5 kpop favorites: Nu'est뉴이스트 songs 

01 – Love paint  (Every Afternoon)

Album: ‘CANVAS’

From NU’EST official youtube (edited by me):

This album is based on the concept of 24 hours a day. It consists of 5 tracks that you should listen to every 24 hours. In addition to this, NU’EST members participate in the song and composition of this album, which is composed of 5 songs in total. The musical color of NU’EST is now better than ever.
This album’s title track ‘Love Paint (Every Afternoon)’ was created with a classic orchestral sound based on Future Bass and R & B. In the music video, he expressed five men who painted his love on the canvas hence the album name, ‘CANVAS’…

Why I love it :

The vocals, choreography and the pastel colors they used for their music video (and hair lol) are my style. What more can I say? They’re truly a group that needs more recognition and shouldn’t have to worry about disbanding like they did earlier in 2017.
full dance version : [youtube video] official music video : [from youtube]

02 – Overcome

Album: ‘Q is.’

From 1theK youtube:

In their 4th mini-album [Q is.], NU’EST tries to turn 2D into 4D. They have upgraded their looks to perfection, like they popped right out of an anime. The 4th mini-album is full of stories about the queen; the one woman NU’EST wants to hold dear and safe in their hearts. Each song is like a puzzle piece, turning the album into a big picture that really expresses NU’EST’s styles and sentiments.

Why I love it:
The choreography is spot on. They make a cheesy concept like being a knight protecting the Queen, not so cheesy. Also, that bed squeaking sample.
full dance version [from youtube, skip to 1:23] official MV [from youtube]

03 – Look (A Starlight Night)

Album: ‘CANVAS’

Why I Love it:
The song is catchy, the dancing suits the vocals and it’s a great song to listen to for many events like parties, driving late at night with friends or working out. I like the black and white filter for the video too. The song is made by one of the members, Baekho, so that further shows how talented they are.
2017 remix by member Baekho for fans a.k.a L.O.ㅅ.Es (ㄴㅇㅅㅌ ) [youtube]

04 – Good Bye Bye

Album: Re:BIRTH

From 1theK youtube:

The title song ‘Good Bye Bye’ on NU’EST’s first regular album [Re:BIRTH] shows NU’EST’s colors with its dreamy, emotional sounds and soft lyrics. NU’EST members each portrays a man who’s learning to let go of his love, and his past. NU’EST has been trying to come up with new looks and styles. On their first regular album, members put a lot of time and effort into showing their fans growth and improvement. NU’EST is back with a natural charm and strong colors that anyone can definitely look forward to.

Why I Love it:
#shufflingisntdead. The shuffling is cool ok. It’s a slow song which I don’t really care for but the chorus is fun and exciting. Listening to it along with this video, it’s like watching a movie. If you pay attention, you see there are no jump-cuts, so this video was most likely taken in one shot. No mistakes could be made to make the video, so there’s ya talent. I just wish I knew of these guys in my scene phase, I would have listened to them so much because of the outfits and the dubstep lol.
official MV [youtube]

05 – VVITH

Album: ‘Q is.’

01. Overcome
02. Lost and Found

Why I Love it:
Song composed by member and main vocalist, Baekho. Such cute lyrics and beat. The choreography with this song is cute too, like high school love/romance which is innocent, and I love that!
another live version [shorter ver. on youtube] english lyric video [youtube]
Thanks for reading! This is a short list of my top favorites by them. They have a lot more good songs and videos. This is a great group to support because they have great personalities and are humble. They don’t have a big fan-base and are not popular despite having debuted in 2012. They need more supporters.
I would suggest checking them out because they have great talent, not just as idols but as composers, producers, and they also are advocates of important issues. Some being challenging gender norms,  supporting the victims of the Sewol Fairy tragedy, bringing awareness to the South Korean Women who were forced to be sex slaves and even debuting with a video to bring awareness to bullying in school. I don’t really see idols standing up for issues like that, or many pop artists in general, so that’s another reason why I think they’re a great kpop group.
I will leave you with some helpful links!
Member profiles | Very first win after debut in 2012 | Twitter | Website| Cafe Daum

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