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5 ways to Manifest your Desires

Here is my short intro to Law of Attraction and using methods in real life to help you manifest what you want! I will give you some methods I have used before and hopefully you can implement them in your life and get something out of this!

Here’s 5 ways to manifest your desires:


1: set clear goals!

I knew what school I wanted to go to so I started to focus on it. Everything I worked hard for was related to making it into that school.

The essay in the movie The Spectacular Now helped me write my cover letter and I think it helped out a lot in not being scared to GO FOR IT. Try to find something to inspire you if you need that extra help to motivate yourself to get what you want.

Your goal can be anything from becoming a successful blogger, Youtuber, getting a job and even finding the guy of your dreams. Yes, even finding love. If it happened to me and many other people it can happen to you!

Dream big but don’t keep it only a dream! You need to manifest it and how will you do that if you don’t take action?


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2. don’t doubt yourself

No one believed me when I said that I already got into the school I was going for (I didn’t get in yet, but the point is to feel like you already have what you want. This is also called Acting as If.)

My friends didn’t believe I got in or would get in but that didn’t stop me from believing I would get in. If no one is there to make you feel like you will achieve what you want, it’s up to you to never back down and lose hope in yourself, that is the real test.

This is key to manifesting what you want. Believe in yourself!



3. you are what you believe

You know how everyone says, “I wish I had money, a big house, and cars”. Or, “I wish I looked like this..” “I wish” this, “I wish” that.

You’re wishing too much! You dream too much and you’re not putting those wishes and dreams into something you can grasp. Many people talk as if they will never get anywhere. At 16, we’re already losing hope to everything.

Use these words as starters:

  • say “i have a lot of wealth”
  • believe “i am what I want to be”
  • say “i have all that I need”

Remember to believe in yourself! Don’t believe in someone else’s ideas of you, don’t let that negativity manifest in your mind ever.


4. take action to reach goals

Recently I got back from my trip from California with bae and I somehow got motivated to get a job. I got a job about a month later on May 14!

My goal was to get a job that would pay me more than my last job which was about $300 a month. I wrote down my goals to make enough to pay off my $1000 dollar phone, so I started writing down a goal to get a job that gets me more than $900 a month. Ya girl found that job in just a month!

Steps / Actions I took:

  • basically LOOK for a job lol
  • I had like 3 interviews every week for almost a whole month
  • I tried everything and didn’t really shy away from roles
  • used a journal to write goals down

Sometimes, you really can’t just lay on the couch and wait for things to manifest. Taking steps can help you in manifesting what you want.

Take small steps everyday to get to our goal manifesting with law of attraction- manifesting your goals | soyvirgo.com quotes for life


5. let go and live life

The last way to manifest your desires is by LETTING GO. You ever heard of the phrase let go and let god? Well it’s basically that.

You don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself when you are in the process of manifesting. What you want will come to you in the perfect timing, so don’t be so desperate for the good things to come.

I ended up not going to the school I wanted because at orientation I found out they didn’t have the exact programs I needed lol also, I was scared off by the tuition.

I’m so happy with the path that I chose either way because now, I’m a blogger and I finally have a really amazing job. I know I would be so stressed and sad if I were still studying in school and doing something else because I’m much happier with the path I landed on. Live life, and what you want will manifest as long as you are being true to you and being grateful for everything you have.

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