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30 things to make you happy

hello friends.
i decided to make a tiny and quick post because, im a lazy bum and havent been editing my posts but let me tell ya! im fighting to blog again. anyways… lets just get to the post. enjoy reading

30 things to make you happy! and save this to pinterest!

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  1. open your window and take a deep breath in (when i used to feel sick at night, i would breathe out the window in my basement, it felt so good because i could look at the stars and trees)
  2. cook yourself a tasty meal or snack on some berries.
  3. do these stretches from animal crossing new horizons! (can you tell im a new player and im obsessed!?)
  4. look at cute photos of cats (and all animals)
  5. Turn off your phone and enjoy life for a few minutes
  6. bake something!
  7. Go on a stroll while listening to a happiness podcast (or just your fav podcast, mine right now is korean cowboys)
  8. Do some yoga or meditate!
  9. take a quick nap or if its already late, just sleep!
  10. Call someone you haven’t talked with in a while or someone you miss!
  11. watch your fav movie or something wholesome like kiki’s delivery service?
  12. talk to your pets or your fav person
  13. learn something new
  14. play a cute phone game
  15. make yourself matcha, tea or coffee, if you don’t like either, just make a fun smoothie.
  16. dance a little bit
  17. dress up in a cozy outfit. if you dress up the way you want, you might feel good after!
  18. write down your thoughts and feelings!
  19. set up a to do list for the next day, i like to feel prepared for the next day sometimes, but there’s also times where its just good to go with the flow!
  20. make a new pinterest happiness board!
  21. take a cold shower or comfy warm bath.
  22. send a random person flowers or send someone you like some flowers
  23. drink a lot of water, try 8 cups! if you look up how much a person has to drink you can see it’s healthy to drink about 8 cups and apparently, it’s more for males.
  24. light incense or a candle
  25. watch sister sister, or your fav tv show! it always makes me laugh!
  26. make a visionboard! i recently made one on pinterest and printed it out. it’s on my wall but i didn’t realize how small it would be. i definitely need to print them all out and tape them up
  27. play with your pets! if you don’t have any maybe go bird watching?
  28. be grateful for being you
  29. read over affirmations! i love saying affirmations and writing them down because some you find on the internet aren’t really made for you so you must make some that fit your life.
  30. start a new bullet journal. i haven’t started a NEW bujo but i try to keep up with my current ones. i usually just write in them whenever something big happens in my life. check out some of my posts about bullet journaling!
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Thanks for 30 things to make you happy

what do you do to make yourself happy? let me know! which ones from the list do you do already? i hope this post helped lift your spirits a bit!

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