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Here are 15+ ways to pamper yourself

I’m here to tell you to be lazy! Do your thing, because you deserve it! I’ve come up with a few thangs you can do to feel relaxed and pampered, without having to go out and spend!

Get comfy and get your tools ready. (I hope you’re in pajamas reading this)

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Make yourself Breakfast

I’m editing this post on my b-day (i schedule my posts btw) and I woke up early, showered and made myself a tofu breakfast scramble. It felt so amazing to do something for myself, and the food tasted great! I’ll make a recipe for this soon!

soyvirgo.com vegan breakfast scramble

More Recipes from moi!


Write about something personal or something fun. This can be a great way to relax and unwind. Not sure what to write about? Read: Journal Ideas

Snack on some strawberries and dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is my favorite! I know a lot of chocolate contains milk, so it’s really hard to find vegan chocolate in your grocery stores. Even so, if you can get your hands on strawberries and chocolate, you’re set for the day.ย 

Drink plenty of water and teas

I know everyone says this, but even someone like me who never drinks sodas needs to hear this every week. Sometimes I just get too lazy and drink coffee without drinking water for hours. Drinking water will help you maintain clear skin, fresh breath, help you keep a healthy weight, and so much more.

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Some simple meditation will be enough to make you feel like a Princess, or Prince!

You may be stressed from school or work, so I suggest doing some meditation to help ease the pain and frustrations you’ve been dealing with lately.

Breathe deeply and focus on only good things.

Rearrange your room

Organize things around your home! Read:ย how to tidy up without the stress!
Arrange your wardrobe and discover old clothes again. You can focus on creating a calming space in your home for when you need to do homework or do projects.

Think about taking your old clothes, books and furniture to donate or sell. Make room for the new by clearing out the old!

Make a Vision board

If you’re too busy to make a board, just go to Pinterest to help with visualizing. Here is my Pinterest Vision Board and my other boards! Get inspired and make your future goals come true!

Read: How to make Vision Board to set Intentions and Goals

Do what you love

Write down a few of your favorite things to do, and do them regularly! Sounds like fun right?
You should never forget this list because you will need it most when you’re feeling down.

Take a bath with Epsom salt, and do these:

  • If you shave, use an oil. It leaves you with a smoother finish, moisturizes, and lets the razor glide leaving you with no stubble.
  • Coconut oil is cheaper and much more effective than most hair treatments.ย  Argan oil will make damaged hair silky too and so can Vitamin E oil.
  • Use cocoa butter lotion. I currently have to finish up like 2 lotions I have, so I don’t use cocoa butter yet, but I always hear good things about it.
  • Put vaseline on your feet after shower, then some cozy socks so they can be baby soft.
  • Add aloe vera on your eyebrows, eyelashes and even hair for growth and to make hair silky smooth.
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Care for your feet!

Your feet are closest to the ground, meaning they are closest to earth… something like that. So, give them some much needed TLC. Massage those puppies, but make sure you’re doing it right! Also wash them thoroughly!
One time my boyfriend put my feet near his face and I didn’t know if they would have a strange smell or not but he said they smelled really good. I sniffed them and they smelled like some kinda flower (lol) I don’t know what I did at the time, but here are some things I might have done.

  • pedicure (my mom’s a nail tech so I get a pedi every so often from her)
  • vaseline + nice smelling lotion and socks on after (I do this so they can be soft!)
  • Scrubbing in the shower to remove dead skin
  • Bonus: Put warm water in a bowl along with a few teaspoons of baking soda. Add essential oils (Tea-tree is a good one) and soak those babies for 10 min.

Give yourself soft lips

Don’t buy lip scrubs when you have all that you need at home! Scrubbing your lips with a wet toothbrush works fine if you have some dead skin. Using brown cane sugar or baking soda works just as well if not better than any lush product. You don’t NEED to spend to pamper yourself, k guys?

Support your fav bloggers!

It’s time to catch up on all your favorite blog posts you have yet to read. I know it’s something I love to do, but I stop myself because I forget to actually work on my own blog. Ahh so much to do, so little time in the day. Go comment on all your friends posts, including this one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Start a gratitude list

I update this list usually every day or if I remember about it. I’ll read past entries and it instantly boosts my mood. I just give thanks for everything, even if I find a penny, I will write down my gratitude for it. Just anything you can think of, write it down that you’re thankful for, jot it down!
Do this with candles or incense around to bring extra feelings of gratitude

Take selfies

I myself am still a bit self “conchas”, but… this is kind of a message to myself actually. I need to take more selfies.

by @mindcreator on twitter

Do Yoga and easy exercises

Yoga helps with breathing and to ease your mind. It also helps your back. I never heard anything bad about doing yoga other than jokes from haters lol so it won’t hurt to try!

Read your favorite books

I suggest reading something from your pile of “to-read” books. You gotta finish those some day!

Binge watch your fav shows and movies!

I love to pamper myself by getting comfy by my laptop (I don’t have a TV :/) and watch movies and dramas all by my lonesome. It’s very fun and calming. Try not to think of the other things you gotta do! This is a time where you have to enjoy your time and not think of any of your other tasks. Those things will get done, but right now, it’s time for Netflix!
Not sure what to watch? Here’s some suggestions

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Any tips you think I missed? Leave them in the comments!

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  • strawberries and chocolate are truly a match made in heaven, they taste so good together (getting hungry just thinking about it)!

    • That’s literally how I pamper myself but I just watch youtube videos of my fav idols and sometimes ill eat while theyre doing a mukbang or something lol
      What site do you use to look at kpop merch?
      I’m in the u.s so I havent bothered to search since I don’t wanna be scammed lol

      • At first, I was scared to buy online but I put my trust to the seller ๐Ÿ˜‚ Usually, I’ll browse kpop items on carousell. For Malaysians LOVES, there are a lot of people that open their GO. So, I’ll buy things on twitter from @nuest_shop_MY and @OnibugibugiJR, which I’m comfortable with them. There’s also a kpop shop near my house, so sometimes I’ll go there but the albums there are quite pricey.

        • Oh yes I been checking out kpop merch on selling apps too, like depop!
          What is “GO”? You mean giveaways?
          Oh my gosh, i keep hearing about users scamming the fans. Once it happned for indonesian loves I think, and then Korean loves ended up buying the items for the loves who got scammed. Now I just heard about got7 fans being scammed from a twitter user.
          Why are people so awful!! Anyways, ill check out those users cause I really want nuest merch !! p.s, I follow u on there right? just making sure lol

          I believe there are really nice loves who wouldn’t do that tho haha

          • GO is Group Order haha
            Yeah I heard about Indonesian Loves case too from a user on Instagram since she was one of the victim. It’s so heartbreaking yet Korean loves are so kind buying the albums for them TT
            You can also check out @Jing_KR , I think Onibugibugi_JR and Jing have paypal options if international loves want to buy with them. ๐Ÿ˜€
            I hate when people scam fans when we are trying to help increasing our idols sales while they get the money for themselves! It’s hard to trust people nowadays but I’m lucky to be in the group of nice LOVES.

          • OH, duh lol!
            and yes korean loves are amazing i hope to meet some one day hehe
            tysm definitely going to check them out., im so excited to buy nuestw last album before they become 5 again. Iโ€™m so ready to give them a lot of my money lol
            and thats so true, thats really a reason why i like nuest, their fans are really nice. many other fandoms are great too, but i really like nuest fandom.

  • WOW! Thanks for this tips! I will keep in mind some! And I would love to try to bath with Epsom salt XD HAHAHA! I need a bath tub first XD

    Blog hopping btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Not needing to spend money to paper yourself is so right! I think many of us get caught up in thinking we need to buy something to treat ourselves. I love the idea of a sugar lip scrub right now. It’s on my to do list for sure!

    • Me too! I’m so happy there’s ways to pamper yourself without spending money. It’s helpful being a minimalist cause you start being more frugal hehe <3 great, i hope the lip scrub works well for you Vanessa ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Michelle!
      Yes it’s something that’s super important to do yet it doesn’t cross our minds that our health n happiness is first priority :/
      Thanks for reading <3

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