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20 blogger things i hate

Hello guys. Today I want to talk about things i hate about blogging, bloggers, the blogger world etc. I wanted to share them on here so other bloggers can see what they’re doing wrong / share my pet peeves about blogging. This isn’t a post to talk crap about other bloggers no no no, we are not all that negative *evil laughs* but some type of bloggers will be talked about so be prepared to take notes if you fall into the category LOL (i swear this is a helpful post and i’m not trying to bully). Anyways enjoy reading

20 blogger things i hate! (enjoy the tea)


#1 searching for bloggers

(is anyone out there?!)

15 blogger things i hate hello kitty crying

blogging can be so lonely sometimes. you kind of have to scour the internet to find bloggers to interact with. but i sort of love investigative work AND the internet so it can be fun for a myspace era girly like me. (did anyone else do investigative work for girlfriends stalking their crush lol)

the search for active bloggers is like another job, its like working overtime just to look for people to talk to and become mutuals with/ support each other as bloggers, otherwise, you’re in a field of nothing and no-one is out there but you and your keyboard and mouse oh and your website. Poor little things.

#2 no follow or subscribe button!

for me personally, i love going on peoples websites to follow them. im not a huge fan of being on mobile (or desktop) and just reading from the reader because then i can’t see peoples sites. it’s like someones personal online world that they want to share with anyone who comes across it! so yeah, im gonna make my way to your site and if its interesting enough and fun, i’m going to follow it!

but wait, no follow button? no email subscription? how will i know that you posted anything? should i bookmark your site on the browser like a weirdo (do people do that?)

blogs that have no follow or email subscription….bb gorl, what you doing?! you know how ANNOYING it is to find a blog you like and you have to manually copy and paste their site url into a reader like wordpress, blogger or even bloglovin just to see if theres somewhere I can follow these people’s blogs on ?

Luckily for most wordpress sites (since I’m on wp) i can easily follow them with the follow feature (i have to be signed in though). also there is a new feature i see on wordpress as well where you follow AND subscribe to a blogs posts and you will get email updates if you choose to. thank you wordpress! but wow everyone else, shame on you (shame for the bloggers not thinking of that and themes for not automatically coming with a follow button for people that aren’t good at this stuff).

anyways that’s why i made a loves tab or a link back page just so i can remember to check back on blogs i like that may not have a follow button or email subscription.

#3 the copy cats

20 blogger things i hate

so i had this…online friend (i guess we can call him that). This person was so nice at first, i thought we were really going to stay online besties for a while! that is until they stopped talking to me…

I was looking at their account when i noticed they made a website.. mind you they didn’t have one before. then what do ya know, they copied a blog post series idea that i did with them and not only that… started to do it on their site and make it a regular thing… now I haven’t checked on it since that one day because I literally don’t care.

i mean i wasn’t mad just confused, like why did they stop talking to me? we were so talkative at first and I really genuinely considered them an online friend and even possibly someone I would visit (they’re married so it would be like if my husband and I visited not just me of course). I don’t really care about the copying part because you know that thing where people copy someone and they don’t do it BETTER? yeah, that’s them. you can copy but you can’t get the original flavor, that sazon, that jenny say qua

anyways yeah, that’s just a little experience that i have with a copy cat that i don’t really care about but it’s just a bit funny to me, it’s…interesting…

#4 beware of the wall people

 imaging you take your time to read an article, leave a sweet comment and boom, you never hear anything ever from this site, it’s almost like you never even posted a comment in the first place! I call that commenting on a site owned by a wall person.

i’ve unfollowed these wall people and/or just ignore them completely (sometimes I forget they’re wall people and leave a comment ahh) because after a while of commenting and not getting responses (or not getting a comment back on my site), I just feel as if they’re too busy or don’t care about me at all. There’s bloggers that I still currently follow that I try to converse with on their site only to get ignored, but we used to converse back and forth! I’m going to have to completely unfollow these people too even though we had “history”. It’s sad but baby gorl, you don’t care about me I get it. I’ll be leaving now (lol)

#5 people making blogs only for pr

im sorry but i just don’t like blogs that aren’t lifestyle blogs, personal blogs or blogs that share real human feelings emotion or something that doesn’t involve money/selling something. i don’t like blogs that only write to get money from a company. babes, i don’t care about buying this or that, im striving to be a minimalist dontcha know! i don’t blog only to make a sponsorship deal, i started it for fun and although not everyone does that well your blog’s not fun to me babe and i. don’t. care, im. leaving! *exits site in 0.00000 seconds*

#6 blogger things i hate: bloggers who shit on blogging

i literally just found this article and it was kinda the inspo to finish this draft lol and no i wont link it but it’s kind of FN hilarious. these comments have me cackling like a witch right now…

  •  “it’s only going to make you successful if you were already going to be successful. That is, if you’re an interesting person. If you have something interesting to say. If you have a story. If you can do something with your blog. Those are the people who have become “famous” from blogging. But most people aren’t interesting. They’re not special. And they’re not pretty either. Your mother was lying to you. So is your spouse.” – annoying blogger
  • “I hate bloggers because their “hobby” gives my profession a bad name. We’re not doing the same thing. The thousands of words I write for different blogs on the Web each week is not the same as Molly writing about her day, …But we’re lumped into the same category. And that’s why blogging is a joke. Because 95 percent of the people who blog treat it that way.” – same annoying blogger who is also pissed about being a blogger

so what i got from this blogger (because that’s what they are) is that they’re pissed people start blogs for the reason blogs were created for and that’s to blog! …and they also hate their job (their blogging job that is).

#7 blogger things i hate:

having to make money with your site

when i started blogging of course i was having fun, i still do, but there’s that side of me that hates having to do it to make money. there’s people who have blogs who don’t pay for hosting and just blog. That’s such a nice life, but I kind of had a side of me that wants to make money, so that’s why we’re here today using SEO and images and h1 titles and linking back to old posts oh and linking to my affiliates (please buy something LOL).

it’s true that all creativity dies because of money, but I’m still trying to be creative, I swear!


Blogging is so much fun until it involves money. When it involves money…it’s fun, until you have to meet a deadline. it’s fun, until you get charged from your hosting company to host your site *and keep your blog up, running, and pretty (thank you siteground!) it’s fun, until you realize you haven’t posted in months and now your blog views are dropping! it’s fun, until all the energy you have left is to post sponsored posts and things that will help you make money. it’s fun until you realize you became boring and only share product reviews that noone cares about (jk sometimes i care about stuff people get and sometimes im jealous like hey can I review that free thing too?).

#8 blogger things i hate:

blogs that are not blogs but an ecommerce store

so there’s some sites i end up on and they look like bloggers, until you click on their post and it’s basically a shopping post, and you realize you’re visiting an online store. i get it you just wanna get money! like it’s smart it’s legit but geez i hate falling into that trap. i wish they could be easily categorized and call themselves a shopping site and that’s it, ahh now im mad.

#9 blogs that have no personal links

i don’t like going to a site that looks like it’s written by a robot. the links you click on are the default links the theme comes with and it’s like, why you here? why does this blog exist. i will personally help you fix those little details for the price of free99! those little details really bother a perfectionist virgo like myself. 

icarly (2007-2012)

#10 blogs with no about me page

i feel sorry for the people who hate reading because my about me page and about the site page (yes i got a page explaining my site too lol) are full of juicy info lol i just love to talk about myself on the internet tehehe

no but seriously, i like getting to know the person behind the blog and you don’t even have to share info about yourself or get too personal. just a little paragraph about what your site was created for is just enough. usually, i will ignore sites like this, they just seem like spam or something that will not exist for long.

#11 wait, so you don’t want me to share your blog post?

ok some people actually don’t want their stuff shared, i think, right? cause why else is there no share buttons?

im a pinterest girly so when someone doesn’t have a pin post button then i get sad… 

sometimes i want to share a recipe someone posted on their blog but i can’t oops oh well not sharing it those are the laws of blogging lol (of course you can just copy the url but that’s so much work!! make it easy for me baby!)


#12 its hard to keep a website updated!

so, compressing images, i still dont know how to do this! (if you’re on mobile and on my site and see images huge and off to the side i am so sorry) i’ve had that on the back of my mind anytime i get on my site to write, “i have to compress images, i must!”. but that’s still on the back burner, who knows until when i’ll fix it 😀  (also, fixing broken links! I use google search console to find these and fix them up under the indexed pages. Search console is pretty good for bloggers to find which blog posts are doing well, but it can be hard to navigate it, still its free so thats great! thanks to sereneluna for this one!)

– a message from my website to me lol

#13 the spam oh god the spam!

the emails i hate them sooo much. im not sure how but one of my emails i use got shared to the wrong site so now i have lots of spammers emailing it so it’s very difficult to find emails from a real person now. sorry if i ignore your email, that’s the reason why i may have ignored it!

#14 bloggers that come back just to leave again

tiffany pollard on flavor of love

jk i did this too i think but seriously it’s something i really hate in the blogging world. i really miss my blogging buddies. i feel like i was one of those people for a while and so i stopped saying ‘i will be back soon’ and now im just blogging and being active because i realized theres no point in saying you will be active when you wont JUST DO IT!

Blogging is overwhelming. I love it though. I get it when people don’t post, respond or are inactive, (geez i’ve been there for almost 2 years i would say). Life and work and other things just get in the way. I feel bad when i miss out in the blogging world and don’t check out my usual sites i visit, because i know that when i finally am active and don’t get my usual commenters, well i miss them! So if i don’t see the usual bloggers I enjoy reading from, well i miss them too lol

I will always stay loyal to the old bloggers that haven’t posted in years so just know, i’m waiting for ya’ll lol. Also please be patient if I don’t respond to your comments too or if i’m inactive again lol. blogging life is crazy guys it’s def another job on the side!

#15 reading an article with regurgitated info!

this ones tricky, i mean we all need to share old info as long as we are creative about it like everyone knows about law of attraction but im not going to share just a short post about what it is and call it a day!

i hate when articles share 3 points and seem like a copy and past of another blog post. like, can people be more original and creative? the unoriginality can stay elsewhere but why make a website just to copy and paste information like we haven’t learned about it before. at that point i believe the writer is just done writing and wants to post something just for the sake of being active. (im currently judging a site that said what they are happy about leaving behind in 2023, like we get it, i literally posted something like that in 2018, but it’s just 3 points that are regurgitated every single time around the end of the year. like we know those 3 lil things, idk for me i just wish people can put a lil more pizazz or something new if they’re going to post the same article every end of the year. maybe im just sick of that blogger since all their posts are kind of similar in that way.

#16 fashion blogs that only link to amazon

i recently came across a site that was just images, i hovered over them and saw it would link to me amazon using the owners affiliate link. like wow… wowww woow so boring, i exited that site right away because what? no writing, just images that link to amazon. it looked like a lifestyle/fashion blog but i expected there to be some writing at least a lil “hey yall” but nope just straight images loading and no that site will not be missed.

#17 sites with a popup that wont leave me alone!

there’s so many sites that have a popup for you to subscribe to their newsletter and i really hate it. like, why not just leave that on the side or footer? i usually exit those sites because im too lazy to press the x button lol (also i don’t really read blogs through my email, i just prefer to read their site, i mean that’s what gives them traffic right? isn’t that what u want? 

me when karuchan90 said she won’t be blogging anymore (pearl 2022)

#18 sites that have despicable ads

theres some sites i somehow fall into that have the usual ads and geez, the ads that show up are horrible! i have to click out of them. but usually this isnt the bloggers fault it’s wordpress lol

#19 sites that used to be creative but sold their soul

i came across a blog post and it was so cute and charming like i can actually see the writers charm through their blog post and then i check to see their posts from 2022/ the last posts they made and they were all boring sad sponsored posts with no ..soul…

#20 sites that are…gone

so as of october of this year i’ve become more active and during this time i’ve noticed there’s not many bloggers blogging anymore. it sucks! i have links to bloggers on my old posts and while i go back and edit those posts for seo reasons i find out theyre gone or haven’t posted in years. it really makes me shed a tear and hold onto my cats for comfort.




thanks for reading the 20 blogger things i hate

hope you all enjoyed the tea. also i wasnt able to post last friday i just wasnt sure what to write about lol thankfully i 

was into writing this post and was able to share something! im trying to post every wednesday and friday but im happy to just post once a week too! do you like the wednesday/friday schedule?

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  • AAAAA i feel you, babe! i hate bloggers who don’t respond to their readers like?? im okay with people sharing my post but i just dont know how to create the ‘share button’ T.T plus im using blogspot. but im still glad that we can still interact!! i wish we could improve our blogging skills. blogging is art ༘♡ ⋆。˚

  • So many good points here! When someone only cares about PR I noticed that their blogs are less user friendly. That, and when bloggers feel like they need to make money to support their blog hobby. It’s okay to advertise your merch (I get it, I do this too) but I make $0 from blogging. That’s right, I haven’t made a cent from blogging. Blogging is a hobby. It’s when ppl attach a money value to their blogs it becomes a problem. I can also relate so strongly to the “wall people.” Good term for it. Ppl who never engage or interact or reply to comments. It’s such a waste of time! I struggle to unfollow some of them because I have gotten so immersed in their story telling and feel like I “know” them even though they never once interacted with me or visited my blog. It’s a two-way street for sure.

    • yes i hate it i notice the type of people that use their blogs for pr and most that i had followed just became “influencers” on ig which makes me sad, i just want more lifestyle bloggers!
      for me i can easily unfollow them because i learned to get rid of people in my life who don’t give me the amount of support i give them, even though theyre just lil comments, it takes time and energy to read their posts for them to never even consider reading mine lol i used to just keep following them too though.. but i want a clean feed as well otherwise im just scrolling past the ones i don’t care about anymore!
      oh yes broken links too! i noticed i have a few i will have to include that in the website maintenance part lol thanks!

      • When I scroll through the reader, I now ask myself, “Do I know this person’s first name? If not, do I recognize their blog without clicking on the blog name? If not, do they interact with my blog?” If not, then I unfollow them. If I don’t instantly recognize who they are or their blog name (unless of course they changed their blog name) then I can rationalize that they probably won’t notice or care if I unfollow them. I still struggle with unfollowing ppl who I had once spoken too and were mutuals with, but sometimes even they stop interacting or we go our separate ways. In these cases, it’s also safe to unfollow them. You make a really good point about the importance of having a clean feed.

  • Can so relate to the majority of these especially being mad at spammers, they piss me off so much 😠 And those that don’t have an about me pages annoy me too cos how do I know if I’ll like your blog or not?? 😢

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