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Hey friends! Here’s a 2023 blog audit, which used to go by “my blog to do list“.

My first blog to do list post was in 2019 (2019 Blog To DO List) , then i just never made another audit because i was more focused on life and not blog content, (2022 moments and memories) but here’s a 2023 blog audit and 2024 goals post – i plan to do a blog audit every year now just so i can figure out what i need to update and work on to grow this site/my blogging business. I think i’m doing good so far especially since i wasn’t active here for some time!

more from this series will be under the tag yearly blog audit.

Anyway, lets get to it. enjoy MY 2023 BLOG AUDIT AND 2024 BLOG GOALS

2023 blog audit

2023 blog audit and 2024 blog goals

so long 2023…

2023 memories, moments and life accomplishments

read my highlights from 2023 which include my fav shows, music, and blog posts: moments n memories of 2023!

✔ i went on vacation TWICE (went to l.a which you can read in my moments and memories of 2023, and La Paz, Baja California Sur, mexico.. which you can read here)

✔ traveled to mexico and L.A alone without my husband! (with my cousins this time but you get it!)

✔ stopped splurging on things i don’t need (i stopped buying iced coffee and matcha from coffee places and im really proud of that because i was spending 2-$9 daily instead of making it at home, isn’t that sooo not sustainable of me? and i claim to wanna be a zero-waste girly LOL so basically im back to saving money like i did when i was in lockdown…)

✔ managed not to go broke this year (i went on 2 vacations and im still doing good im actually kind of surprised and proud of myself i can keep afloat since it’s my first time working a regular job, renting, paying for a car loan, phone bill, have 2 cats and pay for it all on my own as in, adulting! like im really proud i can accomplish this and not necessarily suffer, if i could make a bit more money well my goals are endless and i’d love to help those in need)

✔ went to mexico again! (i wanted to go to mexico after i left early 2018 in february but i finally went back in 2023, better late than never)

✔ i went out more (something i wanted to do at the end of 2022) and decided to start living my life and i really did that! notion editing template for blog creation content creation tracking and note taking
a look into my notion page dedicated to keeping track of sites i use related to, affiliates, links to my social media pages and other content creation related junk. im addicted to notion tbh it’s basically my digital journal to help me better my site


Blog / work accomplishments 

i didn’t really update my last blog audit correctly so here i will post accomplishments that i had on the 2019 post as well as 2022

    • ✔ worked on my sites ad pricing / work with me page so it’s easier for people to see how much i charge! (now i can just link them back to that when i get emails. im thinking of adding a mediakit i think that’s what it’s called, but at the same time do you really need one? something i must look into)
    • ✔ reached 20k follows on pinterest which i use to share my blog posts and youtube videos and basically have as a vision board and i just noticed im also verified on there! im so happy and grateful for that site
    • ✔ october 2023 i decided to go back to blogging because im paying for this dang thing and i love writing when i have nothing else to do or im not gaming lol
    • karuchan90 mentioned me when saying goodbye to the blogging world (heart broken but its bittersweet)
    • ✔ i updated my site a bit and made about 9 blogs posts from october to december so im proud of that
    • ✔ uploaded 1 video on my blogging youtube channel and streamed alot on my twitch. slowly growing my fanbase on twitch and youtube is fun but it’s a ton of work to edit videos, blog, and work, i just have a lot on my plate but it’s all worth it even if i only go live sporadically and make a video every so often lol that’s just life right now
    • ✔ uploaded videos on my gaming youtube channel and it seems to be getting few views which i don’t mind!
    • ✔ i stopped following random people on socials that didn’t share content that educated me, healed me or helped me in any way big or small. i stopped following people that are labeled influencers but only share cheap products made by exploited vulnerable labor workers or kids even, i unfollowed anyone who no longer resonate with the kind of person i want to be.

im happy to say im not paying for internet service just to support robotic fast fashion consumers and so called influencers that have no idea whats going on in the world because it doesn’t affect them, their friends or family all these people who seemed to have lost their moral compass for the sake of their sanity or comfortable living. even in my online world i need to see humanness that way i stop using the internet as a way to distract myself too, distract myself from my real world, real life, earth, fellow humans, feelings and emotions and repress them like a drug… that was the old me lol

im happy to bring this new me to light for myself and for my business/blog/content creation journey and really just be a different kind of influencer that doesn’t live in a perfect (delusional) bubble. if i were to put my finger on it, i want to radiate positive vibes like bretman rock, but still be vocal about things that matter. i feel like he should use his platform and bring more awareness to his followers but i can be that person, i don’t have to wait to find someone to follow who is that person. this is a huge accomplishment for myself because i’m usually a follower and not a leader in my own life/world


Tips for a successful and fulfilling year in life and blogging:

Tip 1 | write your  hobbies down — fashion, beauty, wellness, etc. Write what you want to do this year that relate to those hobbies. What is it that you want in your life to make your year amazing? Then, write a plan of action. Make sure you’re doing the work and writing steps to reach those goals!

Tip 2 | Make a blog audit to see what’s been working for your blog and what’s been bringing it down. Write down the goals you have for yourself and your site!


2024 blog performance and look 2023 blog audit and 2024 goals

I used to see my sites performance and im pretty happy with the A+ rating. it also shows me what i can fix.

I fixed my broken links asap with, i’m still working on it since i have so many pages on my site with broken links!

this site really helped me fix up as many links as possible and it was way easier to navigate than when i use Google’s tools plus it’s free to use which i love.

what i like about the site

i pretty much like the overall look it’s giving cottage core, natural, nature, the colors are calming to me but they also pop out. I guess i would say it’s my aesthetic and my overall interests all in a site.

I tried to fix up the sidebar with only what i think is important:

  • having a short / simple about, quick links so people know to follow the site and link for anyone who wants to contribute to the site.
  • Keep In Touch section where people can click my socials and follow me on other apps.
  • i have a section where you can translate the site into your language which i’m sure is available on mobile too
  • I have a little section that shows my followers and it shows your Gravatar profile if you hover over the image which i really love!

My footer on the other hand is something else and im not too happy about it, so that’s something i’m going to work on. 2023 blog audit and 2024 to do list goals

what to fix 

there hasn’t been much of a change on my site other than the background change, header which i updated recently, every year i try to change up the thumbnail for my posts / featured image since i sort of get bored of them…

  • fix up the way my shop images work. i hate how when you click on it it will send you to the images link.
  • i want the mobile version of my site to look neater and easier to navigate, i don’t like the navigation, don’t like how some images are too wide which makes the screen move around like what even is that!?
  • fix all pages (still updating some and i want to finish that, it’s a load of work)
  • work on my shop and add all items I’ve crocheted so far!
  • fix my sites images and links! (i feel like i will accomplish this since im already working on this)
  • fix categories on posts
  • fix the footer to where i like it!
  • update what i want to use as my featured images, im not too happy with the text over images, i might go back to using images with small text as my featured pics ( i will test it on this post to see if i like it!)

Blog Goals for 2024 (includes what i didn’t accomplish in the last audits)

  • Make passive income with my blog (i hope to do this by this year since i plan to be way more active on here!)
  • ☐ Apply to affiliates and work with 3+ brands, do 10+ product reviews!
  • ☐ Reach 1k+ blog readers on WordPress (this is more attainable in a year than 3k like i had previous years lol)
  • ☐ work on my brand more
  • ☐ check my emails weekly
  • Pay for my own hosting using referrals!
  • ☐ make a video form of a blog post monthly? (im thinking if i want to do this im not sure yet what i want to do for my youtube channel just whatever i feel like is what im into now lol but i might do this so that my youtube can grow and i have an excuse to make content there!)
  • ☐ make 2 posts monthly or more as long as they are high quality

Blogging World:

for 2023 i didn’t really document much, as I’ve said a few times before, i just got back into blogging in October 2023 so for now, this section is pretty empty!

shout out corner:

these are the people im following currently around the web that i want to shout out and maybe you can find someone new to follow too!

  • lala @ (i’ve been loving their content focused around slow living!)
  • ZatyRose @ izzatyrose on ig (a blogger i’ve recently followed on now i follow on ig)
  • jeeda @ JeedaJoseph on ig (someone new i’ve started following on ig! love their informative posts)
  • Keet @ keetnoodles on ig (i’ve been following their blog but now followed their art IG!)
  • Waad @ promessa.s on ig (new follower their posts are so informative and help me be aware of what is going on in other parts of the world rn)

I have a loves tab where I link back to bloggers I frequently visit. Always updating it because new bloggers keep coming my way lol

social media goals:

Insta @kikisvegan

my instagram is just a vegan food diary basically and im not sure what else to use it for at this point other than sharing pictures of my food… i might just start using pinterest for that instead because id’ rather grow my gaming insta than my food diary insta… im not sure but i’ve gotten to the point where i don’t really care for instagram when it comes to blogging, id rather use it for personal reasons and not business reasons, basically just to share pictures with my followers


goals for ig is to just use it where i can support other people instead of using it to grow my content. i’d rather use tiktok or pinterest instead for business related content/blogging

tiktok @kikisvegan

i sort of use tiktok as a personal vlogging journal im not sure what to do with it but share food like my ig and maybe just regular vlogging things, personal lifestyle content and just normal regular shmoe things i do like what i’m currently doing/watching lol i also have a cat tiktok and i hope to make my girls into cat influencers because apparently i can make bank on their as a cat content creator


goals: be able to go live eventually and maybe make it a cat streaming site kind of like those hamsters that are always live running lol

youtube @conkiki

  • Reach 3k to 10k subs on a youtube channel (i actually have to post like once a week on there or so if i want to grow)

my goals for youtube basically are to post whatever i want because i’ve noticed there’s popular youtubers that do just that and they make money (like a lot) i don’t believe in pressuring myself because of law of attraction and all that, i think what i truly want will come to me when it’s the right time. my goals are basically to post what i want and make income from it because that’s kind of the point of our society at this point but lets have fun with it i suppose!


goals: just share in video form some lighthearted wholesome living, like being vegan, cat care, and just having a happy life

Pinterest @soyvirgo

  • Reach 10m+ pinterest views and 300k+ engagement and keep that number steady

i’ve reached 10m views on pinterest and im not quite sure how it happened so fast and im not sure how it went down so fast either!

that’s something im going to have to figure out because pinterest brings a lot of views to my blog so i’d like to know how it works better to help me make money with my site, not just bring views comments and likes, although i love and appreciate that too lol


goals: my goals are to help me visualize my life and make my goals come true, while also utilizing the platform to bring brand deals, and more community to the site 


Thanks for reading 2023 blog audit and 2024 goals

let me know what are your goals also if you want you can give me feedback on my site and even anonymously i love being judges tbh but not irl if its on the net it wont hurt me lol 

I accept guest writers and regular authors! If you want to write articles here, just click my collab link!


Thanks to the sideblogger, i had some help with this audit since i haven’t done one in a while.


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  • I’m with you on the many challenges of running and keeping a blog. It’s constant work to get brands. I’m sure you do to, but I always have weird brands reaching out that have nothing to do with my content so it’s the constant back and forth. I’ve worked with some, or exchanged Etsy services for free goods. Sometime you just need that first initial contact with someone. What’s a good source is Collective Voice, and I’ve manage to pay for my hosting with that.

    • For me i just have to ignore them .. i think unless its worth it than i might accept it because i believe my readers will understand i need to make rent lol!!
      But i just cant accept any gambling deals which is what i mostly get lol
      Im gonna check out collective voice i havent heard of it yet! Thanks for the advice 💗💗

  • congrats for your achievements! i love how you always spread awareness in your platforms and educate more and more people! i wish more for you in 2024! can’t wait to read your journey here! <3

  • Yay for the goals you achieved and I wish you the best for your 2024 goals. Your Pinterest is so impressive and I just followed you on there 😊

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