2018 and you in mind (journal ideas)

bullet journal ideas

Hello reader. I hope for your dreams to be fulfilled in 2018 and if they are now, I’m happy for you! I hope for your health to get better, and for your grandma to feel happier and healthier. I hope you get to achieve your goals even if it’s losing 10 pounds, getting that bag you’ve been saving up for, getting the attention of the person you like, or saving up to see you fav artist. I hope for your grades to be what you want them to be. You can do it! So far you’ve been doing great so don’t push yourself so hard, don’t beat yourself up because even if life is hard, at least we can come home and be able to love ourselves and be healthy and happy. So sappy, but I needed some encouraging words this past week, so I’ll leave these here for the next person.
This is a journal and/or blog post ideas list. I’ve had a really cute notebook I tried journaling in, but I’m kind of on and off with it. I figured why waste paper when I could just journal everything online. So I want to share some things I’ve written in mine. I will attach some helpful links so please do check them out!

Year in Review…

So long, farewell

  • recap : 2017 (memorable moments)
  • highlights 
  • reflection
  • achievements 
  • goals met 
  • lessons learned
  • growth as a person
  • advice you need to consider
  • best ____ of the year
  • things you did that you don’t want to forget
  • new acquaintances 
  • people to move on from and ones you need to X off your list (lol)
  • new discoveries
  • useful tips 
  • favorites of the year
  • unforgettable moments/feelings/crush interactions hehe 
  • travel memories spread: things you did / places you went to / selfies
  • movies you saw (attach movie tickets)
  • questions to ask yourself


a new beginning.

  • calendar / future log 
  • goals to be met in 2018
  • things to look forward to
  • music/movies/shows and more being released 
  • life goals 
  • skills to learn (coding, learning a new lang. or instrument)
  • habits you want to break / or pick up
  • what you want to improve on / what needs improvement
  • inspiration spread for new projects
  • assignment due dates calendar
  • advice for the 2018 you
  • 100 things to do by the end of 2018


  • places to visit
  • travel itinerary
  • useful phrases in the language and their meaning
  • postcard or polaroid collection
  • packing list or checklist
  • interesting stories to tell

The Basics …

notebook ideas to consider

Love Letters…

for the loves in your life;

key: (they) = referring to the person, member or group
  • gift ideas for any occasion (bday, xmas, mothers day etc.)
  • birthday / anniversary calendar
  • date ideas
  • bday ideas for them
  • places to go with friends/ sibs/cousins etc.
  • things they shared with you
  • emergency contacts / phone numbers of important people
  • appreciation journal (write what you appreciate about love, maybe show them)
  • friendship journal:
    • memories / moments they were there for you
    • how you met
    • moments you want to share in the future
    • their mbti/hogwarts/birth chart lol
    • their best qualities
    • feelings for them etc.

A list to remember…

trackers, checklists, logs and anything else.


  • what to do tomorrow (a checklist)
  • agendas
  • daily to-dos
  • monthly events to-do’s (feb/valentines, mothers day etc)
  • gratitude journal (things you’re grateful for)
  • habit trackers
  • wishlist
  • bucket list
  • motivational quote of the day
  • fav celeb bdays
  • current-
    • reads
    • watching
    • listening to ( i suggest getting a last.fm account!)
    • feeling
    • eating 
    • thinking about etc.
  • tv show episode tracker
  • expenses tracker / tax deductibles
  • dream diary ( dream meanings/ feeling)
  • song of the day
  • movie you saw
  • photo diary / sketch diary
  • weather tracker
  • mood tracker
  • #ootd
  • follower milestones
  • social media post tracker
  • household duties/chores tracker
  • grades tracker
  • something you learned that day
  • fav youtubers


  • appointments: dentist, doctor, therapist, etc.
  • monthly bills: car / internet / rent etc
  • tax: receipts etc.
  • membership/license renewals and car maintenance 


  • weight / fasting tracker (Vapp is a good tracker for android users)
  • resting heart rate tracker (samsung fitness is a good app!)
    • water intake tracker
    • sleep log  / total hours slept
    • exercise log
    • mood trackers
  • period tracker
  • write about what you’re feeling.. it helps boost your mood
  • self-care reminders

day-to-day logs


  • topics I need to revise
  • finals study
  • school habits
  • aspirations: what you want to be and why / how to get there
  • class timetable
  • assignments
  • professors’ info
  • motivations
  • skills you want to learn or are useful e.g. coding
  • formulas page
  • courses you need to take to transfer
  • college comparisons
  • college advice
  • teacher appreciationd
  • back to school shopping list
  • textbook return list / shopping list

self-reflection / personality traits

  • best and worst characteristics
  • what to be mindful of / what you need to work on
  • signs you’re most compatible with
  • fears and how you want to overcome them
  • letters to your future self
  • idols that inspire you
  • charities to donate to and why you support them
  • volunteering to change attitude
  • things to do to help others
  • rate your behaviors and improve on them 

fun, cute,  and more

  • places you want to visit with your boo
  • cute list about your bae
  • things worth living for
  • outfits you want to try
  • things worth getting out of bed for
  • list of things you were worried about but turned out fine
  • message page from your friends to you
  • “i can’t live without ______”
  • moodboards
  • vision board
  • mood booster list
    • whats comforting  to you
    • happy things
    • relaxing
    • funny things
    • cute things
  • seasons (summer/autumn/winter/spring)
  • moods on winter / summer/ gloomy days and more
  • holidays : christmas / your bday / halloween / dia de los muertos
  • idioms and proverbs from all different cultures
  • flowers spread: fav flowers, meanings
  • favorite names
  • future kids names
  • future pet names (for your cat fish dog or whatever!)
  • crystals spread: fav gemstones
  • your birth sign, birth stone and meanings
  • succulents spread: fav succulents, terrarium layout ideas
  • coffee vibes moodboard: fav blends / cafes and products
  • what’s in my bag
  • wishlist
  • outfit ideas / polyvore style
  • magazine clippings
  • ideas spread
  • draw my life spread / personal timeline
  • favorite characters
  • words list
  • ideal date ideas
  • cat names / future pet names
  • future baby names
  • firsts: kiss, date, vacation, car, concert, etc.


  • list of things that you want to do (bucket list)
  • make a list of what to:
    • watch, [ my watch list (1) (2) ]
    • read, [ i would put my goodreads but i forgot my password ]
    • listen to, [ my fav music (1) (2)]
    • try,
    • taste,
    • cook,
    • play etc.
  • hobbies
  • meet up with friends to play baseball/basketball/volleyball
  • video games
  • play an instrument
  • board games
  • summary / review of movies music products
  • favorite characters list
  • exercise!
  • fears to overcome
  • bucket list / wish list 
  • practice writing ur will lol


  • album, song, artist reviews
  • artists who are problematic and you need to forget
  • favorite songs
  • song of the day
  • album of the year
  • playlists for every mood, seasons, star sign
  • meaningful lyrics
  • songs you can’t forget
  • bands/artists seen live
  • bands to see
  • current obsession -scroll to bottom when u click link
  • Kpop
    • reasons why i love ____
    • letter to your ult group
    • favorite eras
    • fav interactions with other idols
    • picture inspo for makeup styles
    • selca day ideas
    • schedules during comebacks
    • memes
    • awards / achievements (first win) / records broken / milestones
    • lyrics
    • upcoming releases
    • kpop archives




  • people to remember
  • problematic people
  • people to stop/start supporting
  • on this day in history
  • fav websites / blogs
  • fav online shops


  • story from your past
  • dreams and meanings of them
  • write stories told by your friends
  • new words you learned
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