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2021 Layla Mattress Review



In February of this year, I bought a full size memory foam mattress from Layla Sleep for the first time in my 25 years of living! I almost can’t believe it myself because that’s a legit way to tell that you’re an adult and I just don’t want to be an adult but I’m doing adult things so there’s that…

Moving on….

It’s not just any simple mattress, it’s flippable, it’s copper infused (WHAT?!) and it comes in a box. That’s not entirely what sold me on the mattress, though, I was looking at other options including the Avocado Vegan Mattress and the PlushBeds mattress.

I ended up choosing the Layla Mattress after doing my research that took about a month! 


So, here’s my 2021 Layla Mattress Review !


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LAYLA MEMORY FOAM Mattress Review 2021 |



From their website, you can see they give you a 120 night trial, which is about 4 months! That’s something I didn’t see on many other sites selling quality mattresses.

They include 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warrantee and are also made in USA. Not many mattress companies over a Lifetime Warranty. 

I can see this being a good way to promote the mattress to consumers like myself who want to buy more ethically. It makes me feel more happy that the item I’m buying is made from the USA. Yes, there’s still a chance there is a sweatshop or slavery in the US that makes these mattress’s or they get their fabric made from sweatshops in another country, but as you guys may already know or guessed, there’s a bunch of companies that lie about how ethical they truly are, let’s just say that…

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#2: It’s FLIPPABLE (soft & firm sides)

I had been sleeping on a regular mattress store mattress for my whole life, and I don’t mean the big mattress stores you see in busy cities or towns. I mean the really random mattress stores with a mexican store owner. They’re usually $100 with the box spring. Anyways, since I really knew NOTHING about mattresses, I felt that getting the Layla Memory Foam Mattress would be a lifesaver since it has the firm and soft side.

This factor put my mind at ease because I would be able to see if I prefer the softer side, and if I didn’t like it, I could just flip it to the firm side. It’s the best of both worlds in my eyes. . If I were to buy a firm mattress and find out that it wasn’t meant for me then I would be really bummed. I’m not the type to want to return things because it’s a huge hassle!




#3: FREE add-ons (sheets, pillows and mattress protector)

So with buying the mattress, I was given 4 items for free:

  • 2 Layla memory foam pillows in Queen size (and pillow cases)
  • Microfiber sheet set (which included the pillow cases and the bed sheets)
  • Layla mattress protector

all this was worth more than $140 NOW. Before when I bought my bed in February nothing was on sale except for the mattress. 

layla sleep mattress review
So sad the image looks bad sorry for that! but there’s some proof that what I was gifted at the time was not on sale

Now, if you try to purchase sheets, the mattress protector and the mattress, the price will be over $1,000. The only thing you get for free now is the pillows. Which honestly is still a great deal considering other sites don’t offer the great deal with the mattress. 

I was super grateful to be getting all that I got for free because it cost much more back then than it does now, but even now the mattress protector by itself is a hefty price. 

Layla Memory Foam Pillow – Queen Size – Adjustable, Supportive, & Cooling – Hexagon Stitching – $69.00
Retail Price: $89.00
You Save: $20.00


#4: Free Returns

One thing I hate about buying stuff online, is the possibility of needing to return it! I just feel like there’s always problems when trying to return something. When someone doesn’t offer free returns I just prefer to not buy the item at all.

That’s why when I saw that Layla accepts free returns, it put my mind more at ease when deciding to purchase. 

Customers from Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada might need to double check if they will get their shipping charges refunded before purchasing from Layla.


Well, who doesn’t like free shipping? This makes me more open to buying from online sites when I have to buy something so big in price and size.

#6: Washable covers

There’s a zipper on the mattress which means you can remove and wash that! I use a ton of sheets and blankets over the mattress, so I haven’t felt the need to unzip the mattress itself to wash it out, but maybe I will try one day. I’m curious to see what’s underneath the washable sheet!

#7: The video that convinced me 

The Layla video showing their unboxing process is pretty much what convinced me after all the research that I had done. The fact that I don’t have to go to a store and have a truck to carry home my mattress was really amazing to me.

I liked that my mattress would arrive at my door, and I can just UNROLL it all by myself. Considering the fact that I’m pretty petit and am usually always alone at home. This video showed two people, but I was able to unbox and set up my mattress myself even with my really tall bed!



2021 Layla Mattress Review: Cons of the Layla Mattress


#1: No Edge support!

I have a tall bed, so this might be the biggest factor of why I don’t like the mattresses edge, but when I get off my bed or try to get off at least, everything wants to go down with with me. When I get off I have to pretty much drag my body off the bed too, I’m not able to just step off the bed. Comparing it to my old basic spring mattress, I don’t think the edge was such a problem.

Like I said, this is most definitely caused by my really tall bed so once I get a little stair case, I will update this part and see if there’s been any changes or if there truly is no edge support on this mattress.

#2: Wasteful Packaging

I know Layla may not be a sustainable brand and they don’t claim to be. All I’m saying is it would be nice to stop using plastic.

#3: The sales aren’t really a sale

So I noticed now that they have a sale! Comparing it to when I bought it, it’s only $1 cheaper. I bought it 6 months ago and the price is practically the same even though I also bought it when the memory foam mattress was on sale. 

To be fair, it might have gone up, and you all just missed your chance to buy an amazing mattress that includes free pillows, sheets, and even a mattress protector.

I’m really glad I bought the mattress when I did. (Wait, isn’t this the con section?)

#4: The fabric is BAD.

What do I mean by bad?

It’s pretty much toxic and bad for the environment, humans, yourself and the rainforests!

The cover is made of “66% polyester, 30% viscose, 4% poly/lycra, with a ThermoGEL cooling agent”. If you look up Viscose, you can see that it is one of the reasons the rainforests in Indonesia and other places in the world are dying.

Here’s a great article from EcoCult explaining why Viscose is toxic and dangerous to forests.

#5: Advertising/Marketing not science backed 

Layla Memory Foam Mattress claims the following:

  • Rapid Cooling and Body Heat Transfer
  • Antimicrobial odor control with copper

Now, there is no science backing the benefits of these claims found on their website. All I was able to find was text saying this is true, but no evidence or videos, etc. I would like there to be an explanation and evidence of these claims somewhere on their website instead of just trusting their words. 

If there’s an update on these claims and can be backed by evidence, I will gladly change my views on this portion.

Sleeping on the bed is great, but I have woken up sweating before. I mentioned earlier that I sleep with a bunch of sheets, there’s the mattress protector I have, the regular sheets, a comforter and then I sleep with a different blanket while I sleep on top of the comforter.

I just don’t see myself sleeping on the actual mattress without many sheets on top, so that’s probably just me and my sleep habits that are the reason why I have woken up sweating before.

Now the copper bit, might be true.. but again there’s not too much evidence shown on their site. All I could find was text claiming this by the company themselves. You can do some research on it, but I didn’t find much that proved copper in THIS bed is antimicrobial.

It’s Twice as Comfortable for Two.

when you share your bed with someone who does more nightly rotations than a rotisserie chicken, it can be difficult to stay asleep. If your sleep partner moves around a lot, you’ll really appreciate how well the Layla® Mattress reduces motion transfer. That’s a techy way of saying you won’t feel every toss and turn your partner makes over on your side of the bed…

Now once I’m able to have my husband sleep with me, I will be testing this out and update this post to show how good of a shareable bed it is!

2021 Layla Mattress Review: FINAL THOUGHTS

I believe every item in the world has it’s pros and cons. This mattress was really one of my favorite items I have bought this year because so far, it hasn’t let me down. I’m really happy with what I got and I hope it can last me more than 5 years. I’m excited to see where this bed and I will go because I got that Lifetime Warranty baby!

As I’ve done a bit more research for this blog post, I have come to find more mattress’s that may be good for my readers.

For instance, the Nolah Mattress currently is cheaper and offers basically the same thing as Layla. The main differences is that it is made with Tencel which I believe is as bad as what the Layla mattress is made of BUT it isn’t flippable and isn’t copper infused. If you’re looking for something similar, go with that bed. It also currently offers free pillows with your mattress purchase as well.

For the price, I would have still gone with Layla Memory Foam Mattress today because I like how it has two sides, is copper infused and I just like it more than others I see online.

Layla Memory Foam Mattress starts at $599


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2021 Layla Mattress Review

I hope you liked this review and maybe it helped you out in figuring out what mattress to get yourself when it’s your time to buy one. What would you have wanted me to review? Let me know what I can improve on because I enjoy writing reviews for products I’ve purchased 🙂


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