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5 healthy vegan lunch ideas vegan ideas


5 healthy vegan lunch ideas

hello my blogger friends.

today i want to share with you 5 healthy vegan lunch ideas that are also budget friendly!

lately I have been eating some unhealthy foods so i decided now’s the time to make this post (for myself especially) for anyone trying to eat better at this very late point in the year


enjoy reading my 10 healthy vegan lunch ideas post!


vegan burritos

vegan burritos are super simple and cheap to make. just because they are cheap, doesn’t mean they taste cheap. it all depends on what you add into it.

I found this recipe from sweetpotatosoul of a burrito bowl, so all you need to do is place all your ingredients into a flour tortilla. You can buy your own tortillas but to get something authentic tasting, just make them at home!

Here’s a great recipe I found on youtube :

smoothie bowl

a smoothie bowl is one of the easiest and funnest lunches to make!

here’s a great recipe by Bakerita

pink smoothie bowl by on instagram

check out this smoothie bowl by Jose!

vegan sandwiches

I’m made many vegan sandwiches before and honestly, my favorite one has got to be my avocado with kimchi, tofu and seaweed bagel. it is so simple, filling and quick to make. it only takes long because i toast my breads.

Here’s another idea by lanaethevegan!


chorizo & jackfruit scramble

this last one is a very easy one i came up with when i was obsessed with making breakfast scrambles.

all you need… well it’s explained in the link below.



Cheap and Simple Oil-Free Vegan Meals

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Thanks for reading 5 healthy vegan lunch ideas!

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