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hi guys, as you can see i’m active again on this site. i figured, why the heck am i keeping this thing live and NOT using it. really, that’s no way to treat a website you PAY FOR!! That’s not all, I’m figuring out ways on how to snap out of my lazy girl era and enter my boss girl era. These are ways im becoming the best me and setting myself up to be better for next year and so on. I think mentally it’s working well for me so far!

So, enjoy reading 10 life changing ways to better yourself in 2024! 


10 life changing ways to better yourself in 2024


10 life changing ways to better yourself in 2024



I decided what my purpose was back in 2017. I decided it was to help cats in some type of way. Now it’s 2024… have i accomplished that purpose? No I haven’t lol

I have worked on it in some form by adopting 2 cats after my angel GATI died in 2017. Adopting cats to get them out of the shelters and streets is what I believe my purpose in life is.

After finding my purpose, I made this website in hopes of making money from it to fund my journey. (No I don’t make a full time income but if you’ve followed me for a while you would know the reason why lol, it has to do with being busy working other jobs basically…).

I don’t agree with NEEDING a purpose in life, we’re human and all we need to do is our best and help each other out along the way, but the reason for this post is to BOSS UP!

5 ways to better yourself in 2024

Some questions to ask in order to find your purpose:

  • What kind of things do you enjoy doing?
  • What kind of people do you spend your time with?
  • Do you like the people you surround yourself with or do you want to change it?
  • What life decisions have you made? Did they work out well so far?
  • What would you like to change in your life?
  • What skills do you have?
  • Do you love what you do? If not, what is it that you WANT to do for the rest of your life?
  • What are you good at?
  • Does your career keep you happy and fulfilled?


2. visualize the person you want to be and become THAT

do you want to be rich or poor, ugly or pretty, cute or funny.

Whatever it is, I really don’t care as long as you’re not a mean horrible human bean.

Can we all also agree that we do not want to become a billionaire and have no morals or care for anyone else but ourselves? That’s not really the best thing to be in life, is it? That’s not the goal in life. Be rich, be mean, be greedy and die? No. Let’s not have more people like that, please!


Write down what you visualize FOR YOURSELF.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself and maybe write this down so you can visualize easier:

  • Do I need to become healthy?
  • Do I need a lot of money?
  • Do I need to be more pretty?
  • Do I want to become my own boss?
  • Do I want to stay home in my jammies all day?
  • Do I really want to work?
  • Do I want to be popular or famous?
5 life changing ways to better yourself in 2024
artist unknown

For me personally I definitely tend to focus on what EVERYONE thinks of me. Maybe it’s just a virgo thing?

Whatever it is, it’s something I’ve always wanted to change and it only changes when I’m high LOL So maybe for me, the person I want to become is me, but more wealth, with the same values and morals, still caring of others, less judgmental, more kind cheerful and happy and a mix of all my fav kpop idol girlies like Jennie Kim, Joy, Hye-Wonnie and all the kind girlies I know and love.

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3. get rid of the OLD you

I don’t mean the old you we all know and love, I mean the toxic you, the not getting outta bed because you want the dishes to just sit there and stink (i’m talking to the old me right now).

Let’s get up and shake off the hate we have for ourselves and get over being the moping loser we actually don’t really like…and whatever else there is. You need to remind yourself you are alive right now, how do you want to spend your precious time on earth?

The old you also includes the people you surround yourself with that enable the person you want to get rid of. If those people don’t want to stay in your life after you are changing into the person you want to become, then they are envious of you or are still way behind. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you really need to focus on who it is that is holding you back when all you want to do is change for the better.

It’s okay, people grow, you just have to make sure you feel you will be BETTER OFF without these people in your life!

heres’ a nice post: Toxic traits to get rid of

life changing ways to better yourself in 2024

4. put yourself first

I decided back when i turned 26 that I didn’t need to be a people pleaser. I didn’t have to do everything for everyone to stay happy. I’m not anyone’s mother (other than to my cats!), I’m not anyone’s doormat, I’m not anyone’s personal driver etc. You have to put yourself on a pedestal and cater to only you!

If you have people in your life who disrespect you, you must spend less time with them and if possible, just block them from your life completely. Of course you can have a talk with them beforehand, but I believe that if someone disrespects you enough and you stop talking to them, they should know what went wrong to begin with and should apologize for making you feel uncomfortable.

I’ve had people disrespect me and my idea of friendships and relationships at the time was always something like oh it’s okay if they treat me bad, they love me and feel comfortable enough to treat me like im sooo close, like FAMILY!… yeah, messed up right? and I mean that with friends too, being so close to someone that they see you as family, so much so that they want to say things to you they wouldn’t normally say to another friend… or idk someone they ACTUALLY respect.

life changing ways to better yourself in 2024

Once someone who actually cares about you enough to value you as much as you value yourself, then that’s when you can kind of sort of cater to them too (if you want to). Until then, it’s your world and we are all just living in it okay guys!

Here’s some ideas on how to put yourself first:

  • go to therapy if you think you really need it
  • don’t people please, it is okay to say NO.
  • get rid of people in your life that drain you
  • get rid of things in your life that drain you, maybe the clutter, the job that you hate, the …boyfriend?
  • don’t argue with people that don’t respect you or anyones opinion
  • don’t idolize celebrities too much, why not try idolizing yourself more?
  • you are first in line in your life.. not anyone else!



healthy boundaries, 5 life changing ways to better yourself in 2024

setting boundaries… yeah right if only it were that easy!

I’m definitely the type of person that didn’t grow up with boundaries and like many of us, our parents maybe didnt either.. oh well. Now it’s time for us to set them because come on, it’s not that fn hard if you really think about it.

look at who is in your life. do they respect you? Do they humiliate you? do they treat you less than?

They probably treat you badly because you haven’t set up any boundaries.

6. take action!

Ways to take action in order to better yourself in 2024 can be to actually wake up when you need to. Make the most out of your whole day! If you plan to work out more, then you might have to wake up an hour or two earlier just to do that.

Another way to take action is to wake up when your alarm goes off and don’t sleep through it. Seize the day!

I know staying in bed all day is heaven, but if you’re going to do that just make sure it’s only because you NEED it or its your day off and you don’t get many of those. I trust you know the difference.

take action by ACTUALLY doing what you want to do instead of just saying you will do it. A lot of times I say I will blog more and don’t so that’s why I’m happy to be typing again and actually taking action in doing what I said I want to do lol

7. dress the part!

dress up like the person you want to be. if you want to be a boss girly, well start investing in a new wardrobe and get more fits that match the aesthetic. you want to show up professional if that’s the lifestyle you want to lead.

Recently I got into the pilates princess look LOL

pilates girl soyvirgo.compilates princess stylepilates princess style

I just love the soft colors and the cozy looks. It makes me want to workout but i don’t like gym workouts im naturally built like a mexican wrestler so if i beef up or work out then it will get out of hand. That’s why I really was interested in the Pilates princess aesthetic.

8. educate yourself even if you’re not in school!

it’s important to keep educating yourself after leaving school. I know it’s fun to just finally live your life without having to learn since you’ve been in school for so long, personally i hated american schools and i wasn’t taught much. Once I was out of college, I went straight to mexico and did nothing with my degree, just lived life and started this blog lol

anyways, its more important to stay up to date with what is happening in the world and just because it has nothing to do with you and your family and friends, it’s important to see that we are human its best to care about everyone since the world is filled with people who just don’t care about other humans, it’s sad.

Here is a great website with links of educational websites! Have fun!

Educate yourself on other cultures not just your own. Educate yourself on different material that you know nothing about. Personally I feel like I need to educate myself on the autism spectrum, the lgbtq community and specifically being non binary and gender non conforming. There’s a few people in my life who consider themselves non binary so its up to me to educate myself more on what that is and what language is harmful to use around them.

I also want to educate myself more on different religions because although I am agnostic I like learning about what people believe in. I already know about Christian and Catholicism and i hate the parts of it like that are awful, starting with the missionaries in california, which has to do with spanish colonization, the slaughtering and enslavement of natives. Then there’s the pedophilia that’s happened with the past pope and many priests.. like, YUCK. I don’t want to be a part of that.

I just wish people didn’t use their religion to justify their, what do you call it.. barbaric beliefs?

9. declutter your whole life

Declutter your home, your desk, your kitchen… even your social media!

Do you follow so many random people that cause you brain rot?

I have personal accounts where I follow people from real life or from my town but most of them just share stuff about celebrities. Don’t get me wrong I love my celebs too but that’s not all my life is about.

Social media is kind of used for silly things sometimes, mostly for scrolling but what are you learning. It’s fun to use to find memes and cute wholesome things but it’s important to remember you don’t live in your phone. Your real world is waiting for you.

I’m mostly just on tiktok now sending memes to my cousin and friends and don’t post much on social media other than trying to be a youtuber and food blogger on ig lol

anyways remember to declutter the following:

  • social media following
  • youtube subs
  • facebook pages and friends (if you want to, just go ahead and delete that whole site jk i only use it to log onto other sites lol)
  • look at  news sources you are following and make sure they share facts and not just one-sided beliefs
  • delete old emails and spam
  • go the extra mile and clean out your text messages! i know you haven’t looked at those in a min!

ways to better yourself in 2024

10. you are what you eat!

one of the best ways to better yourself in 2024 is to start eating healthier.

whatever you are eating may be the reason why you feel bad physically and mentally. take if from me, going vegan helped me a lot but when i became whole food plant based, i felt pretty much unstoppable. the only difference was i lost my boob and butt fat but that’s why you have to keep up with staying active!

These days especially on tiktok, i am seeing more and more unhealthy foods that are made either inhumanely or just plain unsanitary. I’ve seen videos on pigs being fed plastic, and when you eat a pig you’re basically eating plastic now. I’ve seen slaughterhouse workers torturing pigs and other animals, and you’re eating a tortured animal and to me the fact that goes into peoples bodies just means you now have that tortured soul in you, i know it seems very spiritual and what-not, but really how do you feel?

Most recent I have seen salmon having sea-lice. It’s like WOW, not even the pescatarians are safe now.

So more and more do I want to go back to my whole food plant based lifestyle because even if i’m vegan, I still don’t feel really healthy after eating the vegan food I eat since it’s mostly plant based PROCESSED food. Not really REAL food.

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ways to better yourself in 2024 – bonus:

be kind in your every day life, but don’t take disrespect!

it’s great to know you want to boss up, but don’t forget to be kind and spread kindness. I feel like I was kinder when I was young because once you get older people just drain you. I try to remember I have to live life happily and remember the old me and how patient and kind I was.

People tend to forget to be nice especially when driving. If you’re a driver well, be safe out there ya’ll lol

life changing ways to better yourself in 2024 sailor moon quotes


thanks for reading 10 life changing ways to better yourself in 2024

thanks for reading guys! what’s the theme for 2024… do you want to stay the same or are there a few things you need upgrading? I definitely want to boss up but not to the point i stress out or force myself or beat myself up to be productive.. it all has to feel right at the moment. Have a great journey to bettering yourself guys!

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