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Being positive isn’t easy when there’s negativity around you, when you’re feeling you’re in a toxic place you feel you might never get out of, hear sad current news, etc. For in your thoughts, there’s feelings of there being no way to escape.
I understand, and everyone has these feelings and thoughts, so don’t think you’re alone! I have some ways I like to stop being sad that I want to share with you! Here’s 30 actually helpful things to do when you’re sad!

30 ACTUALLY helpful things to do when you’re sad

I separated the 30 things to do into smaller main things to do. Can you find out what they all have in common?


#1: things to DO

anything you can think of that needs to be done. do anything you need to do THAT.NEEDS.TO.BE.DONE. Things includes the basics, and other nonbasics… here, let me explain. The basics:
  • get out of bed with a smile. just force it, it’s okay!
  • drink water! first you might want to brush your teeth!
  • do some quick jumping jacks! You will hate, or love this..
  • give yourself a facial
  • give yourself a makeover.
  • Fix your eyebrows if they need trimming, mine were getting so bushy so I made them into the shape I wanted and now i feel beautiful .
  • try a new hairstyle
  • do chores, do your laundry and get your homework done!
  • take a short or long shower while you have your favorite music playing, dance around, but be careful…you’ve seen final destination, you know why you have to be careful !
  • bathe your cat, pet etc.
do whatever you need to do by a deadline. I promise this helps make you feel productive. It’s probably you feeling worthless and you’re procrastinating! We must put a stop to this sad feeling, and sometimes that means doing what needs to be done! Tech/Internet:
  • edit your blog theme or your phones theme
  • look at cute pictures of cats and puppies and farm animals!
  • watch adorable anime or jdrama. i recommend switch girl!! it is so funny and cute

I have a great blog post where you can find cute themes: you can read that here

30 actually helpful things to do when you're sad

#2: Things to LISTEN to

sometimes i try to listen to music i like but even the music i like isn’t enough to make me feel good. It may be weird but trap music helps me lol it makes me get mad but in a good way, but watch out! some trap music is depressing like many other types of music. If trap doesn’t work, try dance-y edm electric/ pop music. I have a spotify and about 30 playlists for many moods, so contact me if you need a playlist I might have one for your specific mood hehe.
  • listen to a poem, asmr (this is weird but it helps some people so i’ve heard lol) maybe even dance around while you listen to what’s making you feel good.
  • Here’s my go-to feel good music: youtube playlist!! // soundcloud!

#3: Things to WRITE

write down your feelings, its one of the best ways to let go. when i’m mad at someone, I write down everything that they did that made me mad, I sometimes even forgive them after writing it down. maybe tell a friend instead of writing but i think having a journal talking about your feelings is good too, you can then have documentation of past feelings which is cool. even a secret blog will work if you don’t like using trees.

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  • write down lists of your goals, lists of movies you plan to watch, i honestly used to write down lists of people to cross off my friends list, like real life friends list not just facebook .. I know I’m dramatic
  • read my post of journaling ideas!

#4: Things to Eat

  • eating healthy snacks like cranberries always helps boost my mood
  • eat some of those pomegranate seeds those are so amazing but make a big mess
  • just eat! don’t starve yourself, don’t forget you need to stay healthy and eating can help you get happy again.

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#5: Things to Feel

It’s time to feel those feelings. One of the best things you can do is cry it out. Really feel what you are feeling. You might want to fight someone. Just figure it out!

#6: Things to MAKE

  • make yourself a nice meal, smoothie or iced tea
  • make a list of goals or what you need to do by a certain deadline like you would in a bullet journal.
  • make matcha! matcha always made me happy even after a big cry. my quick recipe is just matcha powder, your dairy free milk and about 6 cubes of ice. blend it together! sorry but i like unsweetened drinks, it makes me feel healthy, so no sugar here! Also, added sugar isn’t great for you. If you want something naturally sweet, just eat a smoothie of fruits!

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let me know what you do when you’re sad! 

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