cute winter date ideas (that i wanna do with my husbo)


5 cute chicago winter date ideas

it’s that time of year again and if you’re in a relationship like me then you’re probably thinking of things to do this winter in your city (other than being a couch potato). Here’s a few things i was thinking about doing this year.

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୨୧ ice skating ୨୧

at maggie daley park and millennium park

  to start off this 5 cute chicago winter date ideas list, let’s talk about ICE SKATING! I went ice skating earlier this year at millennium park with my cousins and it was so much fun! It only cost around $20 to rent out the skates! It’s better that you don’t bring anything with you other than your purse because they charge for lockers and they’re limited.  

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this was before we got to go in the rink. they were cleaning it i guess, im not sure what you call it… but look at the beautiful scenery!

I will say the skates are WET and it feels so gross because you’re sharing skates that many and i mean MANY other people have already worn. So, if you can afford your own ice skates that is ideal since it’s also free to skate if you bring your own. it’s a very cute experience because if you look up while ice skating, you will see the famous bean! (official name is CLOUDGATE by Anish Kapoor).

cousins lol
me and my cousin blocking everyone and being annoying by taking a selfie

The ice skating ribbon is nearby which i didn’t go to yet so I kind of want to try it. My cousin said that it’s more of a workout since it goes uphill downhill… like a ribbon, but that seems so much more fun than going around in circles like i did at millennium park. Don’t get me wrong it was still so much fun, I just want to try something new! 5 cute chicago winter date ideas 2023


୨୧ sledding ୨୧

by my house lol

  I wanted to go sledding because my husband and I were watching a movie called “the last 10 years” and the main characters were snowboarding which got us thinking about sledding. I haven’t gone sledding since I was a child, but there’s a hill by my house, maybe 15 minutes away and it usually get’s full with families sledding. I wonder if it would be socially acceptable for a grown couple to go, alone…with no children… I always wonder that! For example, how it’s not really acceptable to go trick or treating as an adult… yeah, that’s how I feel about going sledding..  

୨୧ rockin’ around the christmas tree ୨୧

in millennium park

  There’s always a huge christmas tree in the city and this year, it’s there again lol. I never really care for the Christmas tree, because I guess I don’t like crowds but it’s just nice to think about if i were to go out on a date, it would be cute to make memories there.  

୨୧ Christkindl Markt ୨୧

at Daley Plaza

so, in all my years of living in chicago, I have never gone to this event chicago has every year. Possibly I went when I was a child, but does that even count if you can’t remember it much? christkindlmarkt chicago, 5 cute date ideas in wintertime chicago, 5 cute chicago winter date ideas 2023 Here is what the market is about via the website:

The Christkindlmarket unites cherished German and European tradition with international flair and local charm. Inspired by the 16th century Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany, one of the first outdoor markets of its kind, the Christkindlmarket is well-known for its vendors’ high quality gifts and food, holiday cheer, and for being the ideal place for families to make unique memories.

  So I’d like to visit this place for once in my life. The thing is, I don’t know if i could even buy anything because I’m in no need of a mug, or a pretzel AND they’re def not vegan friendly. That doesn’t matter because I’m pretty sure this thing is free to just walk through and window shop basically, so hopefully I might find something, and if not then big woop. It’s just so dang cute looking and reminds me of when I visited Solvang with my husband and his fam a few years ago.  

୨୧ eating out ୨୧

around Chinatown

I cant help it, i love walking around chinatown any time of the year. They have amazing vegan options for me these days, and I’m kinda addicted to matcha and taro drinks, which you can only really get in the city. If it’s gorgeous any time of the year, imagine during the winter. Don’t imagine… here’s a picture i took of my super delicious drink from Teamo and my cousin looking very cold. chicago chinatown in winter, teamo tea  


intimacy night in (or a movie night OUT)

a night in with warm heater, blankets, our cats Beba and Baby, matcha latte and snacks. What more do you need!!! I love watching movies, but nothings better than watching movies with someone you enjoy spending time with. I loved watching wholesome jdramas that just so happen to be filmed around the holidays which is something i enjoy when i randomly watch a movie or show. I will mostly be watching a lot of romance dramas this winter and hopefully I stumble on a few that are filmed around xmas time! Since this is a post about cute chicago winter date ideas, i will say it would be nice to go out to the movies during the winter time. Actually, I’m going to watch Godzilla Minus One tomorrow! I’ll take pics and share them in another blog post, promise!  




thanks for reading 5 cute chicago winter date ideas

I have been thinking of what I WANT to do, but i probably won’t do many of what’s listed… hmm we will see! what date ideas do you plan to do this time of year?

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