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Wednesday, January 16th Hey friends! Yes, more 2019 blog to do list goals and stuff. You must be bored, but this is a quick post about blogging and lifestyle goals! Maybe you can get some ideas on what you want to achieve this year. Anyway, lets get to it  (read more from this series in yearly blog audit)


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Bye Bye 2018

2018 Mini Rewind

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Life Accomplishments

✔ Saved money (about $2,000 and counting) ✔ De-cluttered my room (back home in Chicago) ✔ Be a minimalist (went through the basics. Now I just have keep selling or donating!) ✔ Go Vegan ✔ See a doctor/dentist (I finally got my wisdom tooth removal appointment) ✔ I didn’t like the situation I was in at home, so I left twice lol Sometimes you gotta make changes and give yourself some T.L.C!

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Work Accomplishments

✔ 300+ IG followers ✔ Gain 100+ blog followers ✔ Reach 1 million monthly pinterest views, 100k engagement and 1,000+ followers. ✔ Make money with my blog

I’m proud of everything I did last year in terms of blogging. I was so shocked by it all tbh. Now, I kind of have an idea on what I need to work on to achieve the bigger goals for this year. What are your main goals for 2019 and goals accomplished in 2018?


Tips for a successful and fulfilling year in life and blogging:

Tip 1 | Jot down your favorite hobbies — art, fashion, beauty, etc. Write what you want to do this year that relate to those hobbies. What is it that you want in your life to make your year amazing? Then, write a plan of action. Make sure you’re doing the work and writing steps to reach those goals and dreams! Tip 2 | Make a blog audit to see what’s been working for your blog and whats been bringing it down. (pictured below)   Blog AUDIT SOYVIRGO.COM 2019 BUJO  

Work Goals for 2019

Make a full-time income with my blog ☐ Reach 10m+ pinterest views and 500k+ engagement ☐ Connect with bloggers + Collab with 10 or more people ☐ Be featured somewhere big (kinda want this, kinda don’t- im scared of attention lol) ☐ Reach 5k+ blog followers / readers on ☐ Collab with my favorite brands ☐ Reach 10k+ followers on all major social medias Current stats: Twitter– 177 Pinterest– 1,430 IG– 327 ☐ Get 5k+ email subscribers ☐ Pay for hosting (ends in March) ☐ Hire people to do the hard blogging work for me!


Life Goals for 2019

☐ Be fully vegan (wardrobe + beauty) ☐ Full minimalist + waste free (but not be boring lol) ☐ Get my wisdom teeth out! (March 2019) ☐ BE happy no matter where I am – Focus on being happy for just being alive! ☐ Make connections / friends in the blogging world and outside of it ☐ Self-Love, gain more confidence and be less insecure! Don’t care about what others think! ☐ Work towards goals better and more frequently! Don’t take so many breaks or be lazy! ☐ Appreciate your wealth, health and happiness daily! ☐ Be more open and voice opinions ☐ Nurture your most important relationships ☐ Go to Mexico again (Maybe Nov – Early December because I want to spend Xmas in Chicago) ☐ Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. ☐ Finally have my own place in Chicago to be with bae and cats!   bujo journaling video tutorial gif   If you guys are interested in more things I plan to accomplish and want some ideas, check out my bucket list here. ( or hover over the about the owner tab and click Bucket List. )


Thanks for reading MY 2019 BLOG TO DO LIST!

Tell me what did you forget to accomplish and what goals did you meet from last year? What’s the top 3 most important things you need to do for 2019? I plan to look back on this page to check off what I accomplished. I think that will be cool to see! Let’s make this our best year!

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