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I’m one of those people who don’t celebrate holidays for religious purposes, I just love gifts, snow, warm fuzzy sweaters and being nice… or extra nice! I like to pretend everything in the world is okay and everyone is a decent human being.

Even though I don’t celebrate it, I’m beginning to want to. I mean I’m an adult now and soon I’ll have my own place, so I’m definitely going to decorate my crib.
I also don’t like using so much plastic and throwing away a bunch of junk, so here’s this list. Enough about me, let’s decorate!

Enjoy this list of 4 modern sustainable christmas decor ideas!

4 modern Sustainable Christmas decor ideas

Note: You’re gonna DIY literally everything

diy wreath minimalist pinecone wreath - sustainable christmas decor ideas



I got this idea from zerowastecutie on her IG story. Go out, grab some cute sticks n stuff, and make a wreath!

diy wreath minimalist decor for xmas -


sustainable christmas decor ideas




The ol’ Christmas Tree

Minimalist xmas decor ideas - sustainable tree waste free -


I have a hard time enjoying diy trees that aren’t actually trees. For me, the best thing to do is just reuse that plastic tree the family has had since before you were born. If you’re mom ended up throwing it out like mine, then, yeah sure, make your own!

Here’s a cute wall hanging tree by

minimal christmas tree

You can also just go with a tiny tree and call it a day. That’s what I’m gonna do cause I don’t plan on living in a huge house with 5 cars and 2 kids.

minimalist-Christmas-tree-mantel decor


minimalist christmas decor -



I love ornaments because even though I wanna be minimalist and reduce waste, I don’t wanna be boring! (coughcough, there’s more colors out there other than white and gray!)

You can still be waste free, cute and have fun. Look at this diy below. Reuse your food to make cute stuff?? Umm, sounds good to me! (as long as no bugs come along, I mean- would they?)

orange ornaments waste free sustainable christmas decor ideas


Christmas decorations - lovely homemade pine cone decorations with ribbon bows -


Wall Decor

 minimalist xmas decor

Again, just go out and find some twigs and plants on the ground.
If you’re in cali, there’s no excuses. I’m out here even when there’s no snow. There’s a bunch of wild plants and cute stuff you can use in any diy project.

By the way, lot’s of people here apparently don’t know how to pick fruits off their own trees? Don’t do it while someone is watching cause it’s illegal lol

minimalist xmas decor


More DIY ideas

Related image

Some beautiful DIY Teraniums by

Check them out for more lovely Christmas DIY! I know a lot of these things you will need to use plastic and junk, but try your best to find a strong thin twig and use that as a tie, instead of glue or tape!


el color verde en la decoración para navidad 2017-2018


more diy decor ideas here.

Save this post for later!

I’m still in Cali (until March) with my husband’s familia so I’ll share some pictures of what xmas is like here if I end up going out or if they decorate lol. No snow where I’m at only rain! Still gonna make the best of it!

sustainable waste free minimalist christmas decor ideas -
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Thanks for reading sustainable christmas decor ideas … and remember to Reduce Reuse and Recycle!

Hope u enjoyed this post! Are you planning to diy anything this xmas?

What do you think about sustainability zero waste etc? Do you feel some sort of way when you throw away too much junk, cause I def have lol 

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