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2020 life update…ya girl came back from the grave to say… I’m in California again!

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Why haven’t I posted? Or commented? Well I almost completely deleted all my social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram and… well that’s all I use other than Pinterest, but I could never delete that..

I was going through some personal life-changing things as usual. To be honest, I believe I went through all of that struggle for a good reason because now I feel like a completely new person.


2020 Life Update and Moving to California!

Literally I kept seeing these spirit-guide-like messages on instagram that were C-A-L-L-I-N-G my name and right there in my face so the signs were loud and clear. There was a big change coming to my life and the opportunity came up, so I took it!


Life Updates

Quitting two jobs:

I quit my gas station job and decided to work at my brothers restaurant, which is not managed by him but by other sort of step-relatives. Let me tell ya, it was a mess and I am so glad it’s over.

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I quit the gas station job because I was working 38+ hours, sometimes 50 hours and my paycheck wasn’t as nice as I’d want it to be. I was eating poorly, and dealing with the worst people I’ve ever met in my life. Not my coworkers, but the customers! Not to mention poor air quality, I barely got my skin to where I wanted it to be and then I got so many pimples and dirt in my face. I looked like teen me again.

Leaving my family and Chicago:

I decided to leave the city because it was too dang stressful! I ended up putting my families needs before my own. It’s not their fault, it’s mine for saying yes-gal. It got to the point I didn’t know how to say no, so I decided to just be with my husband.

After quitting my job at the gas station, I went straight to the restaurant. Although it was great at first, it ended up going downhill fast. I’m not the only one who left that place.


I met up with some friends and worked really hard, not to mention I packed like two months early for my flight which was on February 24.

I’m very grateful, it’s as if this was meant for me from the beginning. My ticket was only $57 and I was able to bring two huge suitcases with me.

Moving to Cali, and I dont know when I’ll go back ‘home’:

So I’ve been in California for 5 days. I’m stress free now baby! I’m eating really well with my husband and drinking lots of tasty drinks he makes me. Enjoying the nice weather and deals, cause tbh there’s lots of good deals over here compared to Chicago.

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I’m really craving vegan burgers and foods but my husband and I are trying this sugar free oil free salt free kind of lifestyle. It’s a more whole food plant based kind of eating and I’m pretty sure my body is feeling better all ready. Lordy knows all I ate at home was fried this and that, even though I should be eating more veggies.

The Future:

Well, I’m focusing on NOW. I finally am for the first time in a while. I’m getting my mind into that zone of not focusing on the future because that’s all I’ve been doing all my life and I don’t think it helps a person like me. I end up just stressing myself out.

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What I know now is that I will be focusing on the things I love. That is going back to work on this site like I used to and doing a lot of self reflecting and working on things I want to work on to help me financially.

All I can say is I’m glad to be back and I hope you bbs didn’t miss me too much cackles behind laptop screen because I’m probably talking to myself on the net again

How is everyone?

I will be looking at posts because dang I miss lurking in on the lives of other writers. It’s just fun and interesting to see a side of people you don’t really know and read what they want to share about themselves or their interests… anyways…

Thanks for reading my Life Update!


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  • I’m so glad you quit those jobs that weren’t working out for you. I am the same way, thinking about the future just stresses me out– doesn’t help me in any way lol. Happy to hear you’re in Cali now & enjoying yourself again. ♡

  • I’m happy to hear that your back in California and happier. I use to work at a gas station and as much as I loved the people I worked with at one point in time, I would never work at another one. The customers were the worst for sure, I’ve had one try to get me fired by lying and because he wanted to park where an employee parked in the employee parking. Luckily the company backed me up because they checked the video and audio and seen that not only he lied but he threatened me. Too bad they didn’t ban him from the store. I felt like the quality of customers was the worst, I did love a lot but that isn’t enough you know.

    • Oh my gosh yeah, that sounds exactly like what went on with me. Lots of people would threaten to get me fired but i really didnt care, i would swear back at them because im not gonna be miss perfect just because its a job. The bosses at my place were really sweet too but too bad the customers werent all as sweet . Thank u for sharing !

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