How to find your soulmate using LOA: 2 methods that helped me get a husband lol


So, February is upon us, and I’m sure some of you are single and ready to mingle. If not, that’s cool too. You can stay for this post because there’s more than just romantic soulmates you can learn to manifest! There are platonic soulmates, music soulmates, animal soulmates and more, so yeah, you don’t need a partner right this second! Read if you need help on feeling better about being single in your twenties.

Anyway, Law of Attraction is something I’m still learning about, and I share it with you all since it’s something positive that can only benefit your life. It has helped me a lot so all I’m doing is sharing my experiences of it in hopes it does the same for you! Today I want to share how to find your soulmate with law of attraction. These are the main methods you can use to find yourself a lil soulmate!

  enjoy 2 methods to Find your Soulmate with Law of Attraction. 

2 methods to Find Your Soulmate with Law Of Attraction

Method 1: Scripting

I know there’s people who don’t care about journaling (like my husband eyeroll) but I think it really helps you focus on the most important things in your life. I mean, not everyone can keep every little detail and thought in their brain for safekeeping. Just write some lovely-dovey stuff down and see where it goes! Here’s what you should ask yourself:

What do I want in a soulmate?

Writing down exactly you want in someone is the perfect way to get your soulmate! I’m definitive proof and I’ll talk about that further down below. So, you want to be super clear about everything you want in this person, because if you’re not, something can happen that will make you believe they really aren’t your soulmate. Be clear and descriptive!

How does it feel when you think about them?

Try to see and feel what it’s like to have your soulmate with you at all times. Would they be: bringing you flowers, complimenting you, making you food, taking you out?, etc. etc. Try to imagine, feel, and write down what it’s like when your ideal partner treats you the way you want to be. Yes, it is kind of like you’re pretending and acting crazy, but I mean, no one is going to know what you do on your own time and in your own journal lol. What you can write down: 

  • “I love when I get home and my partner rubs my feet!”
  • “I’m so lucky to have someone to watch tv with, go to the mall and shop with all the time!”
  • “My partner loves all my flaws and that makes me feel so happy!”
  • Etc. Etc. Remember you’re writing this stuff down, but also trying to be emotional about it.


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2 methods to find your soulmate with law of attraction – Method 2: Act as If

Acting as if method is simple. All you need to do is Act as if you have your soulmate in your life. Act as if they do all that you ever wanted them to do for you, they treat you the way wanted to be treated and more. You’re not asking for too much, you’re just asking for what you deserve. So, act as if what you deserve is already in your life!    SNOWWEP ON INSTAGRAM, SOYVIRGO.COM 2 methods to finding your soulmate with law of attraction Courtesy of Tyas @wepsgallery

Helpful tips and advice

Enjoy Life

Enjoy your life and don’t think too much about how your soulmate is still not with you yet. You have to make sure you’re not focusing too much on what is not in your possession, instead focus on enjoying everything that is in your life and show how appreciative you are of it all.

Continue making Goals

Live as though you have everything you ever needed, including your soulmate! Continue making and achieving goals for yourself, like graduating college, getting a new job, making new friendships and more. Live as if life is perfect, and your soulmate is on their way into your life!

Stay Positive

Staying positive throughout this can be a challenge. You want a soulmate, but maybe time is going by slowly. I promise they will come when YOU are ready. So stay positive in the meantime, be happy with yourself and find pleasure in just being alone. I already have a husband, but sometimes when we have small arguments makes me miss being single LOL.

Anyways, you’re gonna need to stay positive throughout this time. Bringing negative energy and focus onto what you don’t have — for instance, your soulmate — can really harm the process and make it more delayed.

Be Patient

Being patient and staying positive kind of go hand-in-hand. When you stay positive you can still be a bit impatient. If you’re not positive at all, maybe being patient can be harder. Try to work on both if you can! Notice how staying positive can help boost your mood.

The trick to being more patient is to think about life like it isn’t a race, or think of it as your own game you’re the main character. Live slowly and calm and you will reach the goals you want in your game, you can save a rest whenever! You need some patience in every situation, and when it comes to love, you’re gonna need a lot of that so just please, be patient!

Let Go of Negatives

Let go of the bad in your life. What is it you can’t let go of? Write those things down and see if it’s your own problem you can control or not. If it’s something you have control of, work through and find out how you can fix it. If it’s something you can’t control, find ways to find the bright side of it.

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How I found my husband using LOA

The Secret

When I was younger, my oldest brother told me to watch a movie called The Secret. You can watch it on youtube.

It was pretty interesting and made a lot of sense. I wouldn’t watch it today because it was sooo boring. But anyway, as a lil gal, I took that movie seriously and started working on myself using what the movie told me.    Tyas art @ SNOWWEP. wepsgallery on wordpress | SOYVIRGO.COM Courtesy of Tyas @ wepsgallery

Acting As If

The first thing I took from that movie, was to act as if. How exactly did I act as if I already had someone loving in my life? All I did was act as if I had a boyfriend who loved me, cared for me, didn’t care about my flaws and everything else that sounded perfect to me. I tried to imagine and feel how it felt to have someone there for ME when I needed them most. This helped me feel happy and less alone growing up.


I was scripting almost 4 times a month about a boyfriend that didn’t exist on my secret blog (omg). With scripting, I was able to imagine things better and feel those feelings without it seeming like I was pretending. BTW, I was doing this when I was around 14 so it was kinda easy do. I know as an adult you can still do this, just do it on your own time, in the privacy of your own home lol That secret blog is still up. It’s just fun to look back and see how similar my husband is to that imaginary guy I wrote about.  

Things to Watch out For

The Wrong one

When I was scripting, I was thinking about the behaviors I like from people, like how they show me attention, or are nice and think about my feelings, ya know, basic decent human things. So, thinking about these behaviors would confuse me when I met someone who was showing interest in me. This is the bad side of not dating people at a younger age like myself, you start to think the one guy that shows attention to you is The One. For example, the first guy I thought would become my boyfriend was the first guy who showed me some attention, but we had no good communication. It was really childlike and stubborn.

2 different guys – which do you choose?

I was interested in someone who was just a regular shmoe. To be completely honest, I think I liked him for how much attention he gave me and how close he lived to me. He would show interest by asking me when I’m free, what music I liked and sending me movie recommendations. This is literally just a friend. Watch out if you’ve never dated before. This is just a regular friend, not a soulmate lol Anyways, soon after I talked to the first guy from okcupid, i started talking to my future husband Alexander.

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Bad Past Experiences 

Around 2010, I thought I could be in a LDR with a friend I talked to on Twitter and Tumblr. Let’s call him Mary since he was from maryland lol. Mary turned me down because he said we lived far. Just because Mary turned me down, didn’t mean other people would turn me down from a long distance, but alas, this bad experience made me think I shouldn’t think about being in a long distance relationship.   

Turning bitter through bad experiences

After that semi-rejection from Mary, I thought I shouldn’t believe in Long Distance Relationships. I began meeting friends on a dating site, even talking to people far away from me, but never thought about dating them. Because of this, I turned down Alexander (my husband lol) because he was in California and I was in Chicago. He said he loved me a few weeks after we started talking. I thought this was too soon and also, how could someone so far away love me?


So, I was turned down by online friend Guy because we lived far away from each other (I was little and wanted to confess my “likeness” for him lmfao). A few years later, I met up with someone from okcupid who gave me attention and I was smitten!

The next year, Alexander (my now husband) came into my life and told me he loved me right away. It was too soon, but also, I really really liked him! Since I was rejected by the online friend Mary for living far, I didn’t think Alexander and I would work out.

This is what I’m talking about when you are confused by which person is the right one for you and letting past experiences take over your future decisions. Because of my rejection from Mary, I gave more attention to the regular shmoe who didn’t communicate well with me that i met on okcupid, while Alexander was treating me exactly how I wanted to be treated according to my old blog posts. You really have to think hard and have a lot of conversations with yourself to make sure you choose the right person! I suggest waiting until you’re 25 and up if you want to mary someone though lol

  • Method 1 – Use Scripting to write down what you want in your soulmate.
  • Imaging and Feel what it’s like to have them in your life
  • Method 2 – Act as If you have your soulmate in your life already!
  • Choose the one you wrote about and had more feelings toward when you were scripting


How to tell if it’s a soulmate

I started to forget about guy #1 since we just really couldn’t communicate at all. How would our relationship ever work if we can’t even talk? Well, it was Alexander’s turn to try and make me fall for him. We talked every day and night over Skype and got to know each other, and finding out we had so much in common. Finally, one night in January 2015, he asked if I ever thought about soulmates. It was around midnight and I was half asleep but I told him once more to tell me about soulmates. I think I fell asleep. The next morning, I started to fall in love with him. menhera anime girl cute gif heart smile in love sticker art We became boyfriend + girlfriend soon after that day. We talked a lot more and later that year we got married? Geez I can’ even believe how quick it all happened lol. I think the next post about our relationship will be all about the day we got married. Maybe, I’m not sure. Anyway, that was that. Now I’m in Cali still chilling with him and his family and I don’t want to go back home in March!

P.s I’ll make another post about finding out if you’re with your soulmate since this post is full enough!


thanks for reading the 2 methods to Find your soulmate with the law of attraction

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