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20 iconic halloween songs october music playlist |

20 iconic Halloween songs to listen to in October

Hello my internet friends! How are you guys doing this Hump Day? Hump Day? Yeah IDK what it is either, but it’s Wednesday and this is a scheduled post! 

I wanted to share this because I find most Halloween Playlists to be typical, boring predictable?

So here’s 20 iconic Halloween songs, and then some more songs, that I think you should check out and add to your own Playlist!

Why? I mean… maybe you just like to listen to spooky songs all throughout the year, or maybe you will have a halloween party this month even with covid, wow, risky you!

Maybe you won’t be able to hang out with anyone this year, def not me because I’m going to have to quarantine once I get home and that unfortunately is on Halloween weekend.

At least I got this playlist to listen to!

I also made an easily accessible youtube playlist with all these songs too! It will be awesome to hold a spooky season party and have this playlist playing since the videos are usually creepy.





Skeleton by Bloc Party

this song needs to be in your list, im gonna start this post off with this song because it’s 20 ICONIC halloween songs, and many people don’t know of this song.

idk how I found this song but I’ve been listening to it since I was in high school.

It’s perfect for spooky season or when you wanna be all ” in your feelings” like they say lol!




Heartbreak Hotel by The Jacksons

this song is so great! it’s very creepy. i guess the concept is going to a hotel with your lover and them breaking up with you…

idk, i never dated anyone before so i wouldn’t know lol



The Box by Roddy Ricch

this song is probably not your usual number in an October themed playlist, but I think Roddy’s signature “EEH OOH” is spooky in itself LOL and the beat of this song is just so slow so it makes it a bit creepy for me.



Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet

this is ideal for any kpop fan, peekaboo by red velvet, my queens!



Monster by Irene and Seulgi

the lyrics of this song is so fitting for a halloween/october themed playlist!



RBB by Red Velvet

I love this music video so so much! Red Velvet really go all out for their halloween themed songs. Of course, the song isn’t your typical ghosts ghouls and vampires… it’s about real life relationships and how it’s scary! I love that about kpop music and their ability to create a concept that’s relatable to your every day life. Does that make sense? I was kinda typing from the heart so it might not make sense on paper (text)



goosebumps by travis scott

im not a huge travis fan but I really like rappers who do spooky sounding beats lol



zimzalabim by Red Velvet

this is just a weird spell casting type of song. This one is more positive though. It’s about putting a spell on yourself and being positive, dream big and “zimzalabim” your dreams come true!

Something like that!




Psycho by Red Velvet

Here’s another great song that talks about how relationships and real life emotions.. that are creepy, and make you seem crazy in a way.



Beautiful Ghost by Nu’est

I really don’t care for this song at all, and I’m a huge nuest fan.

Finally, I found a playlist for this song! It fits the aesthetic nicely, in my opinion.



Help Me by Nu’est

this is also not so much of a halloween type song, but the lyrics are so perfect! I feel like it doesn’t have to be a song that says “spooky” or “monster”, the lyrics are kind of like literally spooky themed. relationships are spooky, the mind can be scary, and the lyrics talk about how you feel and how you’re basically asking for help!  


and heres the music video!



xo tour llif3 by lil uzi vert

i always listened to this song even tho it wasn’t october season lol it’s just my style of rap LOL



TT by Twice

This is probably in every kpop lover’s halloween playlist lol



save this to pinterest text 20 iconic halloween songs | SOYVIRGO.COM RED VELVET VIXX NUEST TRAVIS SCOTT PLAYLIST


fantasy by VIXX


chained up by VIXX




vixx is SO good at the spooky halloween concept, they literally always have a vampire look lol not just their spookier songs, but even some more regular kpop songs they have.  



SICKO MODE by Travis Scott Skrillex Remix ( Ateez performance )

I like the original song for sure, but I think the Skrillex Remix is best for this type of playlist. I love dance so I had to add this performance from Ateez. They’re super energetic and it seems like something I need to do once in my life is see them live lol




HALA HALA by Ateez

Ateez is another group that executes the Halloween concept so well! They have a lot of performances where they go all out with makeup for their Halloween look. I decided to put this live perf of their song from KCON LA because it was so crazy looking. Their energy is kinda contagious!



Pirate King by Ateez

I know this is not supposed to be a halloween type song, but Pirates? I believe that has to do with Halloween LOL Also some parts of this song, if you’re just listening to it, sounds a bit creepy.



20 iconic halloween songs: extended

  • draculas kiss – andre 3000 and kelis
  • scream – dreamcatcher
  • cemetary drive – mcr
  • bass – nuest
  • dont fear the reaper – blue oyster cult
  • more on my spotify!


thank you for reading text graphic

Thanks for reading 20 iconic halloween songs

thanks for reading! did you like any of these songs? do you have a spooky season playlist and think i should add some to my playlist? Let me know in the comments!

Like I said in my last post, these future posts have been scheduled, finally! That’s the point of blogging lol – but I mainly did this because I’m trying to be professional, and also organize my life.

hopefully I won’t be too busy so I can comment back on your sites – but I’m in the process of moving into my own apartment, so we are doing our best!


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