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11 Simple ways to make your home dreamy

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a dreamy home consists of anything you adore and find, i guess, dreamy. I’m currently in the process of seeing if I’m eligible to get a house and I need some inspo for making sure I make my home my dream home. here’s 11 simple ways to make your home dreamy! These decor ideas will help make your room feel like you live in a fairytale because geesh don’t we all want to live that fairytale lifestyle? I will also share some places to shop at where you can find that perfect item to upgrade your room!

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for this post I wanted to share my playlist from soundcloud just to accompany it. Hope you enjoy the playlist and this post! Have fun decorating your place!


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1. natural green gold and other soft colors

my favorite kind of dreamy home is the kind with hints of green and the type that includes plants and nature of any kind. this can sort of fall into the vintage style bedroom as well.

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how to make your home dreamy for more bedroom and home makeover inspiration

2. lace and vintage items and decor

another dreamy home aesthetic that i love is the vintage style where you can find vintage stuffed animals or plushies and the beds are cozy with lace bed skirts, and old lamps too. to achieve this look, i like to visit estate sales! you can find the best vintage items in an estate sale especially where the homes are bigger or look older.








shop similar:

make your home dreamy dreamy home ideas bunny easter beaded baby blue and pink pastel decorative pillow
adorable beaded bunny pillow $14+

Summer Lily Landscape Tapestry Cushion, 27in x 27in

scenic throw pillows

3. lamps, to make your dreamy home stand out

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shop similar: dreamy bedroom ideas Vintage coquette glass lampbase simple Shabby Chic shade with ruffle rachel ashwell blue floral spring summer bedroom table lamp kitchen
buy for 125 from Addictedtoshabbychic

4. vintage vanities

vanities are the perfect item to make your room achieve that dreamy touch! just look at these below… so dreamy!


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shop similar:

11 dreamy bedroom ideas and how to make your dream room Antique vanity/vintage vanity/make up vanity/painted vanity/dressing table/bedroom furniture/ Light green vanity/unique vanity

from etsy borntorestore shop

This Vanity & mirror in pearl white finish is perfect for your girl's bedroom. The vanity desk with 3 drawers and mirror with 2 drawers is good for storage. This vanity also acts as a workstation, perfect for completing homework/classwork. This vanity desk also creates the dream bedroom for your little girl. Beautiful accents are seen throughout and feature a pearl-white finish. The gorgeous details make it perfect for your little princess with pine wood construction. Elevate your daily routine,

from target 


5. natural lighting

natural lighting is a requirement in order to have a dreamy home!

from @ahometomakeyousmile



made by ai

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floral arrangements and more from groupon


6. sweet animals

something that is usually considered sweet and aesthetic is animals because they’re precious animals like cats and puppies for example. I’ve been living with cats since I was around 14 and they keep me SANE i love them so much and they make my home cute, other than the fur they shed, they make home living dreamy!

Dreamy home ideas that I personally used

My bedroom is not that cute right now, but here’s a few things I own that made it cuter and more dreamy:

Heart shaped mirror and matching dresser

I bought this dresser a few years ago off the offer-up app which is an app to buy things locally. this cost me $150 total! They were practically brand new! heart mirror
i was just taking pics of a jacket i was selling lol

white heart jewelry stand from AliExpress

i bought this stand last year on AliExpress I honestly love it it holds so many earrings and i have a lot!

lace curtains and star shaped curtains from Temu and Aliexpress

these curtains are my favorite but they’re only great if you use it on windows that are covered. you can see through them so be careful!

1 panel pastoral rose floral embroidered sheer curtain panels for bedroom light filtering drapes with white lace and rose floral design

stickers to decorate my tv lol

I ended up adding stickers to the back of my tv because the way my room is setup, the back of the tv could be seen when you enter my bedroom! This is just something small AND CHEAP that I did to make my house more dreamy.

white paint to make the furniture match…

matching furniture is something that is not common in my home LOL if you grew up in a poor mexican household you get it. We had mismatched curtains, blankets and sheets! The furniture would be passed down from family to neighbor etc and so nothing really matched. That’s just how it was, so I ended up painting some of my furniture so that it would all be white! I didn’t want everything black because the way my room is set up, the natural lighting doesn’t really come in so I didn’t want a dark room plus dark furniture.

$15 thrifted vintage sculpture side table

if you look in the bottom corner there’s a little statue end table that i got from an estate sale about 4 years ago! It was only $15 and im still so happy I found it. I really like having something in my house that isn’t easy to find online, that to me says that it’s a bit valuable (or outdated LOL). desk setup
by the way i was in the middle of setting up my PC so that’s why there’s a mess!

7. dreamy mirrors

mirrors are great not only to ward off bad energy but they’re great home decor accents to use to achieve the dreamy look.

shop similar:

from etsy seller ideaTalk

8. vintage vinyl players

Audiotechnica turntable


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cd player in white or black $44

  • vinyl accessories from temu

9. sweet plushies

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tinyartbean ig

10. wall art and frames

make your home dreamy with ART. Art has always helped make a home more dreamy depending on the kind you decided to decorate your home with…

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this one is very simple but still romantic and dreamy


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shop similar:

11. lace drapes curtains

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Tulle Sheer Window Curtain

Shop curtains:

beautiful green lace curtains $10

vintage floral lace curtain $10

1pc lace kitchen curtain beige sheer curtains for living room bedroom window treatment short vintage floral embroidery sheer curtian for bathroom bedroom living room office home decor 0


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what is your current bedroom aesthetic? mine is a mix of everything… i currently don’t own a house so i don’t put much effort in my bedroom because i really want to put effort once i own my place. it just makes more sense. of course sometimes i do get in the mood of splurging for things to make my room look better! for now, i settled with the messy adult gamer girl who likes plushies.

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