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Updated: sept 2020
— Hey babes.
I love watching movies alone but… some films are perfect to watch with someone you like 😘 I’ve listed 20 romantic movies to watch with someone you love, that includes friends and family too!
If you want to watch these with friends who are far away, just make an account on watch2gether or any of those similar apps. You can watch anything with strangers from all over the world with these kind of sites. Just be careful of the creeps and make your room private! I still haven’t found a good enough app that replaces but once I do I will update this post! Anyway, here’s the romantic movies to watch list!


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20 Romantic Movies To Watch with a Soulmate



1. Amélie

I watched this movie alone and was okay with that because the main actress (Audrey Toutou) is so relatable so I didn’t feel like an odd girl watching it by myself. I’ve seen it about 5 times already because it’s just that good. It’s a cute story of a french girl who meets a guy and the way they communicate is so unique. I would love to re-watch this with my husband since we’ve only watched it before we met each other and while we were long distance. It’s a movie I recommend to everyone! amelie french film screenshot |



2. Postman to Heaven / Heaven’s Postman

I recommend seeing this with your partner! It is so cute and it made me cry. Personally, I tend to cry when movies are relate-able and make me want to love the people in my life more. You should watch this movie because it is on Youtube with English subtitles lol .

Full Movie:


3. Let me Eat Your Pancreas

This one was pretty sad and cute. The main actress is one of my favorites tbh, and I’m going to re-watch this one because I kind of forgot what happened.



This is one of my favorites by English director and actor Richard Ayoade. I saw it by myself but it was so cute I wanted to watch it again with my husband. I love Jordana so much too!

BTW, the image I used for my Pinterest pin above is from this movie!


5. Love Exposure

love exposure japanese film | movies to watch with your friends
Love Exposure is one of my favorite movies to date! It’s one of those films I will cherish forever because it was more like an adventure for both my husband and I. This film’s definitely a roller coaster because it can be so funny,  then randomly turns sad and tragic but it’s what made it unforgettable.
Love Exposure sort of expresses love in a really honest way so I think it would be a fun watch with your partner if you’re into crazy movies like these. The ending is super sad and it makes me want to hold onto my husband and never let him go! I believe we spent 2 days watching it since it’s a longer movie. P.S, the trailer is confusing and weird but the movie is too good not to give it a shot! If you ever have a weekend at home, you should spend it watching this movie with your best friends or boyfriend cause it’s such a wild ride!



6. Tanna

TANNA 2015 AUSTRALIAN INDIGENOUS FILM ROMEO AND JULIET, MODERN DAY | SOYVIRGO.COM Source: VanityFair Tanna was a very beautiful movie I saw in 2017, with bae of course. His friend he worked with told us about this movie so we were so happy to see that it wasn’t bad at all and that he has taste in films LOL. It was basically a modern day romeo and juliet. Tanna follows a boy and a girl who are in love, but their tribes forbid them to see each other. The movie is amazing because the people have never acted before but are so amazing and better than most actors today. It’s so sad but as I was doing research for this, I found that the male lead died :/ So sad since they probably were married in real life.  



7. I’m a Cyborg, but that’s okay.

im a cyborg, but thats okay korean film, Rain Actor | im a cyborg but that's okay korean film with rain | This movie has two super cute characters who think they have abilities. It’s a strange Korean film great for watching with someone else so you can both be like “what just happened?” after the movie is over. If you liked this movie, I recommend watching the drama, Q10 (it’s on youtube).


8. Gigante

For some people, Gigante can be a bit creepy or too slow. I thought it was cute and the main character comes off as charming to me. He ends up saving the girl in a way, and it’s much better of a story than those where the guy ends up hurting the girl. I think it’s an ideal love story for the usual guy who might think he shouldn’t GO FOR IT. I’m glad he just stalked her mildly and didn’t do anything too creepy. There’s almost no dialogue which is not like something I’ve ever seen before. A movie from Uruguay that did not disappoint me one bit and I recommend it since it’s not your typical romance. It’s still great for this romantic movies to watch list, but I recommend it for couples who like experiencing weird movies together or friends who want to watch something different!



9. Pure Love / Unforgettable

Spoiler “Kiss” Scene:

I watched this one alone but I would like to watch it with someone so I don’t have to cry alone this time! This one is a perfect movie for this list in just the way the plot is! The main actors work so well together and you will quickly fall for everyone in this movie. They all have unique personalities that leave you feeling like they’re your friends too or at least you want to be in their friend group. It is more of a romance but with friendships involved too, so I love that. The kiss scene was talked about for a long time! (watch it above)  

10. 5 Centimeters Per Second


Some reviewers say this movie is boring, but anytime I ask someone “what do you recommend?” I tend to hate whatever they suggest. You can’t always go by reviews because you just might think the opposite of what most reviews say. It’s about two people meeting in the middle. Their story is very simple so the movie is very calm but it can be intense. It’s kind of a heart breaking story and you wish things would turn out great in the end for two people, but life sometimes isn’t that easy! If you find it boring, you can at least enjoy the beautiful animation.  

11. Today’s Kira-Kun

TODAY'S KIRA KUN LIVE ACTION ANIME CUTE MARIE IITOYO today's kira-kun, jdrama cute live action adaptation |
Today’s Kira -kun, or Kyo No Kira-Kun,
is about a super awkward but super cute girl named Okaura Nino. She likes birds and has really weird bangs and has made no friends. Nino gets bullied and a boy in her class stands up for her so they eventually get close and the movie has a bunch of twists and turns after that. I think I would have cried but I don’t really like the male lead and he didn’t convince me so much, but the story is very cute and I love Iitoyo Marie (Nino) so much. If you enjoy her acting, you can watch her in Anohana, although she’s just the supporting role, and Mars: Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru which is a dark romance (?)  


12. Tomorrow I will date with yesterdays you

tomorrow i will date with yesterday's you, nana komatsu jdrama | from
I’m still confused from this movie but I liked the vibes it gave me lol I also love Nana Komatsu so I enjoyed watching her in this. The movie is confusing most likely because the subtitles aren’t correct. Still, even with it’s mistakes, it left my heart shaken up so it was really memorable. I enjoyed Nana’s character because she suits this genre pretty well compared to her past dramas.


13. Orange

Orange live action jdrama, 20 romantic movies to watch | I teared up watching this one. I asked Alexander if he did too and he said no, so I said I didn’t either cause I didn’t want to seem so sensitive. Anyway, it’s a tear jerker! There’s a twist, of course, most J-dramas do. I liked this movie so much and I might end up watching the anime version just to see for myself which one is better. If you’re interested in watching Jdramas, I recommend kissasian and using the site called It’s perfect to use when you’re worried about getting viruses on your laptop.












14. The Notebook

What’s a romantic movies to watch list without The Notebook! Girls cry and guys cry! Tears don’t make a movie great, but to me, it tells me I enjoyed it. I put this movie off for years thinking it was just a chick flick. I’m not wrong, it is and it looks like one, but this one is so well made. The only reason I got myself to finally watch it was because I was enjoying a lot of Ryan Gosling films, but I didn’t watch this one yet even though everyone talked about it. Anyways, don’t be like me and not watch this movie just because it looks like those bad chick flicks, cause it’s not bad at all! I made my husband watch it when we were long distance and he cried too lol!
the notebook, ryan gosling rachel mccadams


15. Paper Heart

I feel like paper heart would have been so amazing if it were longer. I was really looking forward to the documentary part of it but it turned more into a story, like it says in the pic lol. It was cute and worth watching, nonetheless. Charlene Yi is a comedian I followed on twitter and Alexander suggested we watch it and I was shocked that it had her in it! Didn’t realize she was also an actress. The story/documentary is about searching for love and if love even exists.
paper heart movie charlene yi and michael cera |


16. One Week Friends

This movie is so cute, that’s it. I’m gonna watch the anime to see if it’s as cute too. It belongs in this romantic movies to watch list because of how sweet it is. I always like the high school romance type of movies and shows because that’s when love really is the most pure and sweet. The actress is my favorite and I do love this pair as well. Somehow I like the male lead in movies with the female lead from Orange. Do you guys like match making too? I always catch myself doing that even before I decide to watch something. If the couple doesn’t look cute together, I just ignore the movie/show. Anyways, let me know if you like this one!



17. The Shape of Water

Shape of Water was really raw and intense so some parts weren’t making me happy, but I still saw it as a romance and fairy tale. I wish there could be a version of this movie that isn’t so real and gross. The gross parts was just the general or whatever he was and how strict and literally awful he was. Anyways, you can just watch Beauty and The Beast if you want something more cute and innocent lol Guess who saw The Shape of Water and loved it? romantic movies to watch list Balboa Art Instagram
art from Debbie Balboa! (movie doesn’t look this cute lol)



18. Ponyo

This leads me to the next movie, Ponyo! This studio ghibli film is one of my favorites. You can say it’s like The Shape of Water, but more happy and cute and less dark. I really love stories of human and non-humans interacting. I guess it doesn’t really fit into this romantic movies to watch list, but I think you can still watch it with people you love and you will feel great! If you think anime is weird, but still watched The Lego Movie, Bee Movie or whatever else, then you really need to venture out and give yourself a chance lol


19. Honey

This one me and my husband saw together, I know we watch the cheesiest Japanese movies, but they’re freaking cute and funny. In this one, there’s a bad boy and he asks this cute girl to be his girlfriend. It’s just random and funny and makes me feel so okay with life lol. This movie is questionable at times, but that’s what makes me love Japanese movies so much.



20. Koi no Katachi / A Silent Voice

This movie is about bullying and the consequences that come with it. It’s also a romance and much more, but I kind of forgot what happens lol. I remember really liking it and wanting to re-watch it. The story is great and at one point my heart was beating a lot because of what the outcome of the story could be. It’s very cute and has a great message!


More romantic movies to watch together!:

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Thanks for reading 20 romantic movies to watch!

After going through this list, I realized I want to re-watch a lot of them so hopefully you find something you like or want to re-watch too ❤ If you want, you can add me on letterboxd (movie lists) or mydramalist also check out my bucket list where i list movies and shows i need to watch!


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