5 current favorites to watch on Netflix

  1. Good morning call
  2. The Wailing
  3. Good Morning Call Season 2
  5. He named me Malala

Here are 5 things to watch on Netflix.

I finished 4 of these with my boyfriend when I visited him earlier this month. We recommend watching them, so go go! Watch now or read more to see a little review of each by me!

what to watch on netflix now
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  1. Good Morning Call | Comedy, Romance, Japanese

Related image
this is their relationship for most of the season

A cute high school love story about a girl and very cold boy (a.k.a tsundere lol).

Their situation is pretty unpredictable, but it’s possible to happen to someone in real life. I’m not sure what made me continue watching, because I was getting annoyed by the exaggerated acting. Later on though, I ended up falling for the main character.

Her style was my favorite and so was her apartment. I ended up buying pants and socks that looked similar to hers. I think I liked it so much because at the time when I saw it, i was living in an apartment with my boyfriend while going to college. It was kind of like I was watching myself heh

Watch it with your boyfriend/best friend or alone. It’s very funny and cute!

2. The Wailing | Mystery, Horror, Korean

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the main character holding his sick daughter

A scary, and I mean scary, roller coaster of a film.

My boyfriend and I saw this together one night, or I think it was during the day because I’m too much of a scaredy cat to watch spooky stuff at night. We couldn’t stop watching even though we were hungry and wanted to run for a snack downstairs.

It’s scary because it’s something that could happen irl. It’s not about weak jump scares, although those kind of movies are sometimes fun!

This movie involves a japanese actor as well which was interesting. He kind of made the movie, but I also gotta give credit to the main actor as well! It involves a lot of religion, and culture which makes it great too. There’s violence and lots of blood, so keep that in mind.

After watching this movie, my boyfriend and I have been recommending it to everyone and trying to find something just like it or better.

We couldn’t find anything, so we settled with watching the second season of Good Morning Call!

3. Good Morning Call – Our Campus Days | Season 2

from dgnews

This season is nothing like the first. It was much more emotional, something similar to what real life on campus while being in a relationship could be like. There was also 4 new characters that me and my boyfriend were not really fond of, but still enjoyed it!

Alex and I kept saying how lucky we are that we didn’t have to go through relationship troubles like in the show. Some parts of it can make you cry, especially if you’re dating!

Marzia Bisognin (cutiepiemarzia) also recommended this! See her post here.

4. ERASED | TV Drama, Mystery, Japanese

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I really loved the animated version (Eng sub trailer here), but I really loved the kids in the live action as well!

I believe I watched the anime version alone and decided to watch the live action with my boyfriend through a site called rabb.it.

It’s really a cool show and great if you like suspense. I liked both anime and live action version, so I can’t tell you which version to watch first!

5. He named me Malala | Documentary

Image result for he named me malala

Alex and I watched this not knowing what else to watch. We’re glad we did though, because it opened our eyes to who Malala is.

I have only seen pictures of her and heard her story but never heard her speak. She’s so strong, and so is her dad! Almost made me cry too. She’s such an amazing person.

Like this list? Check out this list of my favorites from 2017!

Let me know if you watch any of these!

I try to talk on here as if I’m talking to friends, so don’t ever be shy to comment something or even message me on my socials.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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  • Thanks for the recommendations – I was running out of stuff to watch (binge cough binge). I’m super shit at watching horror and am a HUGE scaredy cat, but I think I’ll woman up and give it a try! x

    • no prob!
      I really recommend the horror! watch it with someone if you need to. I liked it so much because it’s not like another horror that’s scary the whole time, this one has funny parts so it’s realistic, which makes it scarier lol

  • Okay, first, just tonight I was looking for Japanese dramas because I want to learn the language, (but I ended up watching korean🙂) so thank you for the recomendations!! and second, I also LOVED the animated version of ERASED, I’m always skeptical with live actions because I feel like they will never live up to the expectations and will never be as good as the anime and also I’m scared that they would ruin it and that be my last memory of it lol. But I’ll give this one a chance haha

    • I been watching foreign shows for a while and all I learn are little phrases like “i love you” “why” and “stop” so I hope you get more success than I did in learning the languages lol

      it can be hard deciding whether to watch adaptations! sometimes i end up liking live actions more, sometimes it’s opposite.
      I honestly just loved the kids acting and not the story of the adults, that’s where I think the anime is better.
      Lets just hope the live action is good enough for u hehe

      • that’s where I am now 😂 just a few words, but I hope that my ear would get used to it and make it easier while I learn from books.

        Ohh I see. Okay! you convinced me I’ll try this one! Thank god is on netflix lol

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