2021 Holiday Tag Post (that noone asked for)

No one tagged me in this 2021 holiday tag post but I was checking the wordpress reader and saw this post: The 2021 Holiday Tag – Mind. Beauty. Simplicity (wordpress.com) and here it is, my own post that noone asked for!


2021 holiday tag post

2021 holiday tag blog post soyvirgo.com
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What is your fav holiday movie?

I would have to say home alone is #1, but I also love watching the nightmare before christmas




what is the best way to celebrate a saturday in december?

I’m a homebody so I love staying home any day and any time of year. In december it usually does snow, but due to climate change we now see snow in FEBRUARY here in chicago. So sad… I do like going to the city during the winter time, so if I’m up for it, I will most likley go to chinatown in chicago and get something to eat and enjoy it at home while watching movies!

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whats your favorite holiday song?

this is definitely my favorites I can never get sick of it and I know everyone is pretty much sick of it.. I don’t like any covers, just this one!


what do you typically eat during holidays?

I’m vegan so I’ll eat any random vegan food from icecream, to tamales, tacos, cookies, chips, and usually this amazing vegan food from soul vegan! I get it from whole foods since I haven’t tried ordering from the site before or calling.

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favorite christmas cookie or holiday treat?

I don’t really have any since I’m vegan, so… next question!

which fictional character would you want to spend holidays with?

I’m not the biggest fan of harry potter but I gotta say, I would love to spend it with the gang because I just think it would be magical and fairytale-like.

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where would you like to visit during the holiday season?

I would like to visit mexico again and california. Mexico because I was there for one christmas and was hanging out with my lovely grandma who passed away this year due to covid. I miss her so I probably wouldn’t go to mexico again other than to see her grave and to visit my grandpa and my cat Chibi. I would like to go to california to see my husbands grandma and mom! they always give me the best gifts ever! that’s definitely not the only reason. I will always love being in Chicago during the holiday season, so that’s why it’s so hard for me to decide to move.


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what is the best gift you’ve ever received?

I’m really not sure and I can’t compare because I love all of them equally. can you believe that? im not just saying that to sound humble or anything, I trully cant compare all of them. my brothers have given me nice gifts, my family members and family in law… I really can’t choose. I will probably make a post about this though, because I want to look back at the gifts I’ve been given.  

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