. To be honest, I think Beyonce is kinda overrated and I was done with her for a while even before this. She’s honestly done multiple problematic stuff even before this.

  • Your entry is very compact, firm and perfect. I hope we can boycott them permanently for the sake of humanity for Palestine. thank u so much for this! they messed with the wrong generations! #freepalestine!

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