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🎀6 coquette outfit ideas to try🎀

coquetta means a flirty cute girl and i know this because my mom has called me that LOL there’s a fashion trend by the name of coquette fashion that i’ve gotten back into and i want to share some ways on how to achieve the look!

when you look for coquette outfits, you have to think about the different versions there are. for one, there’s dark coquette which just means its a cute flirty style but with darker colors. this style is mostly made popular by the japanese games like fatal frame, the characters are girls dressed similar to this style and also “prairie girl”. enjoy reading:

6 coquette outfit ideas to try


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1. lace camisoles and blouses

lace items especially lace tops and camisoles are the essential part in coquette fashion.

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6 coquette outfit ideas to try


Sosana - Short-Sleeve Mock Two-Piece Bow Accent Lace Crop Top
Short-Sleeve Lace Crop Top $14+

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🐾 shop coquette floral one piece at cutie kill shop

brown lace shawl from yesstyle

shop v neck bow accent crop top tee from yesstyle $5+

2. hoodies, sweaters jumpers

one of my favorite things to wear is hoodies and sweaters, naturally i am a sweater weather kind of girl so i have a few in my closet and it’s sometimes the only thing i wear to work and going out in the cooler months.


image by kwissu
Plain Crop Open Front Cardigan coquette outfit ideas
Plain Crop Open Front Cardigan $12

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coquette outfits kitten jumper
cute kitten jumper $27+


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image from wuvbunny on pinterest / kwissu

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basic longsleeve sweater $14+



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3. adorable dresses

i love to wear dresses during any time of the year since you can wear them with leggings which is my fav because i don’t like showing off my legs very much

here’s some coquette style dresses!

Strappy V-Neck Ruffled Mini A-Line Lace Dress coquette outfit ideas
Strappy V-Neck Ruffled Mini A-Line Lace Dress $17+



Long-Sleeve Off Shoulder Lace Trim Ribbon Accent Striped Mini Bodycon Dress
Long-Sleeve Off the Shoulder Lace Trim Ribbon Accent Striped Mini Bodycon Dress $13+

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shop classic black coquette dresses at cutiekillshop

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fatal frame coquette fashion ideas
from fatal frame video games

4. milk maid blouses and ruffled tops

my favorite kind of blouses also fall into this category which can only be described as bella twilight outfits lol

it just gives me a nostalgic feeling and i generally just like cute outfits with tops like these


shop milk maid tops at cutie kill shop

shop milk maid tops at spreepicky

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shop plain milkmaid tops at yesstyle

adorable crop top tank from yesstyle

5. frilly skirts

Low Waist Cable-Knit Mini Skirt perfect for wintertime
Low Waist Cable-Knit Mini Skirt $16


white skirt coquette fashion ideas dreamy coquette ootd
white skirt $14+
Low Rise Plain Bow Accent Mini Pleated 6 coquette outfit ideas to try
Low Rise Plain Bow Accent Mini skirt $23+

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shop academic skirts at cutiekillshop

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6. coquette outfit ideas, accessories!

i own probably around 10 bags from large to the size of a phone and wallet. im big on bags but recently i have stopped shopping for them due to having so many!

im thinking i will add them to my shop if anyone is interested in them go there!

to complete your coquette outfit, you can always add ribbons, bows, pearls, sparkly necklaces, vintage bags and stockings!

Multi-Pocket Shoulder Bag + Ribboncoquette outfit ideas

coquette earrings outfit ideas

Plain Ribbon Hair Clips coquette outfit ideas
Plain Ribbon Hair Clips $2+

shop more accessories at yesstyle and use my code IMKIKITA1 at checkout for more discounts!

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Thanks for reading 6 coquette outfit ideas to try 

what do you think of this fashion style? im thinking of changing up my wardrobe again to add more sweet pieces, definitely going to thrift them! i’m not really interested in always buying NEW UNWORN clothes, ever since i saw the video of a chilean dessert being FILLED with thrown out clothes some with the tags still on them, a bit dystopian if you ask me… so, to the thrift store we go!

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