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15 deep questions to ask your husband

—  Hello all. I asked  my husband some questions for fun and these are the answers he gave me! Ask your partner some of these and see what they say 🙂

P.s it’s his bday today. I might cry, he’s already 25 — such an old baby. I’m not that much younger than him so it’s not a huge deal, but I always loved older men lol!

Anyways, enjoy reading 15 deep questions to ask your husband!

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1. What are you most grateful for?


yawns, thinks hard while laying on the floor with his shirt open (We both laugh)

I’m thankful for good food and good dreams.

after explaining the question and giving my answer, he says:

I’m grateful for nice people, animals, farmers, my cutie wife (I scream), pretty things like… this cute earth.


2. Is there anything you wish you could change about the way you were raised? 


Yeah!  a whole lot!

I wish I was raised to think more critically on my own, more independent, without having intense arguments and I wish my parents taught me more about self fed me better. That was not cool.


3. Is there anything you wish I would do rather than blogging?


Something I want to with you is go outside more. (I explained I meant job related)

I wish you were in a cute house blogging like in your own space. (basically saying he doesn’t mind me blogging as a job)

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4. If we had children, what features would you want them to get from you and which from me?


Your eyebrows, nose, eyelashes, big cheeks, your laugh, and I want them to be gentle bbs and fun.

Which of your features?


my jawline jokes

I wish we can have a combo of our hair. I can get strong without working out so I kinda want them to have that, but they should also work out. They would have your skin and mine too.

I want both of them?… (questions why he’s saying “both”) to be into tech like us.

5. Is there anything you have dreamed of doing and want to do but haven’t? What have you done?


singing I wanna be a kpop star.

Honestly I just wanted to finish a decent education. I don’t care anymore, but it’s something I think about.

I wanted to do something with music… dances on the floor because we were listening to kpop

Also I wanted to live with you and make money through the internet somehow, have a less stressful job. My dream is to be fit and ultimate healthy.

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6. What movie was so sad that you wouldn’t watch again even with me?


Okja! I don’t like the killing.

7. What is something you struggle with the most?


Concentration…self doubt, slight pessimism and then.. anxiety.

8. What is your biggest fear about having kids?


Them not having a piece of mind, or not learning to have peace of mind. Like a clear mind. Feeling stuck, fear of the future. Concern is okay but overwhelming fear… NO! 


9. What made you fall in love?


How funny you were, I liked the answers we had on Okcupid. I like how you didn’t take it too seriously and how you just wanted friends. We matched 100% twice (I made 2 accounts lol) and the little picture of your eye… it was cute. 

I liked how you’d respond to me and your Tumblr accounts, the music you liked and you talked funny. You didn’t stop talking to me and you were interested in me.

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10. Is there any secrets you have that you want to tell me?


I bookmarked everything about you on the internet: your Instagram accounts and Tumblr’s. I think they went away though.

11. If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first?


forgive myself… (I ask to elaborate)

I think I’d be like writing a whole bunch of stuff so I can work on my future, and not stop. Not stop for anything cause I have no fear. the last 10 years , 15 deep questions to ask your husband

from the last 10 years 


12. What 3 things make you feel happiest?


Kisses, Kiki (me lol), and kitties!

13. If someone were to bully me in public, what would you do? Defend, walk away pretending you didn’t notice, or FIGHT?


Defend you and video tape what was happening and try to protect you and make sure they know they’re wrong and my Kiki is right.

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14. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?


In my own place with you looking for furniture and baby cribs, making a future fund I guess.

15. What is something you want me to tell you more or do with you more? Talk, say I love you more, cook more etc?


I want you to ask my opinions on things you have trouble on, I like to help and feel helpful. Sometimes when I’ve helped you it’s given you better insight.


Source: 10 Things I Hate About You


We’ve been married since 2015 and wow, it seems like it was yesterday that we got married. I know everyone says that, but it’s true.

It’s been a wild ride and the only advice I got is, you don’t need to get married!

I don’t know what the purpose of marriage is, all we did was buy a paper for $60 decide whether we wanted to change our names and that’s it. We got matching rings for fun.

All it’s given me is more FAFSA money ( benefits with the government) and people send both of us unsolicited mail which is freaking annoying. Also, I can’t do a lot of stuff without my husband being there. So yeah, don’t get married for fun, cause there’s nothing fun about it other than being facebook married but IRL. LOL


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Thanks for reading 15 deep questions to ask your husband

Let me know if you ask your partner these, I would love to see their answers. Until next time 🙂

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  • These questions are so good! I’ve been thinking about bonding exercise I can do with my boyfriend and I can use these. I’d be such a great way for us to get to know each other more. Thank you for sharing this with us 💕

  • Happy belated birthday to your husband!! This post made me smile, Kiki!! It was SO sweet! 💛I thought his answers were really adorable lol especially the one where he said “kisses, Kiki, and kitties” make him happiest AWWW!!

    It’s awesome that he supports you being a blogger! Also, so cool that y’all met on OkCupid! I wish you guys many many happy years together, dear!! x

  • This is so adorable haha!! That’s great to have a hubby who fully supports what you do, whether that is to be a full time blogging wife or not! I laughed at the KPOP part haha – i like listening to KPop too! Happy birthday to your hubs! Old baby LOL. All these questions are so cute. They can/will make you guys fall in love with each other all over again!! <3

  • I love Alexander’s answers for these questions. It definitely makes me want to ask my husband the same things! <3 Your husband is really the sweetest. PS. I really agree with what you said with the purpose of marriage, lol

  • Happy birthday to your husband! Aw, his answer to you is sweet! It is great that he is supportive of you being a blogger. It is so funny that he wants to be a kpop star. I like how you two met through Okcupid and things worked out well! I know marriage is good for tax purposes, hehe. Thanks for sharing these answers!

    Nancy ♥

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